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  1. *listens to Rellik's track* WHY does it fade out at the BEST PART?
  2. I need sounds of people cheering, stat. PM me.
  3. Once again, analoq's minimalist rock-funk approach blows me away!
  4. If anyone actually has an answer to my request, please PM me, because I wont be checking in here. .
  5. Does anyone know where I might find some crisp voice samples from Super Mario 64? I'm currently working on a Mario solo album project thing, and it's vital that I have some Game Pak-quality voices. Thanks.
  6. Remixing is like buying Legos: The more pieces you have, the more you think you need.
  7. I too am a Daft Punk fan, but this ReMix only vaguely displays the qualities of Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel de Homem-Christo's work. You could say it sounds like a bootleg remake of "Aerodynamic", but nothing quite as good as DP's songs. As a stand-alone effort though, I'd have to say this was very well done, concise work.
  8. Man, I can't tell you how much I enjoyed "Dolilop Do Wop". I don't even know what the original tune sounds like!
  9. I need some good-sounding wind. Not that WHOOSH stuff, but a subtile, whistley breeze.
  10. Is there a simple gif of jpeg of the CD Album Cover that I can look at?
  11. Yeah, I thought it wasn't as great as djpreztel made it out to be, until that bass kicked in. Whoa. From then on, it hooked me in. I also like that secondary tune Insomnic put in too, fills it in a bit. All in all, great ReMix.
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