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  1. I wish i could swing that much, thats a great deal. I highly recommend (the sounds at least) the EWQLSO stuff. The samplers a pretty glitchy, but the sounds are wonderful.
  2. I'm pretty sure thats the answer everyone on this thread is giving... This sums it up perfectly. If you don't like the way someone conducts themselves, their business, their music or treats their fans, then DO NOT, i repeat, DO NOT support them. You are only adding to the problem if you do. That is all the power you have as a consumer and that is a much greater power than you are giving it credit for.
  3. I don't know how to reply to something like that... If you don't think its worth money then don't fucking buy it... its that easy. If you want something enough to make a thread like this, but don't feel you should pay a DOLLAR to the person who created it, i don't know what to say. It really is like saying someone should give you a bmw because you feel you deserve it. It doesnt matter that they had to put a bunch of their own time and money into making it, they should just hand it to you on a silver platter. I realize thats a SLIGHT over-exaggeration, but it really is only a SLIGHT over-exaggeration. But honestly, if you don't feel people like miley cyrus and the jonas brothers and Metallica deserve money for what they do, then don't buy their shit. Nobody is forcing you to. Nobody is forcing you to go to their shows, buy their songs, buy their merchandise, spread the word for them... So why should you have a say in what YOU think somebody's work is worth if you are out of that financial loop. Telling somebody they are selfish when they expect you to pay for something they give you is completely irrational. There's no other word for it.
  4. I think what you are getting frustrated about us not understanding is because your argument is becoming less and less realistic and more and more about how things benefit you and your values of things being a relative "outsider." I don't mean to say that you are out of touch and we are completely correct, but telling people off for attempting to make a living off of something they enjoy doing seems to not really make a whole lot of sense. EDIT: Oy, my sentence structure is good not so much.
  5. I guess i understand where you're coming from, but i think you are placing the sense of entitlement incorrectly on the musician's side of things. If the musician doesn't feel like giving out his or her music, then they don't have to. Expecting them to give you something out of the goodness of their heart seems a little naive and far-fetched. As someone who would like to be able to sell my music and make some form of a living off of it, I would be more than happy to give out a couple songs here or there as an appreciative measure for everyone who has chosen to support me. Thats the key word though, support. Expecting someone to put the blood, sweat and tears into their artistic expression, then demanding more for it without making it known that you appreciate their work enough to support them is a little childish. You are correct, you don't NEED it, but you decide that you enjoy it enough to where you spend a significant amount of your free time investing in finding new artists. Even if you have never bought a single song in your life, you have spent the time investing in that experience. That time you spend on it shows that you have a certain thirst to continue to have that experience, an experience that wouldn't be there if the artist hadn't decided to spend the money to make themselves known. Thats where the financial aspect comes in. As much as I want people to hear my music, I am spending enough time and money on the music aspect of it that its a little hard to swing the extra money and time on promoting myself to get you to listen if im not getting reimbursed for it. I honestly don't give a shit if you listen or not. I obviously would like to be able to share it if i could, but seeing as how I would have to invest my own money to get my music to you, i couldn't care less. So really, it takes a general well-being on both sides to make music work. You are paying me to get my music to you. You are paying for a service, a service that may not be a necessity, but a service that you enjoy enough to support.
  6. Well, I'd say if you guys think that kind of stuff is innovative, definitely check out Amon Tobin. His album Foley Room is based around the idea that most of the sounds he uses are what you would get out of a foley room and field recordings. http://www.amontobin.com/field/ and also some of his more melodic work: His more weird and wonderful stuff: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ru46QPzWvlQ
  7. http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=5136193108492240840&ei=8mnsSs2lNqXCrQK59NyWDg&q=in+the+studio+with+hybrid&hl=en&client=firefox-a http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-4122795059903390517&ei=CWrsSrCyCaiSqgLQ1-TOBg&q=hybrid+making+a+track&hl=en&view=2&client=firefox-a http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-9116333959697757131&ei=HWrsSt_tNo-MqAKN97SJDg&q=hybrid+masterclass&hl=en&view=2&client=firefox-a http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=749445759231383058&ei=LWrsSs-aAZLiqgLskeHLAQ&q=hybrid+favorite&hl=en&view=2&client=firefox-a
  8. Borderlands: Does Diablo better than Diablo because the guns play differently instead of just clicking. Doesn't need to be played with other people, actually. Stats mean nothing... 9/10 Final Fantasy 9: 2nd favorite Final Fantasy. Some of the best music in gaming, despite being in an odd style. Vivi. 10/10 Baha: Edge of Control: Holy Christ this is hard! Oh, nevermind, returning the game the same day makes me a winner. I'm giving the same score for as many races i beat before breaking my first controller ever. 2/10 Halo ODST: Nighttime city is vastly underused and overdark. Boring story with only slightly worthwhile pay-off at the end. Cool "Horde" mode. 7/10 Uncharted 2: The first time I have ever uttered the words "Holy Shit" whilst actually playing it. The first game I've beaten only to turn around and play the game again. The first story in an action game to actually have me care about the characters. 10/10 Fallout 3: Awesome the first time through, but on second visit breaks down to the same sights over and over. A little too dark to be fun for too long. Awesome sidequests and stories of random people you happen upon. 8/10 Mass Effect: Takes wayyyyyyyyy too long to care about the story. The end of the game is quite thrilling. Urdnot Wrex. 9/10
  9. Ok, so anyone who has talked to me for more than 5 minutes about music knows that I love Hybrid. I have modeled a lot of my music writing off of them and have watched their producer's masterclass about 800 times. Anyway, they just finished their 4th album and are gearing up for release in April or March. They just put out a video showing a snippet of their recording time in Prague. I thought it was interesting how the strings fit into their track (watch the end) and thought it might be interesting for anyone approaching their tracks in a similar way.
