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  1. This one definitely took me by surprise. halc + Jordan can only mean good things. Jordan's write-ups are always fun to read (lol @ Tenjou Tenge reference), and knowing the back story to this gives it another layer of enjoyment.
  2. A perfect fist post for the mix-flood. Jivemaster is BACK, bitches.
  3. I've been listening to a lot of this style lately, Com Truise and the like, so this is an absolutely welcome surprise.
  4. Cool, wonder if and how his moves will change. Now we need to see if the Pac Meng gets in there, and that would probably wrap up the third party appearances.
  5. I still have my WIPs. I've often thought about going back and finishing it. I most likely will, whether this picks back up or not. At any rate, you bumped the thread and I noticed, so maybe it will stir some commotion.
  6. I listened a few times, but could not pick out the source. The judges might have issue.
  7. What? WHAAAAAAT?? MY LIFE!!! and DISASTERPEACE?!??! http://www.kickstarter.com/projects/combitstudios/river-city-ransom-underground
  8. Now that you mention it, I missed that and want to check it out. But the KNGI link doesn't work?
  9. Happy Bday, man! Might stream some KOF soon with YOUR stuff in the background
  10. I love the way this album came out, so much good stuff. I'll be rocking this for a long, long time.
  11. Incredibly cool vox soloing around 4:30. Mike definitely captured the feel he was going for, some awesome contributions to the album.
  12. Is this thread project to restore missing stuff from vgmix? If so, I do have my own stuff, but unfortunately no one else's.
  13. When Jordan mentioned he had a Kid Chameleon mix in the queue, I was excited, BUT I WAS NOT PREPARED! This is ridiculous, so FM and so fitting to the game. Constantly changing textures, like the character, constantly changing personas. A one of a kind mix, in more ways than one. I love it.
  14. I love this. Very Earthbound-esque in it's approach, with classic Mazedude synth machinations.
  15. I'm guessing you play Smash Bros? That title... Really enjoyable mix, not too liberal at all to any real OG.
  16. Pretty sure I heard a little nod to Sky Deck in here. Never played Colors or heard the music, but this is a nice relaxing track.
  17. Even I'm disappointed at that, and I'm strictly interested in the competitive nature of fighting games. Sub-space Emissary was awesome, and I was looking forward to something even better with the new one. Guess we'll just have the boring arcade run.
  18. Speaking of treating Smash as the most serious thing ever, Evo is about to start, Melee pools http://www.twitch.tv/srkevo3
  19. Kirby confirmed for main villian.
  20. Speaking of which, check yo PM box, Supa X.
  21. I liked IC's, but you know what would be totally fucking boss? HAMMER BROS. I know that's kind of stacking the Mario roster, but HAMMER BROS.
  22. I've been out of the hacking loop for years, but I was blown away at the levels they've achieved here. I can only imagine where they'll be after another year or two, after the saltiness of not getting X or Y character in 4 has taken it's course.
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