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  1. I think right now I'm trying to keep some weight off. I've lost about 8lbs~ but that's more due to a decrease in appetite and isn't the healthiest way for me to have lost that weight. I'm 5'8" and currently 177lbs. I eventually want to get to 160-165lbs but don't have a specific date in mind. Until recently, it wasn't uncommon for my weight to be 185-195lbs. Most of my fat is localized in my belly area so I have a little "pouch" as my ex-gf and karate sempai used to call it. I want to get rid of that while building up my stamina. Once I've accomplished that or made significant progress, I think I can move on to building strength but I think that's getting a bit ahead of myself. I'm sure I can Google some stuff, but since I consider you guys the experts I'll ask you directly: How do I find out what's a healthy weight and BMI for my height? Is there an easy way to measure BMI at home?
  2. Is there a system or something to help you set reasonable goals? Still being noob at this whole fitness thing I have a hard time picking a project and sticking with it. Routines are something I don't usually have in my daily life. So any kind of motivation will help me keep going.
  3. You did not participate that year as far I know.
  4. Walmart canceled my order (didn't specify which one) but is sending me a $10 e-gift card in exchange!
  5. The monitors I can care less about, I want the games at the discounted rates because those are reasonable and I actually wanted them to begin with. Some people went to pick up their games from the brick and mortar stores and the prices were honored.
  6. Considering that Walmart also has TVs and monitors listed for $9 I am not sure the game prices will be honored or are legit. But since the other 3DS games are regularly priced maybe it is so who knows? I can't check out right now so yeah. EDIT: Bought Pokemon Y, GTA V, and Battlefield 4 for $55. I then bought 6 monitors for $80 after taxes.
  7. I liked the song overall, but it was the percussion that stood out to me. Though I see that the artist said the rhythm was monotonous, I thought the percussion was really well done because of the variety of sounds used! Good mix!
  8. Pretty awesome song! I loved the violin and the piano parts in particular. Highly recommended.
  9. Whenever I see Ben Briggs' name as the artist of a remix I know it's time to get up and dance and this track doesn't disappoint. There's a lot of source material in this song and they're put together flawlessly. Recommended!
  10. Love the high energy of this song and the melodic guitar bits. All around a really fun song to listen to!
  11. Dance! Party! If you are holding an event with one or both of those two words in it this song needs to be playing at it. This mix is fun, energetic, and awesome!
  12. This is a really catchy tune. While I may not be getting out of my chair to dance I definitely can see myself bobbing my head to the beat. Good stuff!
  13. G-Mixer, you've touched on a lot of valid points. I'll do my best to answer it in the context of this topic/thread. You're absolutely correct that age is not a good indicator of skill as individual differences muddy the waters. Age is merely a shortcut as it's considered a quick and dirty correlation to skill. Is it right all the time? Absolutely not. But is it good for guidelines? Probably. As a teacher, I'm someone who advocates for minors. Let me tell you, I shared the exact sentiment you have regarding how 18 is an arbitrary age for giving consent because it is. Despite that, psychology and neurobiology have shown that 15 year olds have significantly different brain structures than 20+ year olds that often (not always) lead to impulsive and questionable decisions. This type of research informs policy-makers and legislatures to write appropriate policies and laws regarding minors. Most of the time these policies and laws make sweeping judgments of all young people. It's not the best, but we can't make individual assessments all the time. Does this mean ANYTHING to a contest that has an age limit? Peripherally, yes, depending on the purpose of the contest. Does it suck for talented young people such as yourself? Yes it does. Legally, there are probably a lot reasons why the organizers of these contests don't want to include minors. I am sure they are aware they are missing out on incredible talent. And on the flip side, yes there is probably a degree of age-ist bias due to the quick and dirty age-skill correlation. I'm not here to tell you to not care about these contests. Though there ARE alternatives and other ways to get your stuff out there. I understand your frustrations, believe me. Take that frustration and use it to keep on swimming, hone your craft, and in time things will fall in place for you and you will be noticed despite your age. Finally, I want to reiterate the purpose of this post was to answer some of your frustrations with explanations, and to encourage you to keep your chin up.
  14. The guitar work is definitely good but I feel left wanting to hear it louder and clearer over the rest of the mix. Not sure if it's my headset but the guitar sounded as if it's mostly in the right channel which made me think the guitar and the synths were fighting for dominance. A good song but just want the guitar to be more in my face!
  15. Hey these are pretty cool! They're pretty captivating actually.
  16. This is quite a beautiful piano piece. DrumUltimA took the source material and ran with it until it evolved into this lovely work of art.
  17. Since I have free time, feeling down, and I'm sitting on my ass all day, I've been told I should exercise! I am complete and utter noob to exercise so I have no idea where to start. Halp! (I won't have access to a gym due to funemployment)
  18. Hot DAMN this song blew me away with that intro. I got chills pretty much instantly. The guitars, the violin, the piano, the drums EVERYTHING is awesome in this mix. It is a tragedy I did not listen to this song when it came out because I've been living 5 years without this song. Highly recommend!
  19. Yeah, my point was to emphasize the opposite end of that spectrum that you're advocating as well. Sorry if I wasn't clear!
  20. I listened to the first few seconds of the song and instantly liked it. I like how it's high energy but doesn't go over the top and is pretty dynamic. A great song to put on a workout playlist!
  21. I'm 24 and working on learning guitar. I used to think I'm too old for this or I can't do it but I came to realize that if I want to learn it and it takes me longer than usual then so be it. I realize your situation is different because you want to do it for a living. The important thing to know is this: There are some people who are talented but don't study or practice often and they make some progress; and there are some who don't have innate "talent" but work hard and spend a lot of time learning but they learn because they love what they're doing. I'm not saying everyone falls into one of those categories but that it's a spectrum and that if you really want something you should go for it! Basically what Meteo and Neblix have said already!
  22. I think these are my favorite things you posted so far, GT. I briefly attempted to get into making logos or stencil type art a LOOOOOONG time ago. These are just so cool. I want to say which ones are my favorite but I can't decide because they're all awesome! Though I will say 67 looks like a lion dude to me :3
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