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  1. For what its worth, i absolutely love the default library on Kontakt. It works really well with the sound from EWQLSO, Colossus and StormDrum. Their key-switching choir patch is da beezkneez. I also have True-Strike Tension library for Kore (free) and it is quite useful.
  2. I absolutely love the sound of the EWQL stuff that i have. But I have had nothing but trouble with the sampler it comes with (the kompakt sampler) but I hear that PLAY is just as bad or worse in the reliability dept. What Meteo said about Komplete is great if you need a bunch of synths and a good workhorse sampler, but if you are mainly into sampled stuff and aren't as interested in synths and fx, i would definitely lean more towards the EWQL stuff. I have Symphony Orchestra Gold, Colossus, and StormDrum as well as Komplete 6. I'd say Reaktor alone is worth the price of Komplete, but i admit the learning curve seems a tad high to people just interested in messing with presets (not that you are). But, as i said, the shear amount of samples with the EWQL stuff is massive and entirely overwhelms the soundbank of Kontakt. So it depends more on where your interests lie.
  3. As much as i am one of those FF7 fanboy obsessive fanatics, I really don't know if this is something I would be terribly interested in... Part of my love for the game is the fact that it IS based squarely on nostalgia. Sure, the graphics blow by today's standards. Yes, the combat is kinda ho-hum, the translation wasn't wonderful and its over-re-hyped, but that was my rpg cherry-popper and re-making it would trounce the nostalgia i have for it. The main reason for being so interested in playing those old games is BECAUSE the graphics weren't very good; you used your imagination to make these worlds more complete. Having the entire world normal-mapped to oblivion destroys that sense of wonder.
  4. I'm sorry, but thats actually F'ing hilarious. My scariest moment was probably when i dislocated my collarbone snow boarding. I live in Colorado so most schools have a "ski club" that takes a school bus up to the slopes on the weekends. Its cheap, its easy and you get to hang out with a bunch of school friends. Well, my second time up I had had a great day on the slopes and was pulling off tricks I hadn't even tried before, including my first inverted trick. Well, ironically, on my last run of the day, when half of our group had decided to turn in because we only had half an hour before our bus left, ON THE WAY TO THE BOARD PARK, I had decided to just point downhill and get down a side run as quickly as possible... Well, i was going somewhere around 50-60 mph and hit a patch of ice, fell and bounced off the side of the run, falling into a patch of trees. I was only being followed by one of my friends who wasn't terribly sure of herself, so I didn't think she was going to go down a black to get to the park. It was getting dark and at that point i had 5 minutes to get down to the bottom of the run. I ended up being so afraid of being left that I pulled myself up the bank and all the way up to the main runs... a couple hundred feet. That was with a dislocated and broken (in several places) collarbone, a broken rotator cuff and torn ligaments in and around my arm... And i felt ALL of that... So yeah, i was pretty scared.
  5. Doesn't seem to be working for me... Says that there's nothing there.... I liked your track for ffx so much i wanted to give this one a listen and i come to find out its not there
  6. Should be working now. I had a couple issues with it last night. I'm still new to setting up servers :/ I'll try and vary mine up a bit so it isn't pure electro shtuffs.
  7. Dude, that is SICK! I'm hearing the clipping that Brandon mentioned on the strings... The only thing i'd recommend is the snare rolls sounds a little too mechanical, so if you can vary them up a bit that would go a long way.
  8. I have a super simple WIP right now, but i'll update it tomorrow with more of what i have.
  9. That sounds like a grain cloud to me. Grain clouds are made with granular synths (i don't believe you have one unless omnisphere can do it). Basically whats happening is the producer placed a sample (in this case some kind of choir and synth combo) into what is basically a sampler that plays small snippets of that sound over and over while using an lfo-controlled parameter to move the snippet through the length of the sample. You can do this yourself with a sampler and automating the sample length and sample start parameters, then adding reverb and delay. Otherwise, Reaktor has a number of granular synths and effects and i believe there are also a couple of free ones over at kvr audio.
  10. This is some triple-A music. Awesome song thats technically impressive from all angles while still sounding great as a cohesive whole. Great work!
  11. Hy Bound

    Tron 2

    I totally thought it had to be the Flying Tigers. WTF! I still cant figure out the fire engine one though... oh, and the guy on the left with the star on his shirt...
  12. Hy Bound

    Tron 2

    You're close I can't figure out the owl with the crown, the snake in the soup, the guy with the frisbee at the bottom and the fire engine. Otherwise, i have them all.
  13. I was listening to the bombcast yesterday and found their viewpoint on this interesting... Theres always two sides to every story... No matter how this ends up, like zircon said, we're the ones getting screwed.
  14. I love the first one so much. Most likely gonna buy the new one. Thanks for the heads up on the demo though; had no idea they were gonna do one.
  15. Man, i would have SO jumped at this about a month ago... Already have it now though.
  16. I was going to say the emerald or ruby WEAPON too, but both of those have a trick to beating them. Otherwise, I'd say any an doll of the bosses in Ninja Gaiden. I know these have probably been mentioned already, but dear poo thats a hard game.
  17. I have an Epiphone Hollow-body and an Ibanez Bass Guitar. Both were about 500 buckaroos, so hopefully it wasn't too much because of quality... On the other hand, my acoustic was $20 about 30 years ago at a pawn shop. My dad gave it to me, so that one is definitely because of quality...
  18. Thanks guys! It turns out the intonation thing is what the problem was. I'll keep everything else in mind as well.
  19. Ok, so this is most likely a super noob-y question, but I'm getting a little frustrated... So, I have a couple guitars I've been practicing on and attempting to record stuff with. However, when I try tuning them, i go halfway up the frets and its showing that its out of tune by like 23 ct... Now, I don't have the absolute most expensive guitars available, but they're pretty damn good ones, so it doesn't seem like they should be off by that much. I'm getting frustrated chopping each tuned note out of a recorded series to hopefully get it to sound natural (and in tune). Am I missing something?
  20. What do you guys think of KYMA? I have heard a lot of great things about it, but haven't actually seen it in action. BT speaks highly of it and I'm hearing a lot of sound designers are starting to use it.
  21. You might want to check out Christina Courtin She sang a few tracks for Trifonic but does some of her own stuff too. I usually don't really like the style she sings in, but for some reason i really liked her songs. Also, Trifonic's stuff with her singing is pretty great as well: http://www.trifonic.com/music/
  22. Noisia's got a lot of power. Noise like BLAOW! Off to troll some more...
  23. This would be so sick! I'm interested in doing a track.
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