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  1. I think he meant someone to be in his room, not that he was looking to be in a room.
  2. Just got this game! Add me if you like :3 3625-9539-8255
  3. There's a music video for her remix "Insomniac Skies."
  4. I am purchasing it per your recommendation on IRC! I think I asked about good theory books about 3 weeks ago and you suggested this one.
  5. Happy birthday Mr. Talkback!
  6. So Mario really is hanging with Jesus in Stonehenge.
  7. I'm looking for "The Elements of Music: Concepts and Applications Vol 1" by Ralph Turek. Minimal writing/notes in the book. Prefer no answers filled in.
  8. I think I need to stick with sound upgrade for this track since I'm struggling trying to get what's in my head into my DAW in terms of creativity. Baby steps!
  9. Very nice! I like that guitar pick
  10. I hope it's an awesome one! MIRBY! BRING THE CAKE!
  11. This is an OFFICIAL Skype promotion that basically gives a free year of Skype Premium. That means: NO ads, free group video calls, and free group screen sharing. http://collaboration.skype.com/promotion/ It took me about a week to get my code emailed to me so I think they're doing it in spurts. I punched in three emails and got codes for each email. The email you use does NOT have to be the email your Skype account is registered with. I don't believe you need to sign up for the newsletter either. Edit: I also just checked to see if they turn on some silly renewal setting and they don't. If you want to double check yourself this link will take you to your Skype premium settings: https://secure.skype.com/account/call-phones/settings?package=sp-package
  12. Congratulations DJP! I hope this next phase of your life will be filled with awesomeness and wonder with your new bundle of joy!
  13. It would have been a team fight of 3 if Ori and Soraka didn't melt in 3 hits.
  14. BORK is borked dude. Plus auto attacking and then using Q like a faux auto-attack reset is really strong with lifesteal. I finished them off with 75% life left. This is why lifesteal is a bullshit mechanic and NEEDS to be nerfed.
  15. Thank you very much! Grabbed it!
  16. So like I guess one of the ways to fail is YESing a song because you liked it even though it falls short of the standards.
  17. I have heard of this test! It lays low even the mightiest of musicians!
  18. It was Tryndamere 1v1 until he was around half health. Then Ez popped in, I dashed to him with my E, hit him with Q, he blinked with E, I hit him with my whirlwind Q which happened to hit Trynd as well, then I ulted both of them which killed Ez. Then I hit Trynd low enough that he used his ult, I flashed away and hit Barrier, kited him until his ult was down and then killed him. Then I killed Orianna who arrived right after that in 3 or 4 hits and Soraka in the same manner. Finally I killed Nasus under one or both Nexus turrets in 6 or 7 hits.
  19. I got a 1v5 pentakill with Yasuo in the enemy base tonight. Feels good man. I had a 2 level advantage at most but probably around 3-4k gold advantage at that time.
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