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  1. Wait, tell me how one could obtain a copy of Namco X Capcom then?!
  2. Man, i had a 11 month hiatus, but came crawling back. Been playing again for 4 months now.
  3. Raziellink


    I've seen them all. I rented SF2 at a videostore when i was like....7? (M rated movie!) And i was blown away because i was still a kid, and i was a big fan. Fast forward 11 years, and it was released on DVD. Man, when Ken and Ryu kicked Bison's ass i almost danced on the nearest table. Almost. Bought the Alpha movie, and i was satisfied, but the movie left you feeling empty. At the end, you felt like no progress was made, albeit Ryu finally facing Gouki. Alpha Generations was the reason why i had to go to the hospital. It made me cut myself. What a god-awful movie that was. SF2V was pretty good. Silly in some things, but overall pretty standard though enjoyable. The Japanese dub is fantastic, and some fights are quite memorable. However in general quality, Fatal Fury: the Motion Picture blows them all out of the water.
  4. Berserk for PS2. I'm getting it.
  5. Loved it. His last ones where not so funny, but this one breaks the spiral.
  6. Now, though we have Dutch members, i've never seen anybody in OCremix clothing. Which reminds me that i should buy a shirt to plug this site, since i haven't. But i should.
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    Best game -> anime? Street Fighter 2: The Animated Movie. It rocked. Captured the feel over SF2 perfectly (simply nothing but fighting + evil villain). The designs stuck to the original art, the fighting was phenomenal, and some great animation. That and Fatal Fury.
  8. Might be going on a limp here, but....Guilty Gear? No lyrics though.
  9. Dude, take a chill pill, would you?
  10. God, Magaki or whatever...the boss from KoFXI is just fucking impossible. Him, and Dracula's true form in the last fight of Castlevania: Curse of Darkness....It takes an hour to beat the guy, not counting the milion times you have to dodge his attacks. I still need to beat him...
  11. You are worthy of my hate, just because of that remark.
  12. Good god, KoF XII looks fantastic. I wonder why they changed Terry's design again. They finally stuck to his MotW look, and new they are changing it back to his old?
  13. Congratulations on the :nicework:baby
  14. Pretty much Deathnote. Oh, actual books? Vampire Hunter D: the Rose Princess.
  15. Holy shit, i just bought that game. Expecting it any day now!
  16. Most have probably been covered already, but trying to help out here. Double Dragon Double Dragon 2 Castlevania Excite Bike Metal Gear Megaman 2 Ninja Gaiden TMNT2 More i can't remember at the moment. But mostly Double Dragon 2. Yeah.
  17. 30%. Not half bad. EDIT: Wow, are the Coop and I the only ones who know #1?
  18. Oh, forgot these. Phantasy Star Online (GCN), €59,99. PSO was horrible, i traded it the same day for Monkey Ball 2. Pokemon Stadium, €59,99. Seriously, is that it? Screw this! Castlevania: Circle of the Moon, €49,99. Fantastic game, but the store where i bought the game, lowered the price to €15 the very next week....assholes... Final Fantasy 9, €29,99. It just didn't click. Terminator 2: Judgement Day (SNES), €20. Aweful controls, slow paced gameplay, and a difficulty level that is just way to hard. Unreal 2, €44,95. Boring game, so very boring.
  19. Morrowind, €7,99. Metroid Prime 2, €59,99. Megaman Battle Network 3, €49,99. Capcom Fighting Jam, €15. Very dissapointed in the first three. I knew the last one was pretty bad, but i didn't expect it to be this blend. I bought Shaq-fu last week with the intention of destroying the cartridge and uploading it's video.
  20. Yeah the L3 and R3 on the PS2 controller were confusing. I was playing God of War at the time, and it said i had to push those buttons. I was like, "what the fuck, there are NO SUCH buttons! There's only two of each, not three!" But yeah, i found out you can press the analog sticks, so i guess that works... And i don't know where all the GC controller hate is coming from. I see it as one of the best controllers ever. The problem was that certain genre's couldn't be played on it *COUGH*fighting games*COUGH*.
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