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  1. Being Dutch, i hope the Netherlands wins. But they won't. I think France or Italy.
  2. Wow, way of being an asshole about it. Ofcourse i believed it. Or should i disregard EVERYTHING that i read, because it might be from an unexpected place; in this case Mexico? :S
  3. http://www.japanator.com/elephant/post.phtml?pk=7789 Here it is.
  4. About Piccolo? Read it here, last time there was a topic about a DBZ movie. And about Goku dieing, i stumbled upon it looking for somehting else on google.
  5. The first movie is based on DB, and the other two will be based on DBZ. I read that the bad guy from the first movie is going to be piccolo, and Goku dies in the beginning of the second movie. So, guess where we're starting and where we heading? Piccolo -> Saiyan -> Frieza.
  6. Short anime? And you liked Street Fighter? King of Fighters: Another Day. Oh, and if you watch the english version, i'll kill you in your sleep.
  7. You should all be ashamed for not mentioning this sooner: "Wait. Don't. go." "any later, and you'd be a Jill-sandwich".
  8. Haha, terribly sorry, it's just that i was always fond of the japanese voices in Castlevania.
  9. Ah, thanks alot. I went a few pages back, but i couldn't find anything of the sorts. 2400 dollars? That's awesome. Though it did sound a bit like he was dissappointed...
  10. Just watched the trailer. Same old, same old. Which is good. Only one thing bugs me. English voice acting? What happenend to the Japanese?
  11. So, how much money did you guys gather? And what kind of use will it be to the site?
  12. Just finshed watching it. I can't add anything that hasn't already been said. However, more tone variation in your voice would be nice.
  13. And you seem to be an expert of having a big mouth.
  14. Just bought the album. Hoping i'm getting it soon! :3
  15. I'm no hero in photoshop, but i always thought this one was funny aswell.
  16. What would international shipping be? I'll pick up a copy next month, seeing as i'm a bit tight for money.
  17. And which telecommuncations company would that be? And yeah, if it were a soccer match, you could've counted on 70.000+ people.
  18. Basketball is getting more exposure in the last couple of years, but it's still a very unpopular sport. Soccer reigns supreme, like it has always been. As for that certain club, i have no idea.
  19. Got my shirt and stickers today. I love it! Happy to help!
  20. So, when paying in euro's, you actually get less Wii points, because if you were to pay the same amount in dollars, you'd get the same amount of wii points, only cheaper since the euro is worth much more then the dollar. On a slightly related note: America's price for Rockband ($179). Europe's price (€240).
  21. On that lag free thing, the last couple of days i have encounterd more and more lag. This is probably due to the fact that more pople have started playing it. I'm positive that this wil get fixed in the coming weeks if it becomes unbearable, but for now it's still good. BTW, i really miss having a headphone for games like this. I was racing against a French guy today called "Naruto". I wanted to shout "believe it" everytime i i knocked him down, but alas.
  22. Yeah the rating system says shit. I've had some excellent races, but always got knocked the fuck out in the last 30 seconds. The rating system in Wii sports was alot better. It judged your overall performance, not the place you ended in. This way it's way to easy losing the same points you earned in the previous race.
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