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  1. Funny you mention this. I'm going back to using the 1st gen DS because the top screen on my DS Lite is really screwed up(lines threw it, and the screen is jumpy), and I can't agree more. I haven't used this DS in so long. It's such a beast, lol.
  2. Well, of course. Just saying that's probably adding a little bit to the cost of production. The Nintendo rep at the DSi event last night mentioned about downloading Gameboy games(assuming advance too). Unless she was misinformed, that's awesome news. I mean, it'd make a lot of sense with them removing the GBA slot.
  3. I thought the DSi had a new processor in it too?
  4. Developers are probably going to make games out of using it.
  5. Btw guys, this is a huge selling point. You can exit back to the menu from Pictochat without having to restart the DS. rofl I also like how you can press the power button(not holding it down) during a game, and it will go back to the main menu. The .3 megapixel camera is actually surprisingly good for being only .3
  6. I got to use a DSi tonight. I'm definitely getting one.
  7. Sure, I've got a small arcade that's part of a go-kart park where I play DDR at, but most of their games are redemption(tickets)...boring. There's a Mario Bros/Donkey Kong/Donkey Kong Junior cabinet that I recently started playing on after I get done with DDR so I can cool off. My friend and I played what felt like an hour trying to get the high score. I've never seen most of the levels because back then DK Jr. just seemed so hard, so I'd give up on the first stage. There's a pretty nice arcade about an hour from where I live, but sadly it's going to be shut down due to high expansion or some crap. The owners are going to retire after they shut it down instead of relocating. Sad :[ Anyone have any really nice arcades in their area? I'm sure people in California have pretty sweet arcades since there are a million locations that have DDR/ITG/etc machines. Or anyone here in Japan? I know the arcades over there are pretty sweet. I know Evilhead is off the top of my head, but I havne't seen him post in a while.
  8. This is why I'm turned off to this game now. I haven't played it in a while. Guile was always my favorite, yet his moves feel so weak, and his ultra is so awkward to do. That, and I get bored of playing nothing but Kens and Sagats online all the time.
  9. Seems to be a lot of rap+video game love recently... lol Anyway, here we have a 10 track album consisting of songs from Ocarina of Time mixed in with various rap artists such as Aesop Rock, MF Doom, Jay-Z, Snoop Dogg, Dr. Dre, Common and more. Stream it here. Download it here.
  10. Here's a bunch of others that has been done, including Sonic, Final Fantasy and Double Dragon. He has some samples from Earthbound, and it looks like it's going to be a very long song. A user asked him if he's going to do the whole Earthbound game into a song, and he replied with "Yes.... The songs already like 10 minutes long; poor me. Will have it done in a year or so". That was 21 hours ago too, so looks like we have quite a while before he releases that one, heh. http://www.youtube.com/profile?user=TheAmazingBrand0&view=videos
  11. This is such a fun, and awesome tribute to Mega Man 2. I love how they give each character a different voice. Lyrics are NSFW. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QUEO9Mfmn4M
  12. I had mine on auto drop to see how long it would take to get game over. I was reaching 50 mins, and it still wasn't even close. I said screw it lol fyi I didn't sit there and watch it the whole time.
  13. As I was reading this thread, I almost thought it was created today until I saw the dates, lol. Definitely picking this up.
  14. Go here: http://maddecent.com/blog/2009/01/21/tugboat-fun-stuff/ It also shows other stuff he's done. Also, here is the remixer's Myspace: http://www.myspace.com/tugboat. Check Out Firecracker Alley on there.
  15. Yes, after listening to the whole thing, I retract my "j/k"
  16. Hip-Hop sounds better this way IMO, http://www.truegameheadz.com/blogheadz/amazing-hip-hop-beats-remixed-8-bit-style/ Songs remixed are: Jay-Z — Dirt Off Your Shoulders T.I. — What You Know Chamillionaire — Ridin’ Ludacris — What’s Ya Fantasy Bonecrusher — Neva Scared Kanye — Overnight Celebrity Ludacris — Move Bitch Lil’ Jon — Get Low Kanye — Gold Digger
  17. Microsoft is allowing programs to be disabled with Windows 7. http://news.cnet.com/8301-13860_3-10190909-56.html
  18. Maximum Carnage was easy... once you played every level a million times.
  19. Southpeak has put the soundtrack to Big Bang Mini up for download on BBM's website for free due to request from fans. It's zipped at 102mb and 24 tracks. Check out the trailer for the game too if you've never heard of it. The game is only $20 for a fun little unique shooter for the DS. http://www.bigbangmini.com - You'll need Adobe Flash Player 10 to view the site.
  20. Maybe get an exchange at the store you bought it from? It hasn't been 30 days since SF4 came out already, has it? I had a similar, yet really stupid scare myself one day. I forgot I put Gears of War disc below the CoD4 inside the CoD4 case. I didn't notice that I grabbed 2 discs, and to my surprise both of them fit inside the tray with the 360 standing vertical. I still don't know how I didn't notice that I somehow placed 2 discs in the tray. It made the most disturbing noise, but I'm lucky none of them became scratched and still work.
  21. I'm still the only Guile player I've seen. I guess nobody wants to play dittos anyway since I'm usually the one who picks their character first. It's funny when people need to wait for their opponent to pick their character first. Just play who you like playing and have at it.
  22. Vital information for Ken players.
  23. Haha, his face is the best. Also, I've yet to fight another Guile online. I'm so bad at this game.
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