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  1. bah humbug? Hug make people feel good about themselves. and you dont have to put yourself in the poor house to give them out at will. I say good show. Lead by example.
  2. OK, I checked and I found a thread like this. However, trenthian's system checks and balances division has to chime in and ask you, what does the list of Giving look like this year? What did you GIVE to, Friends, Family, people and society this year? Jesus wants to know. A bottle of cologne and a bar of chocolate to me. Chocolate helps me forget I hate the holidays. A DS to my little bro, with starfox and new mario A new robe for my grandpa. Oh and hugs! I got my sister the Sims 2 pets edition for her Gamecube. Suikoden 2 for my best friend Alex... but he doesnt know about it yet cause he couldnt come home for xmas. Countless PC titles published by Vivendi Games, to many assorted friends. An Nvidia 6800 + AGP mobo and intel P4 to my MAC using friend. (got the parts for real cheap through one of my work place's distributors, so I didnt go crazy or anything.) Maybe he will actually windows now. I gave part of my wardrobe to goodwill, I delievered a handful of things shipped to my workplace late, to the people who ordered them for their familys on xmas, JUST in time to wrap them.
  3. I blame commercialism and parents. So does Chuck Brown. relevant material:
  4. my gay best friend got me a christmas card that says "I know you are not christian, But Jesus loves you regardless of faith. Merry Christmas." I like it because neither of us are christian, but family influence us to celebrate Xmas with them. I think its a very positive move for Camp Jesus, this card.
  5. my brother brought my gifts to me at work, because it was believed that i couldnt make it to the family party, but I dont have to work late tonight, so Im going to suprise everyone at the party. and open my gifts there. but other than family gifts, I got a new asian girlfriend for christmas. Im pretty stoked about her. She got a dumb american bf for chrstmas, and its just what shes always wanted! Routers: - developing
  6. The number of entries again is laughable. There will likely be even fewer votes. This is why tomc was halted.
  7. No time to finish mine tonight. Its the second movement to a themed suite Im writing for my orchestra, so the quality of the piece overrides deadlines for competitions. Should have a full mockup by tomorrow evening, but it still wont be completed. I hoped to have it finished in time for this, but eh, there are a lot of people outside of the internet looking forward to this.
  8. Speaking as someone who grew up around all manner of keyboards and pianos and juliard level pianists, A weighted keyboard is actually counter-conductive to newer musicians. If you want to learn how to play piano, a weighted keyboard is easy to fool, and your technique will suffer. Even in ancient times, the most prodigial pianists used the lightest weighted keys when they were beginners, so much so, that there were special "student" models of keyboards for the young and beginning musicians of the time. This tradition has carried over, but now it means that the piano is built to an inferior quality to the one that costs more than some houses. Learn on unweighted. Then when you are ready to play on a good piano, get one. DO NOT start on an expesive keyboard, or buy a real piano. Spend 140 - 500 dollars and no more on a keyboard, and learn on it. There is no use in investing in a 1000-10000 dollar keyboard only to discover you dont like playing. IM not saying you will hate it, but if its not your thing, its not your thing. If you end up dropping out, you dont want to be stuck with a quality instrument that cost an arm and a leg, just for it to collect dust. And yes I sincerely think starting with a keyboard with semi weighted action, or no weight at all is a uch better way to learn. If you are going to spend money on a decent keyboard, I'd reccommend a yamaha psr 530 or whatever the current Psr series is. the 530 is cheap, and its a fun thing to bang around on. The drawback is that its got I think 61 keys and not a full 88. Its not nessecarily a drawback though as a lot of modern pop music rarely uses the higher end of the keyboard. I'd definetly visit a music shop. When the clerk comes to ask you if you need help, just say you are looking, and you have no plans to buy anything that day. Look at the stuff play with it, and ask to be left alone to try on your own. when you find your keyboard, you find your keyboard.
  9. Besides how it seems that an annoying 5 year old put it together? or how about how you cant even read any of the text in the body of your page.I thought grown men would have grown out of Dragon Ball. I guess I was wrong.
