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  1. So, I've spent the majority of any time I spend on Internet forums at OCR, and I think that I've gotten a bit spoiled by how polite and respective the community is here. At some other websites, such as GameFAQs and MtG Salvation, I have been shocked by how rude and disrespectful some users have been, as though they can't help but jump at the chance to put people down. I mean, I know that they are probably a bunch of dipshit little kids, but, like I said, I have probably just been spoiled by the level of maturity at OCR that it has been a shock to my system to venture to other Internet forums. Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I appreciate the attitude and atmosphere in these forums.
  2. Great to see one of Beth's phenomenal songs finally make it to the front page. And this one is certainly one of her best!
  3. Chrono Trigger. You clearly didn't spend a bunch of time maxing out your sphere grids in the Omega Dungeon. One hit kills on all of the final bosses. Now, the Arena monsters WERE unforgiving, I'll give you that.
  4. Geez, I didn't realize how sensitive people are about that Mega Man album costing money. It was just a joke!
  5. Congrats on the posted remix!

  6. Someone should goad WillRock into joining, especially since he has some kind of ideological opposition to remixing Final Fantasy songs
  7. Gilgamesh is a recurring character throughout the series. Yes, he's a boss, but he's almost a mascot of sorts, too. I don't think there would be any detriment to making a special exception for him and only him.
  8. I wasn't a big fan of seeing a price tag attached to an album on OCR after 12 years of coming to the site, but after I first heard about the Mega Man album (specifically, Capcom's involvement in it), I would have been absolutely shocked if it were free. That's just not how things work once a major corporation gets involved. I had no problem paying the $10 because I was expecting to pay something for the album (granted, $10 is not a significant expense for me). On the other hand, I would be genuinely upset if paying for OCR albums would be the new norm. But I understand the special circumstances behind this album (and I would frankly be surprised if OCR didn't jump at the chance to officially partner with the publisher of some of the most remixed video games on the site), and I know that the vast majority of the site's content will continue to be free (for legal reasons, if nothing else). Anyhow, I am thoroughly enjoying the album. It was worth paying $10 to see that some artists haven't forgotten how to remix.
  9. This is exactly what I was thinking. How awesome would it be to just make it rich by selling fish you catch? Also, I always think about how much I want to visit Isle Delfino whenever I play through Mario Sunshine. Also, it's not that hard of a game to beat, either (with very minor exception)
  10. I guess you didn't read the part about Darke winning the lottery jackpot and offering a $250,000 cash prize to the winning team.
  11. I can't really offer technical critiques, since I'm not a musician, but as a listener, I love it, as I have all of your works. Keep on remixing!
  12. Crap, the week has gotten away from me. At least I just voted in round 8
  13. Hey, if you drop $10,000, you get to have dinner with Inafune himself!
  14. Two weeks in a row without anything from the Robot Museum? Is anything wrong? I was really enjoying their entries
  15. I can see Affleck being okay as Batman, but kind of bad as Bruce Wayne. Also, this movie just means that we have to wait another 10 years or so for the next opportunity to do the DC comics universe right. Word. Too bad Kevin Conroy looks like this in real life:
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