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  1. Yes, this is a poorly timed suggestion...
  2. This is exactly how I feel. I saw on the comments a bunch of people harping on Halo and COD, but for me, they're the reason I got a 360.
  3. This is great. I really like all the little homages to DP. Great sound design and super clean, sexy, bassy master. I really hope to hear more from you.
  4. Jimmy, whats that preamp in your newest pic? Do you like it? Im in desperate need of one. Also, nice!
  5. I'm not going to be able to have anything done by June 1st, sorry everyone.
  6. I actually don't have any albums out as of yet. I will, hopefully soon tho. Thanks for the interest though! I'll keep ya posted!

  7. Nah, it was more like an iTunes-type thing. It had all your songs and it found the BPM and Key for all of your songs. I also believe you can color-code each song... Though I may be making that up.
  8. I remember seeing a song manager specifically made for DJ that cataloged the BPM/Key/Style of every song in your collection. I remember BT and some other noteworthy DJ-types swore by it. Anyway, does anyone know what its called/where to find it? I tried googling it and stuff, but I'm not recognizing it. I remember it was like $40 or something reasonable, anyone know what I'm talking about?
  9. This is gorgeous. I would recommend, since there doesn't seem to be a whole lot going on in the low end, that second buildup adds some bass. It would really add a lot to the overall feel of the song. I really like it as it stands, but I feel like there is almost nothing below around 200 hz. Maybe a bass guitar or an acoustic bass. EDIT: I'd like to offer my services mixing/mastering the final version for you if you'd like. Final mastering is an important thing to practice yourself, but I wouldn't mind running through what i did. Again, it sounds fine the way it is, but if you'd be inclined, i'd be happy to help. PM me if you're interested.
  10. The Jose Gonzalez cover of Teardrop is pretty great: LA Riots remix of Weezer's Automatic: Noisia's Remix of Katy Perry (duh! but its actually pretty good now.) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQn4YcYJ2cY and last but not least, Orgy's cover of Blue Monday:
  11. I'm liking Hecq and Matta right now. They mostly do dubstep but their DnB stuff is pretty great too.
  12. I always go to Nero, Excision, Datsik, and Noisia (not really dubstep most of the time, but it scratches the itch). Nero mostly though. Prototype Raptor does fuckin sweet stuff too if you're looking for around here.
  13. Any reason why the EQ in Ableton isn't suiting your needs?
  14. I guess its all a matter of what you're into... Postal was the only movie i saw of his. It attempts to coast by on low-brow, juvenile humor with no semblance of wit or creativity. "Oh look, its Dave Foley taking a shit." "Oh hey, George Bush and Bin Laden are friends, thats original, political humor." "Its Verne Troyer being raped by a thousand monkeys." Sure, I chuckled once or twice, but his commentary was entirely unoriginal and went for shock value over everything else. The jokes and sight-gags also fall pretty flat a majority of the time. He obviously isn't trying for high cinema, and low-brow humor and sight-gags is fun every now and again, but if Postal is his best film to date, that doesn't make me want to try any of his other films. I will say the intro of the movie is actually pretty damn funny.
  15. I would recommend at least looking into L.A. Scoring Strings. They're really dry and sound really good. They also have great capability for spiccato and legato patches.
  16. This is awesome! Great, powerful, explosive beat and really great DnB moving bassline.
  17. This. EWQL Choirs is the best you can get, but its spensive...
  18. Reaktor... I know its more of a sleeve to add synths and stuff, but any time i can't think of something i need to add, i pull up Reaktor and have at it. Such a great tool.
  19. This is pretty awesome. I just bought an APC40 myself. it kinda hard to pick up the correct mix points (at least for me), but this mix is pretty damn good. Its a lot better than my attempts at mixing dubstep, thats for damn sure. Nice song choice as well.
  20. This is fuckin sick. I think I'll add it to the few songs im trying to mix with my new APC 40. Very amazing work!
  21. Sorry, its called scrapyard over in the digital/hybrid section. mess with the waveform to get it to sound like that. or head over to http://nextstepaudio.com/bass/trifonic-synthesis-with-nis-massive-part-1/ to see what they're doing with it.
  22. Thats the JunkYard waveform from Massive. Its very common. Just get Massive and you'll quickly notice it.
  23. Just downloaded and unzipped. Absolutely wonderful. The sound quality is incredible! This is a seriously great deal at only $20. I really like the glitched stuff as well. Highly recommended for everyone!
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