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  1. Of course, if you're going to talk about remixing multiple Zero themes, you have to talk about this remix. Still one of my favorites. Ah, I still remember when it got rejected the first time around. Man, I feel old now.
  2. Zero X4 is sooooo awesome. I hope a lot of people pick it!
  3. Awesome mix from this round, by the way. I wish I could have voted for more than three so I could have voted for yours, too!

  4. I'll set up a punchline for whoever wants it: Pump Man + Uranus = ???
  5. Super competitive round. I hope the rest of the competition is this good Nice job, SuperiorX!!
  6. Hey, I meant to tell you this sooner, but I loved your Gravity Bandits remix. You should finish it up and consider subbing it to OCR. But you should finish it up either way :)

  7. Aaaand, it's back. Please disregard
  8. I don't know anything for sure, but I haven't been able to access the DoD site today. Is this temporary, or has Dwelling of Duels kicked the bucket?
  9. Everything this man said is 100% true. True x1000000000 There's so much depth to Superman that has been lost to the general public. He's the most powerful being on Earth fighting for those with the least power. He does this as Superman and as Clark Kent. There's an immigration side to his story, too. He's not of this planet, but he has adopted it as his home, and does everything in his power to protect it. He encounters a lot of prejudice from native humans because he is foreign, despite the fact that he cares more for the planet and its inhabitants and will go further to protect it than anyone else. Man of Steel was a massive disappointment. Sure, if you like explosion/destruction porn, this was your flick. But if you're a Superman fan, you walk out of the theater feeling like you were the one taking the beating.
  10. As a non-musician listener, I 100% agree. When I'm intimately familiar with the sources, I can easily recognize even the most liberal of rearrangements. Also, I actually find a song more enjoyable if one source has a stronger presence than the other. For example, one of my favorite songs from any compo is WillRock's "Walking Weapons Unit" from the GRMRB 2011. The lead was heavily, heavily Napalm Man (I think of it as a mostly Napalm Man remix), but Elec Man was still present throughout the entire song in some form or another. To me, it takes a great deal more skill as a composer to pick one of the two sources as the dominant one in a remix while seamlessly integrating the other source into the song in other, less obvious ways. "The Sky Demon" did a great job with that. Tengu Man was much more apparent than Moliarty's Tower, which had been more extensively rearranged to fit with a Tengu Man lead, but both sources were there, and the song was far more cohesive and less jarring for it.
  11. I actually kind of liked your spacesynth stuff, although my favorite of your compo tracks was "Cold Dreams," the Blizzard Man/Mr. X Stage song.
  12. I actually really liked your entry. Yeah, maybe the arrangement and production could have used a little polish, but it has certainly been an enjoyable song for me to listen to.
  13. Thanks, Darke! Also, although I haven't gotten through everyone's mixes from this week yet, they all sound amazing so far. Great birthday present! In the past in these compos, less than 50% of a given week's mixes found their way into my playlists in the long-term. Not true with this compo so far. I really hope everyone's able to keep up (or, even better, build up) the momentum. Also, Ecto, I can smell the Morse juices dripping off of your mix. I hope you took a shower afterwards. Very excited to see what everyone comes up with The Moon stage next week (particularly excited to see what Wildfire comes up with, since I especially enjoy her mixes)!!
  14. Yeah, the whole soundtrack is awesome. African Mines in particular is a pretty sweet one.
  15. I'm just going to go ahead and throw it out there, because I'm sure a lot of us have been thinking it. Are we going to get the Moon Stage from NES DuckTales?
  16. Yeah, I have a very difficult time picking my top 3. I may even change my votes as the week progresses. Excellent mixes this week!
  17. To this end, Disney is putting elements from their massively popular "Jake and the Never Land Pirates" franchise into Wily's castles. Next week, all mixers must add generic pirate language to their songs. If a remix does not contain gratuitous amounts of words and phrases like, "aye aye," "yo ho ho," "walk the plank," "dubloon," "mateys," and "buried treasure," it will be disqualified.
  18. I unfortunately always associate Pump Man with this robot (not Bender):
  19. Phonetic Hero Tengu Man (Saturn) Ah yeah, finally getting some Saturn Tengu Man. And from Phonetic Hero, no less
  20. Are we going to see: WillRock Halc Main Finger AMT Jewbei AkumajoBelmont Flexstyle Rozovian Emunator TheGuitahHeroe Prophetik ???
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