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  1. Alright, some more trivia, but most of you will only be interested in the first line. NO GODDAMN LAG. NONE WHATSOEVER, NONE. - So yeah, i tried to play online (though i have only tried continental, might be a different story when it comes to worldwide. Never had any trouble finding a game though). - And i lied. I've played about 25 races now, and in all of those races, i only had ONE bit of lag, which lasted like half a second. No lagging, no characters (diss)appearing, no tricks, nothing. - There is no snaking going on. - Found out how to do the tricks. Thank god for that though, because you ABSOLUTELY need them online. It's something that you really should consider doing in 100 cc and up, but for online, it's a must. - Everything goes. - All of the races online are 100 cc (karts and bikes), normal. That is the reason why i don't plan to continue to play on 150 cc, because that would be rediculous. Training offline in a mode that you can't acces online? Rubbish. Though if you want to unlock everything, you still have to. - You don't have to unlock characters/karts/bikes to see them online. I haven't unlocked Toadette, but i've seen a player using her. - The way you get to see which players you are going to go up against is rather amusing. You get to see their Mii, (nick)name, and country. When it's a bot, you'll only see a random name, appearing in the country the last player is from. I can assume that the American version will show the Mii, (nickname), and State. - The game asks you if you want to change your Mii-name into an nickname, in case of "security" (*Cough, herrassment,*cough*). That's bullshit, since i could've played with my grandma's Mii, for instance. And there is no real way of communicating with other players. - Bikes are far more popular. - I like bikes far more then Karts. - Pushing people seems to very popular, and very handy. I found my Toad to be pushed into lava pits quite often. - Female players (judging by the Mii's, but this is no garantee) always play female characters. Toadette, Peach, whatever. - The items are stupid. First there is the POW block. The only way you can escape from it's fury is to find a ramp, or something to jump off from. You need to get off the ground, otherwise you're screwed. The Mega mushroom from New Super Mario is worthless. Sure, you're bigger and can go faster, but you're still vulnerable to star attacks and bullet bills. It sucks. And then there is the fucking thundercloud. I hate it. I hate it so bad. And at first, i didn't know what the fuck it did. I just hovers above you, making you go faster. But at the end, it just fucks you in the ass by striking thunder down on you, making you smaller and vulnerable. So what the hell is it's use? Well, guess what. You need to find somebody, bash him, and the thundercloud get's passed onto him. So yeah, in order for it to work, you need to be close to somebody. If you're not, it backfires on you, meaning you can get in a worse position then before. - Haven't tried battle mode yet. - There is one level with alot of water in it. (one of my favorites, since you fall down into a pipe, making the old school Mario sound when doing so.) You ride through a (shallow) river with a strong current, making you go faster. It might sound silly, but the river/strong current thing reminded me about what happened to Reuben Kee....
  2. I've beaten all the 50 cc cups now, and moved onto 100cc - This is only bikes (but other modes will probably be unlocked when you beaten them all). - 100cc is ALOT more fun then 50 cc. The speed adds alot of fun, and the AI seems less cruel. - I've seen DK driving repeatedly against a wall. Not sure if this was a glitch, but the AI is overall pretty retarded. - Some of the tracks have really grown on me. The Wario gold mine is hella fun, and the Mushroom cup is made out of tracks, which in turn, are made out of win. And again, the Coconut Mall is awesome. - The character models are only ugly in the character select screen, the actual ingame models are far better. And now for something everybody wants to hear... Snaking. Is it in the game? I am not sure. Thing is, due to every character having different stats, i can't say there is no snaking because i haven't tried every character, and/or every vehicle. What i am trying to say, is that a couple of million people are going to pick this game up. At least one of them will find a way. But to be honest, to snake, you have to use the manual powerslide, and the Wiimote doesn't really lend itself to such fast actions as the d-pad on the DS. Not only that, it's hard to pull off, since not all the tracks are very wide, and how alot of curves. However, the only ones that COULD, are the DS courses.
