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  1. Wait...you mean an OCR judge doesn't come to your house and, you know, snuff you if you lose? EDIT: yeah, Taylor, I could've inserted an image of a Facebook Like icon, but I thought it'd be better to date myself by posting ASCII art
  2. These forums don't have a "like" button, so I have to do it this way instead. ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌█████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌██┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌┌┌┌██┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌┌┌┌┌┌████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌████████████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌████████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌█████████┌┌ ███┌┌┌┌█████████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌█████┌ ██┌┌┌███████┌████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌ ██┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌ ███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌█████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌ ┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌████████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌ ┌┌████████████┌┌┌████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌ ┌███┌██████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌ ┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌ ┌┌████┌████┌██████████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██┌ ┌┌┌████████████┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌ ┌┌┌┌██┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███████┌┌ ┌┌┌┌████┌┌┌┌┌┌████████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌████████┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌████████████┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌█┌█┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌███┌┌┌┌┌┌█████┌┌█████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██████████████████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌██████████████┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌ ┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌┌
  3. You know, Matt sacrificed his life so that we could have a worthwhile match up this round. Don't disrespect Matt's memory!
  4. The song you created was totally worth it. I'll send you a Starbucks gift card, what's your address?
  5. You're lucky I wasn't watching the site all week or else I would have had a flip out Hopefully you're able to put something really nice together quickly tonight
  6. I'm a VERY big fan of Godzilla, and I'm very excited about this movie. I think that all parties involved took this one much more seriously than the failed 1998 one, and it's much truer to the spirit of the original 1954 film.
  7. Punch Out is an NES C-L-A-S-S-I-C that has been largely forgotten with time (i.e. the series hasn't been given adequate attention over time) because of the Mike Tyson fallout that made them remake the original game. I'm so excited about the addition of this character. There are so many classic NES characters in the new Smash Bros that I may find myself buying a Wii U simply to play this game.
  8. And here's the full list here: http://bestnestracks.captaintortilla.com/results/complete_list.txt Some of my favorite ones (from Godzilla - Monster of Monsters!) didn't even start to show up until #189, and one of the better ones isn't until #1283. So yeah, there isn't only just a handful of good NES track. I would say that the majority of NES tracks are good. Yes, there were limitations, but limitations breed creativity. When you have all of the technological tools at your disposal, you don't need to be creative to make something sound good.
  9. Strader?? STRAAAAADER!!! This is how things turn out after the Sonic compo two years ago?
  10. Progress update: I finished reading through (almost) the entire thread, so I think I'm all caught up now. Seriously, I'm very pleased to see that TheGuitahHeroe has actually signed up for a compo once again.
  11. Curse you, elimination-style competition!! EDIT: If you don't feel like doing lyrics, you should totally do something like "My Wispy Breath" from 2012's Sonic compo
  12. Quite an impressive composition you've put together. I'm not a musician, so I have very little technical advice to offer (I'm sure someone else will offer some tips on the mastering or the instruments), but I did thoroughly enjoy the arrangement. Like I said, the composition is quite impressive (I'm a huge fan of the Xenogears soundtrack, so I'm intimately familiar with all of the sources used).
  13. Yeah, I'm not sure if this is symptomatic of the relative weakness of console gaming in general or of Nintendo's Wii U offerings in particular (probably a combination), but they had better turn things around this year if they hope to keep making consoles in the future.
  14. Damn, I didn't even notice that you signed up! Shit, I guess that's what I get for not paying attention to things for several weeks.
  15. Glad to hear that it's not just me. I hope OCR can continue to "spoil" me with a community of respect
  16. So, I've spent the majority of any time I spend on Internet forums at OCR, and I think that I've gotten a bit spoiled by how polite and respective the community is here. At some other websites, such as GameFAQs and MtG Salvation, I have been shocked by how rude and disrespectful some users have been, as though they can't help but jump at the chance to put people down. I mean, I know that they are probably a bunch of dipshit little kids, but, like I said, I have probably just been spoiled by the level of maturity at OCR that it has been a shock to my system to venture to other Internet forums. Anyhow, I just wanted to say that I appreciate the attitude and atmosphere in these forums.
  17. Great to see one of Beth's phenomenal songs finally make it to the front page. And this one is certainly one of her best!
  18. Chrono Trigger. You clearly didn't spend a bunch of time maxing out your sphere grids in the Omega Dungeon. One hit kills on all of the final bosses. Now, the Arena monsters WERE unforgiving, I'll give you that.
  19. Geez, I didn't realize how sensitive people are about that Mega Man album costing money. It was just a joke!
  20. Congrats on the posted remix!

  21. Someone should goad WillRock into joining, especially since he has some kind of ideological opposition to remixing Final Fantasy songs
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