  10. I have a keystation 88 I dont use, and dont need. if you want it its yours for the cost of shipping and an additional 50 bucks. the shipping will be expensive, but its in like new condition ( I literally only used it for about 5 hours.) when I upgraded my studio I bought a Yamaha S-90 es and a Juno D.
  11. I havent read much of the thread at all. Speaking from a composition point, its very straightforward, which is something I like. In the middle there are some frills to it that seem a little over the top. Its an advanced arrangement. I heard midi and I thought for a second it was going to be terrible. not the case. I do not have access to a marching band, but this score has taken a lot of the work out of arranging this myself for T-ROOT. I should have something put together soonish.
  12. and just as a friendly reminder, the FF7 project is all kinds of sexy.
  13. since remix the sauce it temporarily not being updated, here is a submission email I sent. Hello boyos. Submitting something I did late at night after playing lots of frustrating Hours of trauma Center: Under the Knife on DS. Suikoden 1+2 are still my favorite RPGs I get teary eyed when I think about the music in them. The tune is " An Old Irish Song" in the game. It is the BGM music for walking around the Den of the Dragon Knights. It is played in game by a GM harp and strings. My performance is fairly straightforward, but due to the rather unplanned nature of the playing, this is more or less a memory guided improvisation, and little fuddles in the playing are not something Im going to sacrifice genuine feeling over by doing a second take. hope you lads enjoy. And no Im not submitting a relative cover to OCR.
  14. Some digi-tal noodling. Feedback welcome.
  15. Noodling around at work.
  16. TASCAM has just sent me an email saying they are working on a method to correct my problem. I dont know how sincere it is.
  17. news update: it doesnt seem anyone on the FL forums know how to fix this issue, and whether its FL engine's problem or Tascam's Edit: Here is an example of the problem I am having While Im playing back the song, everything sounds great, the outputs are all working correctly, and great sound is going on. The problem is that when I go to render, I have audio dropouts, on GVI only. Here is what it sounds like when I render. Problem Now I made a recording (rather than a rendering) of the output while the file was playing back. Here is roughly what is supposed to be happening. Output - expected Now a smartass is probably going to say "why dont you just record it from now on then?" If thats what you were going to say, jump off a bridge. I am playing with a bunch of new stuff I got yesterday, ( GVI, Liquid Grooves[sage], Ilio Ethnotechno[sage],) if you were curious.
  18. oh man, so last night I was trying to render my track to a wav, and the output from giga was all messed up. Im calling tascam right now to see if there is some way to fix this problem. I really hope so GVI is awesome otherwise. Edit: oh I see!! trhere is a patch for GVI not just giga, Ill see if that works. no, the patch just made everything sound like ass.
  19. For those interested, GVI shakes all kinds of ass. I am thoroughly impressed. My only beef with it is the security USB dongle. Very easy to get going in FL studio, so any of you FL users that have had problems getting full on Giga studio to rewire, this is a perfectly functional way to sample gig files. Very simple VST to use and its got some GREAT output. Aside from the app itself it comes with some VERY useable Libraries. That the libraries are light versions all around, makes me want to get the full sized ones, but even these light sets are really awesome.
  20. An alternative orchestra is an enseble that resembles a pops orchestra, with a modern attachment. The style of music greatly ranges from pops, symphony, and modern symphonic styles (electronic, rock, funk, jazz) A key ingredient to alternative orchestra is the blending of the modern elements to come across with a very smooth and natural flavor so the Guitars/synths and what have you's do not sound forced or stand outish. The elements are there, but utilized in a manner that does not scream "HEY I AM GUITAR + ORCHESTRA" rather eloquently states " Here is some really chill music, yo" Less a synth rock band, more a baroque chamber ensemble.
  21. lol its just for listening. This is for live performance.
  22. Arrangement finished and ready to print and hand to my players. Mockup!!! here is the mockup also, if you are in a High School orchestra, and would like the score, talk to me.