  3. So far i've only unlocked Boo. The only character from Super mario 2 so far, would be Toad.
  4. - The Mii integration is very minimal. They only serve as an in-game audience. They appear on posters, cars, tollbooths, etc. etc. - However, and i have only read this from the back of the case, you can unlock the mode to play with your own Mii as a driver. I am not sure about how far this goes (maybe only battle mode/single races), but i'll let you know about it when i unlocked it. Hopefully you can use your own Mii as a driver for online. Would be very fun to do that! - Some of the "new" stages only seem to be altered DD/DS courses. Dry Hills is now Dry Ruins (apart from the part in the actual ruins, they are almost similar), and the new Bowsers castle is almost the same as previous iterations. (Bowser shaped entrance, Bowser shaped fireball cannon). - Still haven't figured out the tricks. - Wario mines is basically Indiana Jones minecarts meet Mario Kart. It's a lot of fun though. - There is a course in the star cup (i think) which is inspired by Fall (as in the season). It is one of the most pretty stages i've seen, and it looks like it was ripped straight out of World of Warcraft. (and that is a compliment). - Another course in the last cup is basically a mix of DD/DS tracks. The night city course from DD and the one from DS with the clifs (i'm sorry, i just can't remember the names). - Graphically? They must've learned something from Capcom because everything looks a lot like DD. Same textures, animations, everything.
  5. Bought it today. First comments? - Tracks are fun. Most of them are what you would expect after Double Dash and Mario Kart DS - Character models are butt ugly, but the tracks look nice. - The level in the mall is my favorite. It really made me smile seeing a poster for cat-food, with my ex-girlfriend's Mii on it. Wario's Goldmine is hilarious. - Controls take some getting used to. (i've only played it with the steering wheel, which works better then you'd think). - FORGET automatic sliding. With the automatic option, you can't jump (which seemingly has no point to it), and you can't slideboost. It seems like they were going for something like in the SNES version, but they fucked up. Like the name already says, it's automatic, so you have no control over when you will, or when you won't do it. In the SNES version, you had to press the shoulder buttons, giving you the option to powerslide or not. But here, you have no choice but to powerslide. And often, the wheel won't respond fast enough, or you're doing it too soon. - The manual sliding works better after you had some practice with it. Getting the boost is quite hard in the beginning, but it works in the end. - The POW block is a bitch. - Speaking of the items, it's horrible. Same as DD. I've been at the first place quite alot, since i've only played at 50 cc so far, but the amount of rubbish thrown your way is rediculous! 2 Blue shells, 2 POW blocks, 1 thunder, 3 red shells came my way in 2 laps. No fucking joke. - DK's Jungle pass is now DK's Snow pass. Almost exactly thesame, only a snow theme instead of the jungle theme. Same cannon and everything. - The sense of speed is alright. I don't know about 100 cc or up, since i've only played 50 cc. - I have no idea how the tricks work. I really must check it in the game-manual. - The music is really standard stuff. Nothing memorable like the SNES version. More of the same, really. And that's about it. Haven't touched the multiplayer, since i don't want to lose. I really suck so far...
  6. I'm pretty sure the "unleashed" is about the werewolf thing. Like, wolves being like dogs? And you walk the dog with a leash? But there is no more leash, so he is unleashed? So yeah.
  8. Aaaww....but now she looks all unrealistic and stuff! Oh, and the Wingless, i could help out with the sprites if you want to. I've never done it before, but i am a fast learner.
  9. Rondo. of. fucking. Blood. Seriously, pretty much the only Castlevania game i've never played.
  10. I just read the last few pages, and i gotta say. I love you guys.
  11. I'll buy a t-shirt, and if that isn't possible, i'll just send you €10 instead. EDIT: Bought a black t-shirt, AND donated 15 dollars.
  12. Starship Troopers. I never read the book, or played the game, but i think Paul Verhoeven could've done it.
  13. Oh no, not you. I love you. Was talking about Anne.
  14. http://www.theglobeandmail.com/servlet/story/RTGAM.20080328.WBwgtgameblog030120080328141929/WBStory/WBwgtgameblog0301 (Got the link from the latest vgcats post.) Fucking EVERYBODY loves Mario. Whether you have played it before or not, everybody enjoys to play the original game.
  15. Three words for Zelda. Eat. Something. Bitch.
  16. It's threads like these that remind me how much i wish to be good in drawing. I feel untalented. But i'm ok, never mind me. I'll be fine. :'(
  17. Basically, what the opening poster is saying, is that people judge games on their boxcover? When i was a kid, i did the same thing. Did boxart look cool? I wanted it. Thankfully, i always made the right decision, and ended buying Mario Kart, or Zelda or something.
  18. I'm with Coop. That guy is NOT the NWG, and i say we all kill that person because he might resemble the NWG a bit. That'll teach him.
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