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  1. My brother and I played the hell out of SoM back in the day. We got the best everything pretty much. We even kept farming the last area for the last orbs of some weapons, but little did we know that there is no lvl 9 sword orb without a glitch :\ We were even superstitious and used Analyze on chests until they started blinking pink. We thought it'd increase the drop rate of better items.
  2. It's probably not for everyone. I'd like to try it though.
  3. Air taunting a "Show me your moves" followed by a knee would be so sweet.
  4. My friends and I are getting tired of Smash. I think I need to get this for us.
  5. So I just read that Mages can now wear plate? lol
  6. Yeah, it's nice when either you know someone that works there so they let you work on the pads, or you have good people that work there and know what they're doing/care about the machine enough to fix it.
  7. I noticed those too, haha. I loved reading those.
  8. I meant to take pics of this, but did anyone else notice on the Homecoming title screen where it says "press start" that Josh appears in some of the different screens? You can see him on the front porch of your house, and on the 3rd screen that displays the docks, you can see him in the background on the dock that leads up. edit: Here they are.
  9. #126 These two took way too many tries because the left side's up arrow kept giving me misses. Go figure when I switch sides, I get them both first try in the same set. #127 #128
  10. ^This Just sliding around and wavedashing with no purpose does not make you better.
  11. Yay, he's doing Silent Hill Homecoming next week.
  12. I'm pretty sure I read it somewhere on kotaku or joystiq around E3.
  13. They're optional. You can still use gamer pics if you wish.
  14. I don't know about the good looks.
  15. Speaking of the new 360 experience... for those of you that bought a 360 that didn't come with a hard drive or memory unit, Microsoft is offering a fre 512mb memory card, or a 20gig hard drive for $20. Just enter your serial number to see if you're eligible. http://www.xbox.com/en-US/support/hardware/memoryupdate/default.htm
  16. Yeah, I really don't understand why it has received such low scores. The game is amazing.
  17. I think I've given up ITG. The original songs on the machine are boring, and the majority of stepfiles people make are songs with long streams that shouldn't have streams. #125 - first try of the day Re-AAA'd for pic. Picked on random.
  18. I want this shirt. http://kotaku.com/5062184/behold-the-new-diablo-iii-logo-t+shirt
  19. Just beat Silent Hill Homecoming. Looooooved it.
  20. It was funny when I played Hornet Man's stage because Capcom's Mega Man site had a page with that song playing, and I loved it. When I heard that song playing after I picked Hornet Man's stage, I was like sweeeeet .
  21. Yeah, I've seen that a lot of reviews have given it pretty mediocre scores. I'm really enjoying this game. I love the battles between each monster just because of how difficult they can be. Sometimes you get lucky, and you make it out without a scratch. Other times, you get your ass handed to you. Also, as your beating up a monster, they get a bunch of cuts and huge gashes from the pain you've delivered. I thought that was a nice touch instead of just having blood appear.
  22. To me it's more work on faster songs like Seduction.
  23. Do it. It's such a good console.
  24. Indeed I was. The parts where my body gets in the way of the camera are times where I did. I even did the cool turn at the very end.
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