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  1. It's not only the comic's ability to aptly take on the big-damn-space-epics that make it great, but also the ability to aptly handle smaller parts in the bigger multi-comic stories (like the Court of Owls or the upcoming Death of the Family arc). I'm very curious about the Red Hood/Joker storyline, actually. Especially after how #13 ended.
  2. Yeah, I agree. I really like how Clark Kent is a fighter for justice (through his reporting and writings). It really gives more insight into the character and more closely aligns the Kent and Superman personas. Also, I've also been very impressed with Red Hood and the Outlaws. I really had my doubts about it when it first started, but it has really been one of the more interesting reads in the New 52.
  3. It's funny, I was just listening to "Bubble Man Funked Up", and my copy of the file apparently doesn't have the artist tag as "Disco Dan". It's "Dwcdisco@hotmail.com". I've been listening to your stuff for well over ten years now, and this latest one doesn't disappoint! Keep them coming!!
  4. Wow, Phonetic Hero, what a change of pace! I like it! I really hope that you are able to get something in. I've really enjoyed your mixes so far, and I look forward to hearing another!
  5. Huh...I'm kind of surprised that, the way the pairing has been going thus far, that Prophecy and Phonetic Hero weren't paired up against one another.
  6. The "Aquatic Ambience" has already been previously released: http://soundcloud.com/breusera/aquatic-ambience-donkey-kong Is there still some kind of rule in place about that?
  7. Geez, I didn't realize that everyone would take that so hard. And a little prospective due diligence would have done a FAR better job of keeping OCR out of legal trouble than retrospective damage control. Seriously, anyone with smidgen of IP law expertise could have predicted that as soon as you do a Kickstarter for any kind of video game music remix, you're going to attract the ire of the property holder, regardless of the legal bases for its claims. Anyhow, it's great that so much work has been put into making sure the Kickstarter is now making Square Enix happy, but the entire debacle could have been very easily avoided by just approaching them to begin with. I would have said something myself, but (1) I assumed that this had already been done and (2) I don't have the time to investigate into these kind of things on my own. I apologize for insulting anyone, though. Classy and eloquent, as always.
  8. Great, so I guess we have to wait for the copyright infringement magnet to finish its moment in the spotlight on the front page before this album is released. So at least another month?
  9. Yeah, no kidding! Either Gario or Theory of N must be eliminated after next week???
  10. Ever since Gecko in the first GRMRB and Txai in the first GMRB, people have loved the funk.
  11. Yeah, holy crap, I thought the voting was about half and half, and I go away for a few days and the entire second page is votes for Theory of Nonexistence.
  12. I'm assuming since we haven't heard from Willrock since he signed up, he's among them.
  13. Hey, it has been awhile!

    Excellent job so far against AMT! It's pretty close! I don't want to change my vote and piss anyone off, but I hope you do well!

  14. Unfortunately, "should" doesn't always translate into "does" in practice. You're still a winner in my book, Wildfire. EDIT: Looks like I was just promoted to Red Mage! I think I also just learned DoubleCast!
  15. Uh oh. Prepare to receive a C&D letter. And then I realize that it's not a very funny joke in light of the Kickstarter fiasco.
  16. Ah, Power Stone(s). I wish I had the time to waste five hours on them now. Damn you, Sega marketing. You are responsible for the demise of a great legacy.
  17. What's that smell? Smells like funk. EDIT: Damnation, Wildfire's track is super-bitchin', too.
  18. You still have 15 hours. You can put something together yet.
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