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  1. Monty Python "Killer Rabbit! Run Away!" Hoodie. <3 That was the highlight of all my gifts.
  2. I completey forgot about enigma! Thank you.
  3. Not all girls are the same, and not all like making noise. I've had a couple that are really loud and a couple that make no noise at all. And the point is not to hear the music but to feel it. I don't know about you, but if the song had a big enough sound (NOT loud, big and loud are different), you'll feel the song on your ears, not hear it, and it'll enhance the experience. That's just what I've noticed.
  4. Alright... Beneath the surface - awesome, this is going on. Paffendorf - Haha...not quite. Submerge - The intro isn't quite it...but as the song oom, you know? gets into it, it's alright. Thanks. Funky Ride - Yeaaaaa, this is good. Jazzy, lush, big sound. Thank you. Nightmare On Wax, Theivery Corporation, Lemon Jelly - Not quite what I'm looking for, though this is the kind of stuff I'd listen to. (Edit: exception for Lemon Jelly's "Red Dust". That'll work for this CD. The beginning reminds me of "Tinman - By America". Like, its very close. Thank you.) Yea...and thanks Mustin... And Leah: I know what you mean...your way would work better if I had a girlfriend. I'm going on the idea of just getting big, warm sound in the room. Another example of what I'm looking for: Dave Matthews' Band - Satellite.
  5. Yeah I remember that, I think it was some 16 year old kid. He was thirteen. As for the "The Music of my Groin" suggestions...I won't need the song, I'll already be making it. Same with the Porno Mix one. NIN suggestion - Haha, nice. But no, obviously. Timechill - It's a little too...porn-grooveish but I'll put it on the end of the CD anyway. Thanks. Morrison Poe and Cindy Gomez ones - couldn't find them, sorry. Styx - Not quite what I'm looking for. But it reminds me of Ayreon. Which is a good thing. Massive Attack - Yea, this is what I'm looking for, for the most part. Royksopp - If this had a drum track earlier on, it'd be exactly what I'm looking for. I like it though. portishead - I looked at "Humming", "Blow Out" and "Linger". ...It's not quite what I'm looking for. Sorry. Alright, keep the suggestions coming please!
  6. Ok...apparently I've just become a local sex icon, and girls are revealing their urge to do me more and more lately. So...what I need is a mix cd/playlist of good songs to play for this kind of thing. The ones I have already: Herb Alpert - Rise Filter - Take a Picture (believe it or not, this song is great for it) I need an entire CD or so of this kind of music. Stuff that is kind of ambient but is still solid rhythmically, like the examples I put out. Preferrably instrumental. So...any ideas? Thanks everyone in advance.
  7. Haha...I actually have one. My dad managed to save it from when he got it. I would invite you over to play it, but you're a little far away. Aaanyway...again, I love Sonic and all...but this source isn't something I can get into... Yup, sorry again.
  8. Although, it's earliest form's name, before it became the "trombone", was "sackbut". So in realty, it did change. Just very, very little. Kudos to anyone who happened to know that.
  9. I've had a sore throat for about week now...sorry, I can't enter.
  10. I played trombone for about two weeks...I got to where I am able to play about a level 2 piece without any big problems.
  11. I personally think the strongest resolution is IV -> iv -> I. That's just me though.
  12. Alright...you say you've fixed it up..let's take a look see. Oh....I like the intro better. It's really pretty cool. Just a known fact: you aren't going to get a good guitar sound out of anything...I recommend going for a different sound. Perhaps some kind of synth. Just not simulated electric guitar, unless you spend hours upon hours tweaking it to sound real...trust me, you're better off going for a different sound this early in your remixing career. Also, whatever you are using for bass isn't really powerful...it's very hollow sounding. It doesn't fill in the space when it's alone. I suggest leaving that sound in there, but layering a bass below it. Ok... the guitar getting louder at 1:32...yea, didn't work. Alright...the drums need something a little more than just a kick. And the kick needs to be more powerful too. Try adding a hi-hat and a snare drum or a clap, just to move everything along and to fill out the sound field. From 1:51 on this just gets real repetative...add some parts, make it more interesting. Also, this song can use some extra background parts, it'll help back up the melody and fill out the sound. And again, try to toss up the melody a bit, make it more interesting. This is actually a big improvement...but you still have a ways to go.
