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  1. Best thing to wake up to after 2 hours of sleep.
  2. Vista really isn't that bad. I bet a lot of people hate it because they're running it on 4-6 year old hardware.
  3. I'll probably still get Vista when I buy a new comp in the next couple of months. After using Vista for a couple of weeks on my mom's new laptop, it doesn't seem that bad.
  4. MGS4 http://www.escapistmagazine.com/videos/view/zero-punctuation/99-Metal-Gear-Solid-4
  5. Well, your Youtube video will show you what sites it's being linked from.
  6. Happy Birthday. Don't go too overboard(if you drink, that is).
  7. Bigfoot


    rofl This isn't mine.
  8. Well, there's stuff like Mario Strikers and Toadstool Tour, but I'm sure you mean sports game like NFL, MLB, etc. I miss sports games that were wacky like NBA Jam, NFL Blitz, Wayne Gretzky's Hockey on the N64 where the net catches on fire and you can send the goalie through the net. Good times.
  9. Tecmo Bowl is going to blow Madden out of the water when it comes out. j/k Yeah, I really don't see this going anywhere.
  10. There's a rumor that with WotLK release that Blizzard is going to introduce an achievements system.
  11. There's a gameplay video floating around somewhere, but I'm too lazy right now to go and find it.
  12. My friend's account just got hacked too. I've never seen anyone so bummed, heh. I'm playing WoW(WAITING ON WARHAMMER) LOLOLOL. j/k Well, actually I'm playing WAR Beta
  13. That doesn't mean people will stop playing Melee.
  14. Here's some videos of my friends and I playing. Ike almost killed my Ness in 3 hits, rofl.
  15. So getting things without paying for it because of a hack makes it ok?
  16. I'm pretty sure a Kid Icarus title has already been confirmed.
  17. Hey, now you're on Joystiq. http://www.joystiq.com/2008/05/29/everything-you-wanted-to-know-about-gaming-and-sex-but-were-afr/
  18. You obviously need to play more CoD4. Well, I guess nobody really pisses me off, but sometimes they can annoy the hell out of you because of the way they talk.
  19. Hey look, you're on Kotaku. http://kotaku.com/5011043/video-game-sex-lecture-time
  20. I never did finish this game.. I think I remember the final boss being hard as hell to beat.
  21. No, that's why they are making a Dragonball movie. Come on, look at what the characters look like. http://dbthemovie.com/2008/05/22/more-scans-yamcha-and-chi-chi-revealed/
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