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  1. I'd love to play some matches online, but it seems impossible to get a game going. :\ I hope they fix this soon. I waited for 10 minutes before I gave up.
  2. Yeah, the only hint we had is that Earthbound appeared on ESRB's website for the Wii/Virtual Console.
  3. I haven't even installed the game yet.
  4. That, and people usually don't adjust the TVs settings. So if you're at a store, don't judge a TV by how bright/dim it looks. I always find a model I'm interested in, and I look for reviews for it online anyway.
  5. I just got the Panasonic 50PZ800U at work, and it's amaaaaaazing.
  6. Already? http://kotaku.com/5090741/lich-king-raids-already-defeated
  7. Our Best Buy actually got like 200+ in one night a couple of weeks ago, so check your local Best Buy stores as well.
  8. It's just one of those games that you can play whenever to just chill and relax. There's a crap ton of stuff to collect and little events that happen depending on the calender day, so it has a little charm to it that makes it enjoyable.
  9. I'd play too much and take breaks, but I still love the game. I'm definitely getting it.
  10. Probably just the Wiimote control scheme that Prime 3 had.
  11. Yeah, it really doesn't matter if you played any other AC games. They're all basically the same.
  12. As much as I want to see a new Metroid game, I also think they should remake Metroid II. A lot of people probably didn't get to play it since it was on the Gameboy.
  13. Welcome to the forums. You can post requests in this section. http://www.ocremix.org/forums/forumdisplay.php?f=10
  14. Did someone register here just to promote a character battle? Oh jeez.
  15. Yay. Impossible didn't really feel that much different than Hard Mode.
  16. Right here! I'm a Wizard, Sorcerer, Acolyte, or something.
  17. My friend loves Pit. All he does is hide under a platform, followed by arrow, arrow, arrow, arrow, arrow, arrow, arrow.
  18. I think everyone uses MK now. It's always fun playing crappy characters though. If you win, it just makes the victory oh so much more sweeter.
  19. He says in this video that you need to have b-sticking or the PK Fire jump is impossible. This isn't true. I was doing it fine last night.
  20. So I start a game on Impossible difficulty. Then, I go and accidentally save over my other file where I almost had everything upgraded for that achievement on. /facepalm Oh well, lol. I'm doing a One Gun/Impossible run.
  21. Then he must have consistently got 3 stocked by a friend that uses Captain Falcon in Melee because of what he did to him in Brawl.
  22. Say hello to super long cord. http://www.play-asia.com/paOS-13-71-23-49-en-15-gamecube+controller-70-2ola.html
  23. Try the Flame Thrower or the Force Gun for those swarms of tiny enemies.
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