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  1. This seems like as good a time as any to suggest a song from the NES Godzilla game, released in the U.S. in 1989. I've loved this soundtrack since I first played it 23 years ago (man, I feel old), and it hasn't really gotten much attention from the ReMix community. Anyhow, just throwing it out there.
  2. Awesome mix, and one of the best to come out of the GRMRB 2011. Can't believe no one has commented yet. Excellent work, as always.
  3. I can't believe Eternal Wind hasn't been claimed yet. One of the best FF songs out there, IMO.
  4. "Chrono Cross: Is a Bad Game" lulz Seriously, though, excited to see what becomes of this!
  5. Bummer. On the plus side, those two tracks are technically brand new to me, so I get an additional two songs to listen to on each playthrough!
  6. Wow, I don't visit the site for awhile, and I miss all of the drama. Anyhow, I just came on to say that after 1 month, I am still listening to this album almost exclusively. Love it. Also, since I've been listening to the FLAC versions, I didn't notice until someone pointed it out in this forum that the Torrent is missing two lossless songs from Disc 5: FrosTronix and Dive. Any chance the Torrent file will be updated to include those two songs?
  7. My question is, will the Hadouken weapon still be a one-hit kill a la Mega Man X?
  8. It's everything that I'd hoped it would be. I've had it playing near-continuously since I downloaded it yesterday, and I think that I only occasionally skip a song here and there (don't worry, Brandon, it didn't end up being any of your songs). By the way, Emu, nice song at the end! Probably is my new favorite OCR album.
  9. Hot damn, I just gotta say that "Chasing Waterfalls" may be my favorite track off the new DKC3 album -- which says a lot considering how much I love that album.

  10. Technically, yes, but not in the ero-manga sense. In the fan-made derivative work sense. The term has become more synonymous with Japanese-made fan produced works, but in the broader sense of the word, yes, OCR albums are doujin. EDIT: Yes. lulz.
  11. "I'd say the moment I knew this album was solid gold was when I got to listen to the entire thing through, with no interruptions, during a six-hour drive from Mission Viejo, CA, to Glendale, AZ, where I live. Didn't skip a single song. That's how good this thing is, and I'm picky." - Mike Birch (Flexstyle), from the vgmdb.net album comments. If it's anything like the Sonic Sound of Speed album, I'm very excited because I never skip any of the songs when I listen to that album (which, thus far, is the only OCR album that I do that with). Of course, the Sonic album is WAY shorter than this one, so it will be quite an accomplishment if the album get me to not skip a single song Oh, and, as I recall, Brandon, your Sonic tracks didn't pass the first time, but I think that they fit in seamlessly with the album in their original form, so I have no doubt that they will not be a track that I skip in the DKC3 album (if I skip one at all). Super excited!
  12. You guys should totally release the songs in .ape file format!
  13. Even though I have virtually no technical musical expertise, I thought that I'd comment because no one else has yet. I like the direction you're going here, and I want to hear more. I think the song could be lengthened some more, and could be developed a bit more so that it sounds a little more meaty. I don't know if that makes any sense, but I look forward to any future revisions to this piece!
  14. [modification bolded]Can we get some confirmation on this rumor? Love the preview, by the way.
  15. Ghetto Lee Lewis didn't vote in both matchups, so I don't know if that changes things (but he voted for Prophecy, so probably not).
  16. So, do we have a final tally? Is it going to be Theory of N vs. Prophecy or Theory of N v. Phonetic Hero?
  17. Hey, has anyone heard from Darke? How close is he to getting power back?
  18. Awesome. One of my favorite songs from this compo is "Stealth Chameleon" (which I think should have been called "Stealth Charmeleon" on account of the Blaze Heatnix source usage, but whatever), so I'm looking for MOAR!
  19. Dude, don't fuck around like that! I've been waiting for two weeks for you to come up with something, and you'd better not disappoint!
  20. I'll probably dig out my Harvey Birdman costume.
  21. You should just go balls to the wall with collabs. Like what Gario did in the final round of the Sonic compo
  22. Mega Man Bracket Round 3 - "Encapsulated Heat (Heat Man vs. Bubble Man)" I don't think Darke still has the individual round ZIPs up, so you'll have to get it from the archive here.
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