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  1. In channel settings, go to the "Misc" tab, and click Mono and /porto on. You can also adjust the slide from there.
  2. I so have an idea for that....Here's a quick rendition: Mixdown2 I think I had the same idea as DJV. PM me if you like it. Or if you don't ^ Three consecutive "lol" smilies
  3. Then get off your computer. I'm serious. Get off the computer for a week or more (or be on the least amount possible).
  4. Hey, it happens to the best of us, man. I have had a couple months like that, also. I know the feeling: you start thinking like "If I'm not good at this anymore, what can I do with my life?" as well as other things. It's horrible. The best thing to do it be patient becasue it will pass. But another thing to do is to force yourself through completing a song (it will help to clear your mind after you finish). Good luck.
  5. Obviously, JAXX has a knack for remixing in the style of punk, which is always a nice toss-up to the more electronic, programmed stuff around here (not saying it's bad). This mix is absolutely amazing in the sense that it stays juuust far enough from the original that it retains the emotion of the song itself, while still putting forth full-blown punk rhythms and melodies. The production quality is great, whatwith the guitar recording and drums (I wonder if they are live drums...). While not being my favorite of the RD flood, it still stands out as one of the best of that time.
  6. I was never really good at video games...It was quite a big deal for me to get to stage two, even after playing for hours. Nonetheless, I loved playing it, and the music kept me entertained. This remix does perfect justice to the original. The intro flowed nicely, and the rest was just superb. The song did seem to loop a hell of a lot, without much change to the original melodies/backgrounds. The flourishes add some nice color to keep things interesting, but it still is very close to the original. Being close to the original in this song isn't bad for me, I love the song to begin with , but in remix standards it is a wee bit too close. Anyway, I still love this song, and the mp3 will stay with me for a while.
  7. ^That, with emphasis on the "write your own music" part. The best way to do anything is to try and fail, and maybe succeed a couple times. Then you'll learn what you like and what you don't like to do, and use that experience all the time. Good luck
  8. I look at the tab/sheet music, listen to the song, and that's about it....I can memorize a song in about 15 minutes, if not less, mostly thanks to marching band.
  9. When you go to export to mp3, check what setting the "remainder box" has on it. If you have "Leave remainder", there will be a gap. If you have "Wrap remainder", there will be a gap. Set it to "Cut remainder" and see how that turns out.
  10. Again, soundfonts.darkesword.com. Roland Orchestral Percussion for the hits, and the saxophone on there is the best one I have.
  11. MidiNotate Seriously, as the underdog, this program rules. Great price range and ease of production FTW
  12. Here, everyone can have it: http://rapidshare.de/files/13150977/BollandBrassSection.SF2.html An Ktulu, google Florestan Strings, and go to soundfonts.darkesword.com and pick up squidfont. Hope that helps!
  13. If you need individual drum soundfonts, you're out of luck. Although, locating individual drum samples (meaning in .wav or .mp3 format), Fruity Loops have some samples in Packs > RealDrumKits. Good luck!
  14. Well, FLSudio in general is not really limited...I'm learning new things everyday. One of your best tools is layering effects (you can find some pretty damned cool things by doing this). Also, do you use different patterns and then line them up in the "song" display? If you do, this can be one of the reasons that it sounds loopish. I usually just write everything in one pattern. Personally, I don't know how FL6 is, but I'm getting it too.
  15. I'll take care of that tomorrow afternoon (If I still have the .rar). Edit: Don't have it or the torrent anymore. Sorry.
  16. I use a Jean Baptiste Tenor Sax (around $1100 US, maybe 900 Euro?), and it hasn't failed me yet, even after 5-6 years of use. Generally, yes, when you play sax, it takes a while to play really great flourishes and have a great recording tone. You need to gain breath support, and learn the dynamics that fit the song. Guitar and Keyboard are pretty much controlled by the hands, and usually your hands are more trained than your breath/breathing action when you try to pick up and play an instrument.
  17. Bahahahaha. DJV: you can probably still practice fingering and chords on it, but I imagine it's going to sound like crap. -steve QFE. Ya, sound = not good. And lessons/books are overrated, especially if you are good at music to start with. Just learn the tunings (E-A-D-G-B-E, starting from lowest sound) and head off from there. As for strings, when you are a beginner with a guitar with a hole the size of your fist, strings aren't going to matter much
  18. Ok, I, personally, don't like overcompressing my music either, but let me ask you something. Did you ever remix a song for more than two months? Do you realize that by the time it is released/submitted, some people are so sick of hearing it over and over and over again that you just encode it so it is under 6 megs at a good quality and don't care because half the people on the site don't care either? You get so sick of your own song, you just make sure it sounds good and nothing more. I've gotten sick of working on songs before, and I hate to hear it more than I need to. You want a set bitrate? You start a site that accpets only the top remixes at a sampled rate. The rest of the world doesn't really care, as long as it's not a horribly bad compression.
  19. If you want to hear a really melodic (although repetative) bass, check out some Ace Of Base. They have some of the best basslines ever created.
  20. Actually, I just threw together random chords as an example. That isn't a real thought-out progression, though I've seen all those chords before (just not in a row ).
  21. I sometimes forget to write a bassline until I'm halfway done with the song. Usually, I take the chord progression, write it out in the bassline, then just assign random rhythm values to the notes of the chords. Usually, unless I am writing for techno or jazz or something different where there is a nice set way that has worked for me before.
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