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  1. ok ive skimmed amd googled a bit, but i cant seem to find the first 2 eps of VGDJ... could anybody please help me ? thanks
  2. what image would one put of Mario? he's starred in a few dozen games, and cameo'ed in over a hundred... The original would be a good place to start. of course; but he's taken on many guises over the years
  3. what image would one put of Mario? he's starred in a few dozen games, and cameo'ed in over a hundred...
  4. Great stuff here. As a cellist myself i can really appreciate the effort required. i cant express enough how great this mix is Highly recommended
  5. Going well so far, love the wips- i totally agree about the guitar in Floria's wip^^
  6. Looks like im already too late to join the writers, and im not an established mixer yet, so ill just wish everyone involved all the best of luck. This looks to be a great project and i cant wait to see the final product.
  7. this is the kinda thing OCR is all about i think as for 4 lil metroid, its great too, but i dont see the greatness in let there be light overall a great remixer tho
  8. i love this mix and i cant fault it... where can i find more mixes like it?
  9. ive seen the soundfonts request thread aare these the right things to use in FL? if i just open them and put them in my composition theyll work, right? i dont wanna dowlnoad the wrong thing
  10. yeah, id like one with my name (OilSlickKing) and/or site url (http://fireman-jo.tripod.com) maybe with a hazy background and something from Eternal Darkness, Mario Bros or DKC... thanks
  11. Is it possible to import WAV's or MP3's to FL? i want to use pieces of other songs in some of my compositions, but im not sure how to cut them out of the actual songs...
  12. ok, so im too lazy a (and short of time) to read six pages... i have the demo of FL Studio and have worked out how to make some nice sounds... i have a basic idea of how to use the simple tools, but anything beyond basic and simple have got me clueless ... maybe one of you has some tips for me and would like to give me a tour... also : im interested in making music with my GameBoy/GameboyCamera or NES ...ive heard of something called a "Nanoloops" cartridge for GB...but nothing more than a whisper... and this is the begining of my quest for enlightenment-so ...
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