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  1. B diminished is B-D-F. I think you are trying to over-analyze that song. Send me a link to the midi.
  2. ^That is a very ignorant post. I can't explain why right now, I have to run. May explain later if someone hasn't already.
  3. ...I'm never listening to that. Ever. Again. That was terrible, I'm sorry.
  4. Pink Floyd man...it may not be hard, but to belt out the solo in Comfortably Numb in Guitar Hero would just be awesome. Semi-Charmed Life youl be interesting to play too.
  5. It's all in the voicing and how it's used. You can take any progression and interpret it a million ways, some more powerful than others. ^What he said. Follow your ears.
  6. Alright, mid-sized update. changed the organ smaple, still didnt add a counterpoint to it...toned down the percussion a bit, and just brushed up the EQ a bit.
  7. (I'm not sure if all those styles fit this song, but they all seems to be somewhere in there.) Alright, this was for PRC, but I finished it too late and soundclick wouldn't clear the download in time. But I decided, since this is my best remix I've ever done, I want to get some feedback on it, maybe even submit if you think it's good enough. So, anyway, most of you are probably not familiar with the source, so here it is (courtesy of PRC): http://doulifee.com/prc/PrcSong/prc85/prc85.mp3 And as for my mix, here it is: www.soundclick.com/eclipsis It's the only mix on there, considering I just registered my new mixer name to soundclick. As far as listening to it, the instruments sound a little honky with headphones; it sounds better in the open air with speakers. Thanks in advance for the comments!
  8. The last WIP I posted was basically as far as I got. I can now record the live sax, I just need to get the time and practice up a bit.
  9. Well I had no idea it had to wait for the next day to download. Sorry, if I knew that, I wouldn't have put it on soundclick first. You can at least accept it as a bonus mix though...
  10. I have one in the making, and unless I diligently have ideas and work on it for the next2 hours, it may or may not be in. EDIT: Alright! I have a submission: www.soundclick.com/eclipsis (Lil' Samson).
  11. I think the mods are going to get you anyway, and tell you to wait until OffTopic comes along. But we'll see. Anyway, I'm currently wating..nothing, but I'm planning to go get something.
  12. Chavous


    I saw them at the last (last as in, the last one ever, about 4 years ago) 104 fest here in CT, when they only really had their first album to go off of. One thing I really liked was the fact that they went right from "Bring me to Life" to "Tourniquet". That was awesome. Back then, she seemed a great deal happier to be on stage than you just described, plus she was dressed up like a goth fairy, which was hot as all hell. One thing I didn't like was the fact that on "Going under", the part in the beginning, when they have the sliced vocals, they used a recording of those vocals instead of her just singing what she could live. Great band though.
  13. Honestly, humor is a great way to deal with it. It can help you cope and the people around you. If they see that you're calm, it might help them out too. Personally, at my funeral, I want everyone to say "He was a good person. He loved music and everyone. He made great commitments and cared for everything. But he always was a little weird, just as he liked it. Blah blah blah, ok that's over, let's party!". I don't want people mourning me. Haha, that'd make he feel really guilty.
  14. Ohhhh, this is a source I can delve into... I may enter this one, depending on outer commitments, but expect some sort of smooth jazz if nothing else.
  15. http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/ ? I didnt search, but im sure you can find something.
  16. I'm liking this version much better...the lead is less annoying, the bass is funkier (4front is amazing), the drums are also an improvement, but they can use a slight bit of compression (maybe for a "vintage" sound...) and reverb. Everything fits much better in this piece..now that everything else is better, it brings out some new problems. That piano is very thin, even for a background part. I have a suggestion for that though: use stereo imaging. Duplicate the track, everything, and pan one hard left, one hard right. That might give it a little boost. As far as the saxes go...it seems like you have a lot of sax parts written, especially for one person to do. I have access to every standard sax (alto, tenor, bari) as well as a school recording studio, so if you needed to split the parts up between us, you can. But I know, this is the internet, so you only have my word on how well I play sax. If you need a sample of me playing every sax, I will gladly supply you with something. Well, that's all I've got for now. Great job, this is coming along well.
  17. I think lessons for guitar or piano are useless. I use Chopin's philosophy: give the student the basicas and let them form their own style suited to themselves. I taught myself how to play guitar and piano, and my style, while unorthodox, suits me just fine. I went in for one guitar lesson. The lady tried to change my style and everything I did, even though with my style I could play more easily than her. I never went for another one. But that's just my opinion.
  18. hm....ok Alright, you need a better bass guitar sample. Try this: http://www.yohng.com/bass.html That should be a bit funkier. As for the drums, I'd recommend that "livekit7" I sent you a while ago, but you said it was too big for your computer to handle so I don't know there. I'm not sure why, but I don't particularly like this one as opposed to your other one. This is just too static...everything is just there. I'm afraid I won't be much help on this one.
  19. I have a built in indicator of "cheesiness". I don't know about everyone else, but I get this feeling of disgust and I get chills and goose bumps, the whole nine yards when something cheesy is said. But yes, cliches, bad rhymes, and all of that adds to "cheesiness" of lyrics. No, they don't have to rhyme, but it is easier and sometimes more effective. But take this for example: http://www.exitclov.com/lyrics/beastsimoneh1.php This song is amazing, the lyrics flow like any other song...but there are very very few rhymes in it. Very few, in fact I think there are only three. And if I didn't tell you that, it would've probably taken you to the second or third times listening to it to pick up on that fact. So, there is no set "cheesiness" level. But you need to go with your best judgement on the matter.
  20. He could have that, or it could be an octave pedal (check out Pink Floyd's "Marooned".) or even high feedback levels. Then again, I'm not expert so for all I know, they could be all harmonics.
  21. No, what he's saying is: "Keep it in this topic". There is no reason to start another thread when this one is already here.
  22. Alright, thanks for all your contributions! I have to run, so I can't do a song by song thing, but keep them coming! Thanks to everyone (except for the joke ones, that's just annoying).
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