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  1. I hardly think 'good English' is a requirement for popular music in Western countries. ("The Way I Are", anyone?) I don't understand why most stuff from Hospital Records doesn't make it into the mainstream either. Tracks such as System by Nu:Tone are as sexy as any other pop tune, and Danny Byrd's new track Weird Science is awesome, catchy fun with a great electro-style breakdown. What's not to love? It's simply a matter of money. If a major label doesn't back something, then there's almost no chance of it breaking into the mainstream.
  2. This year I've already seen The Red Paintings (Australian art rock band) and Porcupine Tree. Both shows were amazing. I'm looking forward to seeing King Curly (local blues band) next weekend, and possibly Opeth in September. I'm hoping Nine Inch Nails will be back soon, as I missed them the last two times they were here. At least I know they'll come again one day. I don't have nearly as much hope for Portishead or Apocalyptica.
  3. Roads is quite possibly my favourite song. Ever. I bought Third almost as soon as it came out (been waiting a lonnng time for it) and I'm still feeling ambivalent about it. It's a good album, but deep down I was hoping for a 'direct sequel' to Dummy and Portishead... this feels like a side-story. Don't get me wrong, it is good, but it takes a few listens to really get into.
  4. Your wife doesn't like OverCoat? This calls for a divorce.
  5. Plopbox Monotonik Great resources for all manner of chip melody!
  6. Awesome stuff dude! Always love your sets, particularly the progressive stuff.
  7. I bought a Wii and Mario Kart today. My sister and I played a quick game and it seemed pretty fun. I prefer the GC controls to the Wheel though. Hopefully I'll get wi-fi sorted out tonight.
  8. Nice to see this thread is all about Pokemon Diamond and Pearl. How's about that new one in the series, huh?
  9. WHAT?! You mean to say that you don't like rapcore?! Next you'll be saying you don't like progressive disco or nu-country.
  10. You can customise the layout, right? Those pictures look fairly similar to my current Winamp layout. Ubuntu's the only Linux distro I've tried... I might attempt to get back into it soon. Is the search function good? (ie can it handle 30,000+ files reasonably well?)
  11. Personally, I've already retagged some of the files. Lots of them have track number '0' or '1', which I removed, and I made the album title uniformly the site's URL. The other issues of game titles and stuff were a little too unwieldy for me to handle in an afternoon.
  12. because racing games other than mario kart and fzero suck
  13. I was tagging some mp3s today, and came across a bit of a problem. Using Mp3Tag to add the appropriate tags to mp3s, then selecting 'tag to filename' (so I'd get 'TrackNo - TrackTitle.mp3') ...long story short (pun unintentional) The Giraffes? Giraffes! track title '03 - ... And Then She Look'd Down and Saw Miniature Houses and Miniature People and Inside the Miniature People Were Miniature Hearts Pumping Blood Through Miniature Veins (Her Mouth Was Watery and Wet).mp3' is simply too long. I'm not sure how Mp3Tag managed it in the first place (I didn't realise at first)... but now I can't do anything with the file because Windows has locked it and tells me that it's invalid. Any help would be greatly appreciated
  14. Awesome! Thanks G-T There's a reason I'm a top listener on Last.fm, hehe And V, shut uuup! I thought we were keeping that shizz secret! =O
  15. Also conformed. Great idea for a site. I've always intended on making a checklist... it's just one of those things that I never get around to. =(
  16. I just watched the video, and to be honest I wasn't at all impressed. The vocals really didn't do it for me, and the structure left something to be desired. I'm not sure whether statements like this make me laugh, or die a little inside. Granite sounds pretty much the same as Slam. Going back a little further, Streamline sounds pretty much the same as Spiral. Don't at all get me wrong though, I like Pendulum and will definitely check out the new album, but this change has been happening for a while (See the tracklisting change on Hold Your Colour's re-release, etc). Whether for better or worse, we're all yet to see. What I'm interested to know is how mainstream chart listeners will react to the new single, and furthermore, how other artists will react. Take for instance the handful of acts who were seen to be emulating Nine Inch Nails' take on industrial rock in the mid 90's (eg Gravity Kills) - will we again see 'copycat artists'? ...Will Madonna ask for Pendulum to produce her next album (right after she deals with Timbaland?) The only other instance of dnb having a firm influence on a top40 song is Puretone's track Addicted To Bass. It was a greatly popular song, but a one-hit-wonder... Only time will tell. EDIT: Looks like Puretone might be coming back.
  17. http://www.ugcs.caltech.edu/~paymer/mer/all_linkin_park_songs_sound_exactly_the_same.mp3 ? (Yes I'm aware of the tampering.) Or this? http://www.thewebshite.net/nickelback.htm inb4 Michael Jackson wrote the Sonic soundtracks.
  18. I played through Blood on the Asphalt on AS; it was pretty good. I highly recommend the likes of London Elektricity, Nu:Tone and Logistics... their tracks are amazing to play. A surprisingly good piece was JS Bach's 5th Brandenburg Concerto - absolutely amazing. Stuff like Explosions in the Sky can also be quite surreal.
  19. Only at the meetup. I have seen a person or two other than myself wearing Pure Pwnage apparel, though.
  20. Awesome, can't wait to give this a listen!
  21. For all you composers/producers out there, here's an opportunity for... well, winning stuff. http://competitions.xfxforce.se/anthem2008/ Create an original track to be the 'anthem' of XFX. My money's on zircon winning.
  22. Pokemon. You know it would be great.
  23. I vaguely remember this project. Good luck, hope to see it succeed this time!
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