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  1. Seems like you already have a good handle on what you need to work on, so I'm not going to say much here. I just wanted to mention that humanization is probably your main problem in this mix as a whole. When you sequence your sax/oboe/piano, try to imagine a person playing it in real life. Like, actually picture it in your mind, the person sitting down at the piano and playing the song, and put yourself in their shoes (hands?), and try to actually "feel" how they would play it. Focus on the varying the timing of the notes and probably most importantly, varying the volume of each note. The above exercise has always helped me sequence instruments better. Just remember that making a computer resemble a human requires a lot of TLC and attention to detail if you aren't playing live, but it's a skill that can be polished just like playing live can. Hope that helps and happy mixing.
  2. Nice, arrangement sounds way more solid than the first time. I like what you did. I don't give the best production advice, but I'll try to run it through the good headphones if I have time later and see if there's anything I can say.
  3. A rejection would have had everything to do with the use of un-original, non-source material and nothing to do with musical quality, so I'm not sure what your up in arms about. Did you read djp's words?
  4. I remember hearing this on the album and being disappointed that it wasn't some ridiculous drill-n-bass electronica considering the source...and then being impressed at how different it was while still working quite well. Some classic adventurous Mazedude, right here. Good stuff.
  5. I'd have to second that. Your mix is at the awkward stage where it's hard to give feedback - clearly you know what your going for and how to get there, it just needs a bit more. Seems like you were holding back a bit, keeping a tad of reservation to spare the peoples. But when I see a genre called Glitch Hop I expect it to be overboard in a sense. For instance, making the sound fx you used a bit more interesting with effects and whatnot. But take that with a grain of salt because I couldn't quote you one actual Glitch Hop song to compare to so I might have no idea what I'm talking about, just going by the gut. But I will say a few specific things. The initial lead gets old for me fast. It sounds perfect in my opinion as a supporting sound, just the way it's used around the 2:20 mark. That's clearly the highlight of your song to me. The second lead you bring in with all the pitch bends seems a lot more suited for the forefront (maybe fatten it up though?). The reggaeton-ish part was cute. Usually I'd kill someone for using that horn, but it worked for me on a humor/fun level so I didn't mind it that much here. In the end I like what you've got. I always prefer to hear electronic genre's that push the envelope a bit, I just think you need a bit more.
  6. This is pretty ballz to the wall, meng. I like it. But the piano at 2:00 seems way awkward when it comes in. Seems like that intentional off-beat-ness, which I like to do in some of my hip hop. When the synth comes in on top, the rhythmic intentions become clear, but the way the cut is structured I don't think it quite works well with just the piano. As for OCR, seems to be a number of medleys here so I don't see why you're worried about that. That might have something to say about the compression, though Looking forward to more if you follow through with the other melodies.
  7. "DAMN" is indeed the correct first word to start the writeup.
  8. The riff in Mt. Moon always reminded me of David Bowie's "As the World Falls Down" from Labyrinth, even more so in this mix. Very creative and interesting composition, will definitely give it some more quality listens when I need to relax.
  9. I actually have an old Midnight Greenhouse WIP that I could maybe finish up for this? I'll try to send you a sample, BrothaDom. I'm down to rap on something as well, but I'll have to look again through the track list so don't quote me on that just yet...
  10. It's a great thing to do my daily check-up on OCR and be greeted with something as different as this. Sure, it could have saw a better recording, but I think given the circumstances of how long things take to get through the queue these days, it would be a bit much to ask these five guys to round back up over some nitpicks. Plus, stage recordings just have that character, y'know?
  11. I know you labeled this finished but are you still touching it? The groove sounds great, but you need need to embellish that piano to make this shine. You stick to the same riff for the whole song, you need to get in there and add some personalization, maybe some soloing. Doesn't have to be on some virtuoso ish or anything, just some nice exploration of the main melody. What you have going is really great, but the piano is uncharacteristically dry in comparison to the energy of the groove.
  12. I love what you did with the second half of the song. That type of cut-work has a special place in my heart, coming from a hiphop background. I'd actually like to hear something similar for other MM5 themes as well. OCR doesn't accept remixes with direct samples for the most part unless it's vocal or sfx, so it's not something I would submit, but I enjoyed it.
  13. inb4 Korean MMO remix flood Very much my kind of remix. Reminds me of a style I would envision creating myself, but would probably fail to execute properly.
  14. Nice to see something other than the title theme for W&W. Congrats on the Mazebaby as well
  15. If there was an OCR Hall of Fame, Disco Dan would be in it. It's always amazing when OG's return <3
  16. It's the type of remix that would be right at home in an HD version of the game. Captures the original feel while expanding on it in great ways. I like.
  17. mv <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 This is the first time in years I've felt like I HAD to burn a new OCR cd because of one track.
  18. You just made multiples of my days with this one. Heavy. Rotation. I think you got enough feedback above, I just dropped in to say that.
  19. Just wow. Beautiful. Amazing. I glad you went a bit more interpretive than most would - we all know the source, after all.
  20. I felt like :42 was a bit early to take it out, so I did it in the next section. I'm kinda partial to it... You comments make me happy I'll have to check out this The Joe. You might have already seen, but I put the lyrics for Killas up there. /unrelated
  21. Thanks for all the feedback. New version: - better mixing/mastering - messed around with some scratching that I hope comes off well - replaced the synth lead in one part with a dist guitar I wanted to go a little bonkers on scratching the synth lead in various places, but decided to let it sit for a while.
  22. Sure, I'll get some lyrics up on the site probably tomorrow. And you know we gotta touch some Mario. Oddly we don't have that track planned yet though... Lyrically or musically? It'll probably be a while before enough stuff is off the plate for that, but it's definitely something I/we are interested in. You got some great stuff on your SoundCloud there.
  23. YES. The first transition is still a little awkward IMO. The second transition back to the slow is perfect. I'm liking the string section around 4:00. Ending is great. Is the piano sequenced? If so, very nice humanization on the timing, but I think you could be more dynamic with the levels. I'm no piano player so don't take that to heart, but it's worth messing with IMO. I think if you can smooth out that first transition like the other, the arrangement is pretty damn solid. I'll have to check out the Cross source and give the whole thing another listen afterward to see if anything there strikes me. One last thing I wanted to say: hopefully you're not impatient to get this submitted, because I feel like this kind of track depends greatly on pacing and the overall journey that the listener is taken through. After you've gotten it where you want it, it would be a good idea for you to leave alone completely for a while and come back as fresh as possible. Really listen and see if the journey you've created gels on the first playthrough. That's all for now. It's been a while since I've had that much to say about a WIP, so that should show how much I like it. Cheers.
  24. I actually did resub it (and I think I updated the link in the thread so it should be the resubbed version, have to double check). I thought about reposting it in the workshop, but I'm happy enough with it and have so much other stuff to move on to. Hopefully they're happy with the resub. Thanks for the support :)

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