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  1. Just got these yesterday. #123 - First try of the day, woooooooo #124 - Seduction Here's Seduction on video.
  2. Anyone buy Silent Hill Homecoming? The battles can get pretty intense but GOOD GOD WHY ARE THE FREAKIN' NURSES SO DAMN HARD TO FIGHT?! They swing so fast at me that I can't even do a barrel roll dodge. I guess it doesn't help that I jumped right in on hard mode from the start.
  3. I think I'd rather get it for the 360. Eye candy > waggle.
  4. As long as you don't play with my heart. :3
  5. I'd play you, but Brawl sucks. I'm just kidding guys, settle down. WTF, I said calm down. Jeez.
  6. Bigfoot


    DRM that gives you 3 installs and a manual that tells you that you can have more than 1 account, but EA says it's a typo. I think DRM is hurting their sales more than anything. A lot of people don't want to buy it because of it. In most cases, they want to download it from a torrent instead.
  7. Which is 50% of the time since his sword takes up half the screen.
  8. Yeah, I know how you feel. I haven't played Brawl in some time now.
  9. Right now? No. Chrome is just something cool to use on the side until it becomes more widespread and plugins and other things come out for it. I still use FF, but Chrome is fun to try out IMO.
  10. Pfft, more like Samus's morph ball.
  11. All I need for chrome is a gmail notifier and I'll be set.
  12. Ok, cool. Since I work there, I might just swap the hard drives to make it easier.
  13. Quick question. My 360 died, and I'm going to exchange it for a new one. I plan on formatting my hard drive to wipe it clean since it saves my CC on there. When I get the new 360, will I be able to download whatever I've purchased onto the new one(mainly XBLA games)?
  14. Good thing I got uno for FREE, and I don't even play it. lol
  15. Anyone going to the Smash Flash tourney next month?
  16. Another interview with Jay Wilson. He is shown the altered screenshots that the people made to show how they think the game should look. http://multiplayerblog.mtv.com/2008/08/04/diablo-iii-designer-turns-tables/
  17. Sometimes you don't last long, but then sometimes you get that awesome run that lands you a really good score. Then you just want to keep on trying again and again....and again...
  18. Here's a pretty good interview about the art direction. Jay Wilson makes a good comment on how the game direction doesn't start out all apocalyptic, but it works it's way there. It's pretty much what I was guessing the game was going to be like. Which is why I told some people "Just wait until the game actually gets to hell". I mean, people didn't really expect the whole game to look like the first 2 areas we've seen, did they? http://kotaku.com/5031732/art-apocalypse-blizzards-wilson-talks-diablo-iii-design-decisions
  19. You only got to try 1 mode though, which only lasts a few mins And 1942's menu is sooooo annoying. Every time you select something *LOUD PLANES FLYING*.
  20. Geometry Wars 2 is so fun. I got 34th place on Pacfism today, heh.
  21. Seriously. I remember when google was only 100 a share, now it's like 600 or whatever. I haven't checked in a while.
  22. So Yoda is the new Odd Job?
  23. Being fat also helps you lose. The princess being fat can be both good or bad for either team.
  24. If you stop feeding her, she gradually goes back to her first stage.
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