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  1. What you CAN do is save every track as a fruity loops score file (from piano roll) and just open them back up again later. I used to do that, the only downfall is that you can't save the effect, pitch bends, tempo changes, etc. Hope that helps.
  2. Not 6/4. 12/8. Precisely. Now, sine we are on the subject of meter signatures, I want to see if anybody can guess the meter signatures in this song: http://doulifee.com/prc/Orc/ORC43/ORC43_Chavous_-_Jestoslounge.mp3 I'll just warn you: they are insane meters.
  3. A mix I wrote for ORC was in strange time signatures....I can't even really write it out without typing the whole song out. And I recently wrote a short, 45 sec. song in 11/48 (2/4+3/16), just to prove to someone that I could.
  4. Try it before you ask. Overcoat is right, find out the old fashioned way: trial and error. I, as I am sure OC has, too, have learned this way, and have become very proficient at FLStudio. Only post if you are completely clueless and have SEARCHED FOR AN ANSWER before just asking.
  5. *double post bump* Umm....WIPs in? www.soundclick.com/chavous It's Tetrissnow WIP.
  6. I was talking about another pentatonic scale, not that one (pentatonic meaning any scale with 5 notes); it's similar to blues (I forget which one), but without a couple of the chromatic notes. There are only five notes. I just added the octave in it (the final "A"). Blues: A B D Eb E G (thanks for the info ekm) Pentatonic (w/out octave): A B D E G (look better Lewis?)
  7. A minor: Pentatonic (no half steps): Up- A B D E G A Down- A G E D B A Harmonic: Up- A B C D E F G# A Down- A G# F E D C B A Melodic: Up- A B C D E F# G# A Down- A G F E D C B A Natural: Up- A B C D E F G A Down- A G F E D C B A Any of those will sound fine, but you don't have to be held to the boundaries of the key. Use any notes that sound good, like Darkesword said. FYI - Blues doesn't equal Pentatonic.
  8. Zer0- Right click and: That is the tempo question. The volume works the same way, just right-click on the "volume" knob on the channel. It's a very useful function.
  9. Use a vocoder. I don't know if it will fit with the song, but it'll always keep you on pitch.
  10. *bump* I'm about half done with my composition (not tweaked/humanized), but I have no idea how to continue. I'll post a WIP ASAP, which may be Sunday.
  11. Programs - FLStudio 6 Cool Edit Pro 2.1 Real Instruments - Atlas Electric Guitar Jean Baptiste Tenor Saxophone (Haven't remixed with it yet, but dying to ) School Brand Alto Saxophone I think that's about it, besides my trademark Pink Floyd FLStudio background
  12. You might also wanna work on your spelling and grammar. The OCR forums are not a chatroom, you have plenty of time to type out and spellcheck your posts before hitting that big old tempting Submit button. Ya, that's about it. WELCOME TO OCR ALL NEW PEOPLE.
  13. This is the most beautiful electric piano I have ever heard, and I feel the urge to share it. http://www.soundfonts.it/?a=read&b=20
  14. Ok, turned out I get my Roman numerals confused (or at least the placement of the "i"). fix'd
  15. Oh, wow. I didn't recongnized it; and I should know that kind of thing...
  16. Now that we're on the subject of chord progressions, Here's a neat one I found today: iii - Imaj7 - iv - VII In the key of C: iii - E G B I maj7 - C E G B iv - A C E VII - B D# F# Very dark sounding until the last chord, which flips around the feeling entirely. Kind of neat, I thought so anyway. maj7 's are my favorite kind of chords, too. I use them everywhere.
  17. ...wow, these introductions have gotten a wee bit strange lately.....
  18. Also try Faure: Pavane. One of THE most amazing and beautiful songs ever created.
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