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  1. But don't all game bosses have a pattern? This attack, followed by this attack, followed by this attack, and so on and so on. If it's not a flat out pattern, then it's clues that let you know the attack about to come... which lets you prepare for it and prepare to heal afterwards/avoid it/counter it/ whatever it. Some patterns are longer, some are shorter, but all bosses have a pattern (RPGs included). Whether they're recognized quickly or not at all, is another mater entirely.
  2. You said, you had to gloat (WHAT?) You had to pat yourself on the back (WHAT?) You were proud of yourself out loud (WHAT?) You had to show everyone else up (WHAT?) You had to show off (WHAT?) You had to be special (WHAT?) Now what are you gonna do? (WHAT?) You gonna beat something else? (WHAT?) You gonna show off again? (WHAT?) You gonna take on another challenge? (WHAT?) You gonna try and prove you're better than everyone else? (WHAT?) You gonna keep pretending you're special? (WHAT?) You gonna wait to see how long I can keep this up? (WHAT?) You gonna wait to see how long I can keep going wi
  3. How about the Water Dragon in Lunar: Eternal Blue on PS1? I've owned the game for over a year and I've been stuck there for eight months of it ! Or Ghaleon at the end of Lunar: The Silver Star Story on the Sega CD? On the PS1, he was a breeze compared to his first appearence on the Sega CD.
  4. This one's open to all game catagories. Now, I'm not talking about a game who's control was so bad it made fighting/playing hard. I'm talking about a boss that was just plain nasty, viscious, could take a beating and dish one out, and took seeminly forever before the bastard/bitch (both sexes are covered here ) finally fell. For me, that honor goes to...... Mother Brain and Dark Force!!!!!! Mother Brain from Phantasy Star II was a complete bitch to beat. No matter how many times you hit her, no matter the strength of the magic cast, you got your ass kicked in a big, big way.
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