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  1. armored armadillo is going to be FTW.... as for the wing cap theme, I honestly can't see ska there.. hm..
  2. this mix is as the original title suggests... simple and clean... and hella smooooth. great vocals compliment it greatly and def brings out the emotion, as cyril said.
  3. the reason I'm asking is because I was wondering how many effects would you need to use simultaneously. for instance, if you need more than one modulation effect (chorus, phaser, tremolo, etc) for one sound, it'd probably be best to go for the M13. and it does indeed seem to be pretty functional for live switching too. but, for recording, my favorite multi-fx unit would be the Boss ME-50. but for live settings, despite the sound quality, you can't turn the distortion off at the very same time you turn the modulation effect on, 'cause you'd go into tuner mode. so back to the other issue, in the ME-50, the harmonist function, tremolo, phaser and stuff are all under the "MOD" section... it's not uncommon for me to use two or more of these effects simultaneously, so if you're like me, you're better off with something else.
  4. That's a sweet, sweet setup, DrumUltimA, we should collab sometime. hehehe
  5. what are you going to use it for? Live, recording, both?
  6. for sure. two of these are some of the most overrated video game characters ever.
  7. yeah it has a fairly good gameplay, but I didn't find it astounding. The OST does indeed fit the atmosphere of the game, but there are only a few tracks that I really like as music by itself.... but even as BGM, other FFs did a better job IMO. (I also didn't like the ending haha.. but then again, there aren't a lot of game endings I do like.)
  8. to be very honest, I really didn't like FFVIII. So many weak stuff, and other than a few very good tracks on the OST, the rest of it is just... meh.. Also, FFVIII has one of the worst villains I've ever seen, as in plot and depth. [spoiler: Time kompression? what the hell is that? the worst part of it is, one character in the game (I forgot who) actually replies something along the lines of "oh we don't know, but it's bad, so we gotta stop it".... how's that for an evil masterplan???]. I'm actually surprised Seymour battle isn't up bLiNd's alley... but yeah, it's among my favorites, though not THE favorite. I just can't make myself NOT get up and dance when this song is playing.
  9. oh trust me, I have quite a few in mind... whoa! it was the same for me! though after I played other FFs, I'd say FFIX is my favorite, FFX would be a very close second.
  10. I enlist for helping out with managing or whatever for that! Luiza <3 FFX
  11. got the other WIP, dunno if it'll cut it, but it at least gives you a good idea where I'm planning to take the track.

  12. I'm not too familiar with the source, as I barely played FFIV, but this song is AWESOME. love the moods, production is also pretty tight. MAJOR CONGRATS on this!
  13. LuIzA

    Happy New Year

    it's already new year here. so happy new year, all!
  14. I've tried all that, even posted at those problems, but no one replied.
  15. Making progress on both the game and Marsh. the game had a rather slow start, but it's really cool now... and I'm really stoked about how Marsh is turning out.
  16. I've been using one for quite some time now, and some months ago it decided to not work probably: after a year of use, with everything working properly.... suddenly my pc (windows xp) won't recognize the FTU if I turn it on while wall powered.... I have to disconnect it, unplug the power chord and reconnect it again. it's then recognized, however, if I try to switch back to wall power, it'll recognize as being wall powered (as the "power mode (current):" will say "wall powered"), but it'll keep on working as if it was being bus powered, only 2 ins/outs. can anyone help me? thanks in advance
  17. I just adore stompboxes and messing around with pedal and guitar modifications, not everything is pictured here though... this is also my live rig with the band.
  18. LuIzA

    I'm working on your track! btw, do you have msn, aim or whatever?

  19. again, thank you for all your kind words. PS: I find it amusing that to this day, that only one person commented/smiled at the fact that, in this song, one crashes their "shiny new ferrari" at the end... that's kinda why I named the song that. hahaha ;P
  20. a big thank you to all who listened and/or enjoyed! and MANY big thank you's to Larry, djp and kyle, for posting this and harrassing me to submit this haha.
  21. Ok, so I finally started playing the game today. so far, so good.. I adore the fact that the game doesn't change screens when you enter a house, and when it does change screens, there's pretty much no load time. I'm still getting used to the whole system though.
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