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  1. Bought'd. Sounds really useful for some backing and such as well as something I could definitely put through Reaktor and get some incredible sounds back out. Great job Jimmy!
  2. Thanks everyone! And Happy Geburtstag lizz, Wingless and vivi!
  3. I'll add only that we're getting to the point that its getting so loud and compressed that its just sounding like pink noise. For instance, listen to BT's Suddenly off of his new album; as soon as the chorus comes in, theres a feeling that you're just being blasted by noise, sure, once you listen closer you can hear everything in great detail, but it doesn't stop it from sounding inherently noise-y.
  4. Sounds like a somewhat shittily sampled Dulcimer with a tiny bit of overdrive and reverb on it.
  5. Shit, yeah... Purchase fail indeed. Already took it back. WTF! how can i not have a firewire port... fuck you hp.
  6. HEy guys, so i just bought a profire 610 audio-interface/preamp. The problem is, i just found out i have a billion USB ports, but no firewire port... I also don't have a spare PCI slot, so adding in a card with firewire is out of the question. Anyone know another solution to this?
  7. While i agree with the fact that Fallout 3's ending sucked copious amounts of balls, it was Ron Perlman who narrated it; even better than Morgan Freeman... I also second the Borderlands ending: that was the first game i was ever just dumbfounded by the ending... No twist, no "it was all just a hoax to keep you away from the real vault" or "you helped kill the keeper of the vault and now we're all fucked" endings which would lend some sort of credence to the second playthrough. No, just some 'YAY! you win' bullshit. ARGLE BARGLES! I'm surprised that the infamously shit Halo 2 ending has gone unmentioned so far. I'll add that Bioshock 2's ending, while not terrible, left a lot to be desired. I was surprised at how much better the game was than i was expecting, but it didn't carry much in the way of weight after the little sister sequence.
  8. Man, you did better than i did... I got destroyed at about 1860...
  9. http://www.native-instruments.com/#/en/products/producer/komplete-7/?page=1516 Seems like a pretty big 'Fuck you' to people who bought Komplete 6. Same price as the one that was released 6 months prior, but the upgrade is 250 bucks. On top of that its just a bunch of Kore soundpacks and one-off effects with only a half-step up in Reaktor for the core synths/samplers. It may be commonplace, but i still feel cheated... Thoughts?
  10. Sidechain, and distort the shit out of relatively simple (simple as in 1-osc maybe 2) waveforms in synths. NI's Massive is used a LOT in electro-house.
  11. Holy shit, Pixar AND The Escapist? When did the Pixar thing happen? Thats amazing!
  12. Hy Bound


    Inception was a great movie. Not mind-blowingly incredible but it was not just good; it was great/top-notch/impressive. I think its a must-see for anyone looking for a thoughtful, intelligent movie with clever twists and ideas. some notes: SPOILARZ-kinda That final multi-stage "kick" at the end seemed like it was dying for a trippy "focus on one person as they are thrown through the various stages of the 'kick' in one long shot" but it never came and it made me sad. Also, the ambiguity in the ending isn't done terribly well because if "it" didn't fall, it kind of defeats the whole point of his final revelation. It was his realization that the real-world was the most important and ultimately his kids were there to ground him in that reality. I appreciate that there are several ways of looking at it (he could just be further into the dreamworld so he imagines his kids' faces) but that just makes it dumb. The fact that they got him to start killing off his own self-conscious was pretty clever. END SPOILARZ-kinda It was a great movie.
  13. This. I've just started working on my second playthrough of both borderlands and ME2. COD: MW2 has gotten the most total play time from me though.
  14. Hy Bound


    Looks better than the first one! Thats rare...
  15. Okay, so the ND 500 Road Rally is coming up and there's an awesome promo up featuring music by yours truly. Its neat-o, check it out.
  16. It all has to do with the ADSR Envelopes you use. Both the Amp and Mod Envelopes can be set the same way to get the same effect: Simply set the Attack to 0, the Decay to 50%, the Sustain to 0, and the Release to 0 (or more if you want it to be longer or shorter.)
  17. This is an incredible interpretation of the original. Mass Effect has probably my favorite soundtrack of all time and this integrates and expands every perfect aspect of it. Absolutely wonderful work, Jimmy.
  18. I really didn't like BT's These Hopeful Machines. Then I got over my big bad self and started to really like it. Every song has a pretty distinct feel and sense of atmosphere. Its definitely not my favorite album of his, but its pretty good. Massive Attack's new album was a bit of a bummer for me though... None of the songs were terribly interesting or well-produced. I have a pretty tenuous appreciation for Massive Attack, though. I may be in the minority here, but Pendulum's new album hasn't hit the same chord as In Silico for me. I'd say only about half the songs are listenable. I loved Hold Your Colour, LOVED In Silico and now the mixture of the two sounds for Immersion, i can't stand.
  19. Eh, anyone who hates Halo is a douchewhistle... I'll definitely be playing it if i get some time between working on several projects and finals week...
  20. This is great, man. I love this tune; so happy and freeing. It really does make you feel like you're flying through space while an 80's star-wipe signals each transition through happy space ecstasy.
  21. Amon Tobin has some neat little ambient-ish tracks; kinda jazzy, but ambient none-the-less: and EDIT: this isnt quite as ambient, but the intro is really wonderful:
  22. Ok, so i've been looking around for some time now for a good, studio-quality audio interface that supports 5.1 or 7.1 surround sound. All I've been able to find are things for gaming or massive, expensive mixing desks with surround-capable interfaces, but nothing in the sub-2 grand range. Anyone know of any good ones?
  23. It honestly takes a very long time before you get the hang of it. You can write pretty decent tracks within the first couple years, but really, I've been doing this (coming from having literally no knowledge of computer based composing and a couple years of piano i had forgotten about) for about 7 years and i finally feel like I'm getting at least somewhat professional-sounding mixes. My first bit of advice is to pick up Reason or FL Studio so you have a good DAW and so there are plenty of people around here that can help you with questions you may have (Reaper is free, but fewer people use it). Start out by messing around with settings on a synth and sampler. I found it monumentally helpful to load up a preset and then tweak one knob to see what its changing, then set it back to where it was and go on to the next one. But most importantly, like Roz said, listen to what you're making and compare it to a similar, well-mixed track and see how you can change what you're doing to help fill out what piece you're missing. Really its just a lot of trial and error; meaning most people get frustrated and give up, but if you're patient and interested enough you can make some pretty incredible stuff with even "low-end" software and equipment.
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