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  1. Alright, thanks for the quick reply. The drums are meant to be kind of in the background...now that you mention it I should turn up the highs... My mastery, for some reason, always seems a little soft...I'm going to have to check on that. The only reason I put Maroon 5-ish is because when this song is playing, I randomly think of "Sunday Morning" for some reason. I have this feeling that the sax is a little more emotional when it's in that octave, I was thinking of just turning down the reverb, but I'll try it an octave lower. Haha, yea, thanks. As for the epiano...I really wasn't going to leave it there, but it ended up sounding good, so I left it. Alright, thanks. I'll return the favor.
  2. Alright, so a couple days ago my dad asked me to compose a song for him to use to DJ weddings, just to fill up space for one of the event-thingies. Anyway, I composed this piece, 8 minutes long (I've never writeen anything above 4 mins. before, so this is a rarity), for him in about 5 hours. This song got out a whole bunch of emotions I have had building up. I know of the usual problems (the snare is a little too dry, some parts have volume problems, and in the key change the sax is a little too high), but I seriously need the comments about everything. http://www.soundclick.com/bands/pagemusic.cfm?bandID=406786 Thanks to everyone who leaves a comment. P.S. - Song critic for song critic, If you give good detail. I leave elaborate crtics.
  3. I had a crappy remix of "Astral Observatory" on vgmix that I should probably remake to do better justice to the song... That is the most amazing song from that game.
  4. BASSLINE MAKES ME THINK OF YOU SPIN ME ROUND - DEAD OR ALIVE. Sorry, had to get that out before I forgot. Alright, the arp at the beginning is alright, but after the drums hit, add another synth with the same arp, just a BIGGER sound, more mids, more release time and more....uh...synth-ness and volume. Ok, everyone keeps talking about the bass...I don't find it bad at all. Maybe if you make it a bit less synth-y? Like...with a little less of that "werp werp-werp" at the attack. Add some mellotron string and cheesy synth fills at the 4th measure of some chord cycles, do the things with the vocoder and guitar like you said you would, and you have a golden mix my friend.
  5. My god, this is awesome.... This was much needed here, thanks.
  6. Quinch - You need to insert it into the appropriate mixer channel. Press the little arrow drop-down thingy next to the possible track effects (they say "1" through "8") and pick "More". Then go to the folder where the VST is, etc. etc.
  7. Heeyyyy, soory, I'm not idle. Just yesterday I uploaded a "complete" version, basically only small details need to be worked out. Should I make a thread about it? P.S. I need access to the WIP forums on the project forum.
  8. Awesome, man! I'll be sure to make a couple songs for fun with this.
  9. I also hear no percussion. If you would like, I can write a part for them.
  10. I don't know...the slide button never seemed to work for me...ever. So I just go with what I know. It seems easier, but still..
  11. I don't know much about Guitar Rig, but there is a program that records sounds from your soundcard, as long as you don't have a mic plugged in in that immediate moment. Google "Voice Changer software" or "AVC voice changer". Oh, and make sure you set the pitch and timbre to 100%, or you'll get some intersting stuff coming out the other end.
  12. I think he's talking about volume, not pitch... On the channel window of your selected soundfont, right click "volume" and then "edit events". Pick the soundfont you want that has a nice long sustain, if you want a good hum. Now, start at the bottom of the Edit Events window and drag your mouse up in a diagonal to your selected volume. With the low volume start, it will eliminate the beginning "BOO" and when you fade it in, if your sample has enough sustain, it will have a nice "ooooooOOOOM" sound.
  13. Ok....just taking this potential argument to clarify something that I always meant to find out, thanks for reminding me: So I guess the term is interchangable, but tremolo is more general than vibrato.
  14. Yes Proph - I have ideas I'm still working out in my head, before I get started on it, but I really haven't had any time to think straight lately, so I'll see if I can get cracking tonight. Wow, this is coming along well.
  15. I would assume vet = someone with a song on OCR (not a feature, a personal arrangement) and a n00b = the opposite of a vet. And -RK-...I'll think about giving it up if I can find another song that gives me ideas....I want to do a semi-acoustic song so bad. Edit: This guy reuses so many melodies/progressions... Edit2: Alright, I may to do a rendition of "Facing".
  16. If you are going to have the vets collab on the final track, why not have the n00bs collab on the first track (with a little guidance...if needed)? I'll think about joining too...I just have to listen to the sources first to see if any particualr one jumps out at me. Edit: Nobody took Star Stealing Girl?!?! I'll do something for that yet!
  17. Haha, point taken. I used Nero a while ago to burn WAVs to a CD, and it screwed it up royally. Since then I got NTI CD/DVD Burner, but I haven't tried to burn WAVs because of what happened the last time.
  18. how do u no hwo to spl? Honestly. Anyway, I use Adobe Audition (Cool Edit Pro) and it works fine for recording multitracked thing. Oh, and a drummer helps too.
  19. Ok, I about half understood that, so I'm going to go off of what I understood. Most CD burning programs take the mp3 and automatically convert it to wav, so it seems logical that if you take a wav file and put it in, it won't convert it right? Wrong. It takes the wav file, reconverts it to a wav file into a sound so horrible it makes a cat in a blender sound like a Beethoven Symphony. Some programs, however, let you burn the wav directly to a CD, so I would recommend finding one that does this. If not, Compress it to an mp3 with a ridiculously high bit rate and there will be next to no loss in quality. Does that help?
  20. Alright, thanks...now to find a "snare-off" sound... Kanthos, trumpets are extremly hard to emulate. Try googling for "Miles Tone" - it's the best I've heard so far if you know how to use it. "Sweep FX"...google for "+Synths and Keys" and "ILLUSION" (both soundfonts). The may have a couple preset sweeps..
  21. Yes, but the other snare has a name if I'm not mistaken...
  22. I need a sound...I'm not sure what exactly it's called....it's something like a rototom or something. Anyway, it's the sound of the drum in this video, the silver one off to the side, you'll hear the sound of it when the camera is on him and he hits it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2xJUuN0rT5U&search=the%20ordinary%20boys So does anyone know what it really is and/or have a sample/soundfont for it?
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