  13. The reason why I don't have any criticism is because there isn't anything really...good to go off of. The bass synth is terrible...it's too grinding and annoying and messy, especially with the other...instruments? The first synth is WAY too obtrusive and loud...it just grinds on the ears. I know there is percussion somewhere...I can feel it, but I can't hear it. That could be a good thing...but the way this mix works it's probably due to a bad drum kit and all the other instruments being too loud. There are a couple sections that have a softer synth...and thats not too bad, but everything else stays the same, taking away from the effect. Keeping the same instruments with different sections repeating kind of makes it get really repetative after a while... I think that's all I remember of it.
  14. Hey, is it too late to join this? I hate my singing voice, but other people seem to kinda like it, so i can probably make something.
  15. I can provide acoustic guitar if anyone needs it. I'm not advanced, but can play pretty much any riff you may throw at me. Within reason.
  16. ^ At least someone else sees that it can be in D Major (b minor).
  17. Guys....he said key not modes or scales Ok...here's an easy way to tell. Considering the notes you gave me, you can either be in the key of D or G. Why? In the flat key signatures, the first note to be flatted is a B. Considering you are using a B natural, there are no flats. In the sharp keys, the first note to be raised is F. Since you are using an F#, then you are going to have sharps in the key signature. This signifies the key of G. The way to tell if it is in the key of D is by seeing if the next note is raised (that might confuse you). The next sharp in the next key signature (key of D) will be a C#. If a C# fits the song better than a C natural, then you are in the key of D. This is, of course, considering you are not using any chords foreign to the key signature. And...um, you kinda need to know if its F# or F flat...is it a white key or a black one?
  18. Well, maybe we can turn this into a positive thing. I need a couple 6/8 acid jazz loops, or if someone could tell me how to creat one via programming... See, I'm friends with this awesome drummer, but I don't get to see him that often. Last time we jammed....he did some crazy acid jazz/breakbeat shit in 6/8, and all I kno about it wat that it was at about 120-130 bpm, and the bass drum was only hit once every two measures, so the rest was played on the ride cymbal and snare, but it flowed and sounded like it was travelling really fast. I'm not quite sure how he did it though...so can anyone point me in te right direction? Thanks.
  19. Actually, with this song, it might sound better and be easier to do as a more of a funky mix. Just my opinion though.
  20. Gonna bump this a couple more times...see if I can't get a few more comments. Remember, I'll return the favor.
  21. RoeTaKa...your work always interests me..let's see.. WHOA....wasnt' expecting that *turns down volume*. God thing it's 12 AM, or I would have woken someone up. Anyway...alright so I don't think I can really judge this because I'm not familiar with the sytle at all...either style I do like that funky bassline that plays when the guitar (?) plays. Holy crap man...this is insane...this must've taken quite a bit of editing. Nice sweep break. Really relieved alot of the tension in the track. The production throught the track is magnificent. clear, crisp, hard sounds. Kudos. Ehhhh....fade out ending, not exactly suitable for this track in my opinion. It needs seomthing a little more explosive. But other than that, this track is well made. Not something I would particularly listen to for pleasure, but I can sppreciate all the effort put into this.
  22. Ohh, Roe, take it slow, man. Actually, that's a vibraphone, not a rhodes, but you got the jist, and I'm glad SOMEONE thinks that a tritone can be beautiful. And yea, that is one of my favorite sections, and it almost wasn't there...it was a last minute thought. Glad you like it.
  23. Thanks Roe, I took your comments and realpolitik's into account, and now have an updated version. The only thing about Roe's comment about dynamics...I can't quite figure out where to place the new dynamics, so I just kind of left it as is. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=406786
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