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  1. I've only listened to Ghosts I and II so far, but I quite enjoyed them. Unfortunately, I couldn't pick any 'outstanding tracks' - they all just sort of meshed together to create one atmosphere, which I guess is both good and bad. My two favourite NIN albums are Pretty Hate Machine and With Teeth. I wasn't too fussed with Year Zero... I hope Trent can get his shit together for another hard-hitting album soon.
  2. I've got ~275Gb currently. A little of it is lossless, but most is V2 or V0 mp3.
  3. Care to tell an immoral and uneducated guy who this dude is? :S
  4. I begged for Enter the Matrix for my birthday one year. Boy, did I get more than I bargained for... They're not terrible, but I did play through the mediocrity that is Medal of Honor: Frontline and Rising Sun. The AI in each is appalling, and it looks like absolutely no effort was put into the graphics. I quite liked the music, though.
  5. Three words: FUCK. YEAH. SEAKING. A few more words: I've been craving this for a long time. Many thanks and good luck to you Taucer and all others involved with this.
  6. Agreed. I'm interested to see how everybody's perception changes/stays the same with the release of the new album. Tangent: some of their stuff is breaks, not dnb. Some other good breaks: Mood Deluxe - The Tangent Universe (Donnie Darko samples/inspiration yeah!) Far Too Loud - Louder Than Life vols 1,2,3 (This stuff is really funky. Songs to do the robot to. )
  7. What's the deal with last night's update? The game has a loading screen at the start now (which seems to go on forever) and it doesn't run as well as it did before. :S
  8. I've only ever watched friends play MGS, and I lolled hard. This is good stuff. XD
  9. London Elektricity is what Hospital Records is known for. Billion Dollar Gravy is LE's second album. (The third, Power Ballads, is better imo) The Weapons of Mass Creation series are compilations. High Contrast comes in at a close second on Hospital. Check out his albums Tough Guys Don't Dance and High Society. I found Nu:Tone's latest album to be a little hit-and-miss, but the track System was bloody amazing.
  10. Tool - Ticks & Leeches, Vicarious Porcupine Tree - The Sound of Muzak Venetian Snares - Szamar Madar London Elektricity - Hanging Rock, I Don't Understand, Remember the Future Pendulum - Sounds of Life High Contrast - Twilight's Last Gleaming Nu:Tone - System Most drum & bass tracks are a steady downward slope. Prog rock/metal gives lots of sharp ups and downs. Freakin' amazing stuff! Love this game XD Also, I'm totally gonna try one of your mixes, G-T! XD
  11. I can't explain why V isn't an OCR favourite. He should have a track in every Remix Roulette.
  12. I'm quite a fan of NIN, and I agree yeah it's pretty cool. Old news, but cool. I didn't like Year Zero as much as With Teeth, but still it's good to get this sort of thing happening. This NIN fansite recently had a comp and released an album of the best remixes. Not too bad I also remember there being another fan comp to remix the song The Hand That Feeds a couple of years back. From memory, most of that was pretty crappy though.
  13. Awesome idea dude. I really want to hear the final product!
  14. Oh man, I watched that for the first time just two nights ago! It was amazing. O_O and I wanna read that book too! (Check out the album The Tangent Universe by Mood Deluxe; psychedelic breaks with some obvious Darko influences =P)
  15. Ok, so I totally can't decide which one. Pokemon Red .gbs file 20 (Route), 22 (Gym Battle), 25 (Champion Battle), 36 (Rocket), 41 (Silph Co) There seem to be a few different midis of each on VGMusic.com with the exception of the Route theme (Someone remind me what number route it is?) which has none.
  16. I'm more than certain someone here would be willing to help you out, but first they'll want to see a working demo or at least some screenshots so they know what kind of atmosphere they're aiming for. Good luck.
  17. Ok, so I jumped the gun with my challenges a little, but do feel free to continue mixing that track dude! Hell yeah. Can't wait!
  18. Challenge songs! DKC: Mine Cart Madness Life in the Mines DKC2: Lockjaw's Saga Disco Train DKC3: Mill Fever Treetop Tumble err... >_> Wario Land - 3, 11 (Train Theme, ragtime mix?), 27, 30, 35 Perfect Dark - Maian Tears, Alien Conflict, Pelagic II, Chicago, ...can we just have a PD remix project now? T__T Pokemon - 6 (Gym), 11 (Vermilion), 16 (Follow Me!), 19, 20, 22 (Gym Battle - totally asking for guitar shreddage), 25 (Champion Battle), 36, 39 (Power Plant), 41 EDIT: Sorry I totally did this wrong, but I'm easily excited!
  19. So I was dicking around in #ocremix when suddenly a challenger appeared! Snapple told me to stfu so I thought I'd bring my request here. I aksed for a DKC2 project, then a Darke stranger appeared and told me that Bahamut or someone was already working on one. So in the meantime, I'm gonna request any DKC tracks not already covered on the site, both because I'm a stickler for completion and I love this series' music. DKC: -Simian Segue -Cranky's Theme -Jungle Groove -Bonus Room Blitz -Bad Boss Boogie -Mine Cart Madness -Life In the Mines -Voices of the Temple -Forest Frenzy -Treetop Rock -Funky's Fugue -The Credits Concerto -Game Over DKC2: -Opening -Steel Drum Rhumba -Welcome to Crocodile Isle -Klomp's Romp -Lockjaw's Saga - How can nobody have done this yet?? -Mining Melancholy -Snakey Chantey -Flight of the Zinger -Run, Rambi Run! -Disco Train -Krook's March -Bad Bird Rag -Klubba's Reveille -Lost World Anthem -The Flying Krock -Donkey Kong Rescued -Bonus Intro -Token Tango -Swanky's Swing -School House Harmony -Funky the Main Monkey -Cranky's Conga DKC3: -Anything other than Hot Pursuit -Mill Fever -Frosty Frolics -Treetop Tumble -Jungle Jitter
  20. Consider me first in line. I haven't played recently (Tetris DS consumed me for quite a while) but I intend on resuming my game and completing the dex. If anyone wants to trade or battle, drop me a line.
  21. So is this bonus thing still accessible? And why the 12th? Shouldn't things like this be on special holidays or something? (Christmas, New Year's, Chinese New Year, April Fool's, etc?)
  22. Can someone please recommend a good free anti-virus/spyware program? I'm going to reformat shortly, and I'm not sure if I want to go back to any of the ones I've previously used (Norton, AntiVir, some other crap one I forget).
  23. That's not too bad an idea, actually. I'm not sure how balanced the characters would all be, but I've always had fun with SC and Tekken.
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