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  1. So I tried to get a body video, but meh. I could see myself on the camera when I watched it, but now it's too dark lol. I'll try to get them to turn the lights on over the machine next time. Why Not AAA
  2. It basically plays just like Mario Galaxy.
  3. I bought Mushroom Men today. This game is pretty fun.
  4. K, I've added everyone on AC so far.
  5. I got this Panasonic 50PZ800U for $900($2400 TV). It's nice working in retail sometimes lol.
  6. Seriously. The 360 is probably the best console this generation(not in a sales figure sort of way). I haven't loved a console so much since my SNES. Anyway, this is a Wii thread after all. I wish Nintendo would change their act, but they're making boat loads of money doing it this way. Even a magazine recently shut down because of the audience that Nintendo caters to now.
  7. Final unlock code finally has been released. #134 #135 #136
  8. I know, I was just letting others know just in case.
  9. Animal Crossing Name: Bigfoot Town: Zebes FC: 1848-5429-8623 Fruit: Pear
  10. Embedding is disabled for that video btw, so you have to click the link to view it.
  11. That's the thing, because I'm pretty sure a lot of bands use other artists as inspiration.
  12. Good to see Link is using a more environmentally friendly Master Sword.
  13. This just in, Chrono Trigger Composer Yasunori Mitsuda copied Rick Astley's "Never Gonna Give You Up" to make Robo's Theme. http://www.originalsoundversion.com/?p=1274 /sarcasm
  14. I thought it was 180+180=360(the circle on the power symbol), so a MGS title is coming to the 360. Plus it's green.
  15. Ivy's usmash is pretty ridiculous though, lol.
  16. I was glad to get the free DLC suit when Dead Space came out AC is soooo awesome.
  17. For real. I wish I could just pick Squirtle and keep playing as him.
  18. I'll put up my code later because I have to work. Also, what fruits does everyone have? I have pears.
  19. Why? Why would you want the game to "fail"(man that word is so annoying nowadays). The Wii doesn't have that many great games, so why would you want to guarantee that The Conduit won't do well?
  20. I haven't played Street Fighter II since the SNES days. This game is kicking my ass.
  21. I thought Sonic was in because he was the most requested by fans, and Snake is in because Sakurai and Kojima are friends or something. Also, Snake was supposed to be in Melee, but they ran out of time? Someone correct me if I'm wrong.
  22. I could never stick with Halo 3 in large quantities. It's just too slow for me, so I'd always get bored after 15-20mins of playing online.
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