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  1. Happy birthday!

  2. Did you buy Tank Tank Tank at retail or digitally? Because I think they made it F2P on the eShop recently. There's still some content locked behind a paywall but not sure.

  3. Happy birthday good buddy arek

  4. Whoa, your birthday is a day after mine. Cool! :)

  5. Yeah, I don't know how you wanted me to add you if you haven't even set up yer thang. Talky thing?

  6. You have your system already?

  7. A new unopened Wii U Deluxe Model (read: Black) will include NintendoLand.

  8. Yeah, I'm usually in there. :3 you should pop in sometime. Hehe

  9. Just popping in to say hi, Kaleb. :)

  10. Big thank you for the Steam Gift! :) Thanks Doul!

  11. Hope ya had a great birthday!

  12. ocre

    Happy birthday, SBX!

  13. I rike it! Thanks :3 The sounds sound kind of videogamey(sort of Genesis-ish) and the vocals sound a little Beatles-y or maybe a little Four Seasons-y (December 1963). Thanks for sharin!

  14. :) Life is purdy good. And yours?
  15. That would be the Mystical Record enemy from Earthbound.

  16. No, I actually played Symphonia and Phantasia first. Abyss was my third Tales game. :)

  17. Yay! Thanks :3 Jade is awesome.

  18. Whoa whoa whoa, I didn't even know you were THE Steve Pordon. I love your RigorDance ReMix :3

  19. Get your sassy-frass into the irc channel.

  20. Understood! Thanks for getting back to me, anyway.

  21. Thanks for the b-day message, Doul! :3

  22. Was wondering if you were gonna do a June is Boss Month thread!

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