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  1. Aw, shit, son, that was amazing! For anyone familiar with the lore, it's INCREDIBLY faithful. BUT ONLY FOUR FUCKING EPISODES!! They'd better keep making them until the entirety of Castlevania III's plot is covered. Heck, they should keep doing it afterward and do more Castlevania game stories! They really nailed Alucard, too! I was worried about how they would treat the character, but it's like they took him straight out of the games! Gah! Season 2 can't get here fast enough!! EDIT: Also, I have no doubt that Grant will be in the next season. They just didn't get to the part where they meet him yet in the story.
  2. WinAmp is gone because the llamas finally had their revenge. (God, I'm old).
  3. Ah, cool, I didn't actually know about that. Meaning that Grant is probably in there somewhere, too. Edit: There he is!
  4. Pulled a few images from the trailer... Alucard? Any guesses about her? Maybe Maria Renard? Looks like the big man himself?
  5. Looks pretty good, actually. By the way, is that Alucard at 1:03? Seems like he just popped out of a coffin a few seconds earlier. Don't think it's Dracula, who you can spot at 1:06 doing some kind of lighting bolt thing.
  6. Hey, just wanted to tell you how much I am enjoying 1000 Notes from DoD.  I forgot about the voting,so I didn't get a chance to reflect my love of the song there and knock you up a few places, but it's still a sweet remix!

  7. I clicked into the thread hoping, based on the naming scheme of the track, that it was another one by Rukunetsu. I wasn't disappointed! Great song!
  8. Ah ,yes, the second disc is kind of boring. Too bad that they rushed it to the finish line and didn't get a chance to really complete the game. At that point, though, I think Square was trying to hammer out games as quickly as possible because several RPGs of that generation suffered the same fate (SaGa Frontier, for one, was missing quite bit more than was intended).
  9. Strange, I never felt Xenogears was terribly difficult, and had no problem beating it right when it came out (back in '97, methinks?). Of course, I'm such a grinder/completionist (or at least I used to be, back when I had free time) that RPGs would have to offer some kind of crazy difficult challenge for me to just give up (I came close with Yiazmat in Final Fantasy XII, but I had heard so much hype/scare beforehand that I was very prepared going into it, and I only died a few times before figuring out how to beat him). I think the only game that I completely "gave up" with was the Lily Pad Ride in Mario Sunshine. I eventually figured out that I didn't need to ride the lily pad down the river the entire way in one go, and completed it. To this day, however, I still cannot do it just riding the lily pad, and I think that doing it any other way is circumventing the way that the game was designed to be played, but whatever.
  10. I love the chip-tuned Disney Afternoon theme in the trailer!
  11. Don't own any of the current gen consoles, but I may have to pick up a Switch.
  12. Wow, this is really great. Wish there was a download link available...
  13. Man, I have such good memories of playing the After Burner arcade game as a kid (I always blew through my missiles way too fast). Not familiar with this specific source material, but this remix captures the spirit of the game so well. Been listening to it on repeat since I downloaded it yesterday.
  14. Don't forget about this one! One of the only remixes of the NES Godzilla ending song.
  15. I've had this remix by Red Tailed Fox for coming up on 11 years now, and I have no idea where I found it (thinking maybe one of the many iterations of VGMix, but I don't know for sure). It's called "Wood's Motel", and it's a remix of "Forest Interlude" from Donkey Kong Country 3 (which is interesting, because he also has "Fixbit Forest", another remix of the same source, which appeared on ThaSauce). I generally really like his stuff and didn't want this one to get lost in oblivion since it seems that it's near impossible to find online anymore. Here's the link: https://www.dropbox.com/s/2drm5z4haofio4r/Wood's Motel.mp3
  16. Someone who likes Kamen Rider-style music should do Red's/Alkaiser's theme from SaGa Frontier (and here's an awesome Japanese doujin version)
  17. Holy crap, someone actually using a song from the NES Godzilla soundtrack?? So awesome!
  18. Great album. I only wish I didn't have to take a break to go pee every other song.
  19. Everyone complaining about 1 a.m. bedtimes clearly haven't been binge-watching Daredevil Season 2 Been keeping me up until 2 a.m. or later Anyhow, really excited to hear all of the final mixes! Hope Gario can get something semi-decent submitted!
  20. Apparently, I missed this signup and source, but alls I got to say is, "fuck yeah"
  21. I'd start with the masterpiece that is Symphony of the Night and work your way from there. If anyone else has recommendations, feel free to post.
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