  10. I get that problem with guitar rig. I've found that if you split the routing and listen to what you're playing through an amp while you're recording into the program, that works... Otherwise, even on my beast of a rig, there's a pretty noticeable lag. I know there's gotta be a fix, but this may help in the interim.
  11. Dear lord... That was a commercial? On the Teevee!!!!!!!!!11?!??! Yeah, thats not terribly tasteful.
  12. Well, I'm not really commenting on the show itself, but i think its funny that no one touching the actual project had ever watched family guy. But yeah, i instantly thought Apple picking it up would be diabolically genius.
  13. http://tv.ign.com/articles/103/1039355p1.html So apparently Microsoft had the idea of creating a half-hour long commercial for Windows 7 using the Family Guy "platform." Basically meaning Family Guy whored itself out to Microsoft for an episode of Microsoft commercials with Seth McFarlane and Alex Borstein. Then, upon Microsoft actually viewing the show, decided that Family Guy was too crass for them... What? Apparently nobody there ever watched Family Guy before? Thoughts? I honestly think this is hilarious.
  14. Congrats dude, thats a great little short. The sound fx and music are both top-notch! Can't wait to here more from you.
  15. Yeah, i see a lot of music as colors and shapes. My colors and shapes are quite a bit different than proto's tho. I see saw waves as jagged edged green, sine waves as a dark blue sphere. For some reason i have a very vivid picture of two neon-blue, circular tubes when i hear one of the sounds in this song: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZIQs6JyZcaA I'll be interested to see if you can guess what element i'm talking about based on my description.
  16. Got it for 360 and am at like level 22. Its fucking fun. I haven't really jones'd for a game in a long time, but i cant wait to get home and start playing. EDIT: As someone who hasn't played mmo's before, i'm kind of unaware of some of the meanings of stats... What is the "x9" that blinks when looking at damage for guns? I thought it would just be "times 9" but that doesnt seem to be true. Anyone want to enlighten me?
  17. Thats an exceptionally different take on the actions of the game. My hat is off to you; I had never really thought of Cloud as being anything other than a hero. Great review. As for it being one of the most enduring games ever made, i'd say it is to the people who played it when it came out. A lot of people wrote it off and considering there is no nostalgia, the graphics can be pretty hard to overlook now. I still love the shit out of that game and I now have a reason to replay it.
  18. Its simple. Layering... I have out and out stolen drum samples from songs and layered them into some of my other drum samples and i dare you to figure out where they come from. That works for other samples as well. Theres a very obvious sound in StormDrum that is used by literally EVERY "ethnic" soundtrack ever made: the Taiko Drum rim shot. Yeah, that one. Layer in a bit of a rim shot from something else and it still sounds like it should, but it sounds different. You can compress them together to make it sound even better as well, or add some of the same reverb on them both.
  19. I'm sorry, but its hard to find the sniveling pompous whining from the people afraid of change anything but that... I also have very little respect for the people, who feel that once a company that has been good to them makes a change to what they expect, they become a crying bunch of whiners. See also the Left for Dead 2 boycott... I'm sorry, but this is just plain stupid.
  20. Kore Player has some excellent stuff for that. I've been using a couple of tweaked presets and added some weird reverbs and stuff to make that kinda of sound.
  21. This may get moved to a different forum, but the best DAW to do that sort of thing is Ableton Live. You can get a free demo for what you are looking to do.
  22. Not to derail this thread at all, but does anyone know where i can still get komplete 5 for a decent deal? I found some on ebay for close to 1000 still, but im thinking closer to 400 seems attainable somewhere...
  23. This is fucking SICK!!! tefnek's productions skillz are absolutely scrumptious. The rips and guitars make this song feel like there needs to be a minimum bad-ass requirement to listen to this song and the people who don't quite meet it get ripped to shreds. Like, that scene in Event Horizon ripped apart. Awesome stuff once again, dude.
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