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  1. It's hanging on the Windows symbol. I'm pretty sure just because it's 64-bit it wouldn't cause a problem right?
  2. He's colluding with GrayLightning and they are plotting to destroy everything.
  3. I tried all variants of safe mode booting and everything is slow. One interesting thing is that booting the computer into Windows from hibernation is much much faster and successfully loads in less than 15 seconds.
  4. Your previous sentence had enough capitals for all four of your sentences.
  5. I've decided to revive the OCRCL starting with a tournament beginning in October. I will have logistics and such in a thread in Competitions some time next week. Registration will be in that thread. I will also ask for your opinions on the tournament logisics in that thread as well.
  6. Would the log record things when it's booting into Windows and not just loading the desktop?
  7. You take everything as if we want developers to get hurt. Brad is merely pointing out the truth. He's actually the most neutral poster in this thread and it's sad you can't just take an observation at face value. Brad never said, directly or indirectly, that it's ok to hurt developers.
  8. If I could get away with it I would too.
  9. They don't but you said "illegal downloads" which pretty much covers stealing anything online.
  10. My laptop running Windows 7 Pro x64 has extremely long boot time. It takes at least 10 minutes for it to boot into Windows. I have an Intel Core 2 Duo 2.0ghz and 4gb of ram. I used to run Windows 7 Ultimate Beta and RC1 x86 just fine with fast boot times. If I recall correctly, my laptop booted slow ever since I reformatted and installed the x64 version. Though this may have been after I installed the graphics driver. I did uninstall that driver and reinstalled it and installed other graphics drivers several times but there has been no effect. I've tried messing around with BIOS settings and making sure I had the correct chipset drivers installed but still no effect. Any ideas?
  11. Brad you can remove this listing: :::xbox 360::: refurbished 360s (pm for details) [kittykar] (9/10) Thanks.
  12. You'd be surprised by the amount of "everyday computer users" who steal music and hardly know their way around a computer.
  13. This. Modding my consoles is something I'm interested in as a hobby. It's fascinating to me what these "hackers" can do with hardware. I also find the argument to "hack" my laptop really ignorant to individual interests in modding. I'm not going to leave a laptop in the middle of my living room next to my TV because its functions far outweigh banishing it to the living room. Hacking my PS3, on the other hand, lets me expand its functionality. Avatar: Why should I spend money on something when I can get enjoyment and functionality for FREE, especially since it's not illegal? I'm also not going to lug around a netbook or laptop just so I can see a background picture on my iPod, have true backgrounding, or to move the icons for my apps around the screen as I see fit. It's unreasonable, irrational, and stupid. I also can't play PS3 games on a laptop, so your argument is entirely moot. And yeah, it is our right to run whatever code we want on it. And hell, if my blender can blend drinks AND cut vegetables I'd modify it if it was easy enough. YOU can go and buy your Android or get a general computer. I'll stick with my hobby.
  14. Jailbreaking iPods and iPhones enables the use of pirated apps as well. I jailbroke my iPod to add functionality beyond what the iPod offered me. I'm following the PS3 hacks closer because I'm much more interested in the slew of homebrew software that can add much more functionality. Hell, maybe they can develop some way to play legit copies of PS2 games.
  15. I remember discovering kLuTz for the first time years and years ago and found Simple Joys on his website after finding it through OCR. He was fully capable of submitting it then just as easily as any of his other mixes so I assume he just didn't want to submit it. He hasn't been active here for quite some time and his website is down too.
  16. We have a Sale/Want thread for these sort of posts. eBay and Craigslist posts are welcome there as well. http://ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=18883
  17. Did his site go down? I remember pulling that song off his website a long time ago.
  18. And I think thanks is in order for Brad for his two years of dedication and service for keeping this thread updated. Thanks Brad!
  19. Well even with this low of a turnout and assuming all of you participate I might still organize something. Probably will be a double round-robin to determine the seeds in a single-elimination bracket.
  20. Hi guys. I'm wondering how many of you are interested in participating in monthly chess tournaments or league play. The tournament will most likely consist of a round-robin system if there's enough people or a double-elimination if there's less. Time commitment is low. Please reply to this thread if you're interested. Posting here lets me know how many are interested so I know if it's worth my time to administrate a league/tournament. If there's enough interest I'll start a thread in Competitions which will be the official OCR Chess League thread.
  21. If you have the money, Vimk has a good point. What I described above took me hours of reading to be able to perform with complete confidence.
  22. Short answers: No and No. Long answers: Contrary to what our fellow OCRers are saying, you DO NOT need to have the same exact drive. "Drive spoofing" has been a reliable and tested technique used to replace Xbox 360s. I have done it myself, specifically with the Hitachi spoofed as a Samsung and vice versa. And the only way to "brick" your drive is to smash it with a hammer or shorting it out. You can mistype your key all you want and keep reflashing it. This is, of course, is if you have your original drive key written down somewhere else. More information about this can be looked up using the resources I've referenced below. I suggest you Google "jungleflasher" and read the tutorial .pdf that is widely available on the internet. This tutorial has everything software/firmware related you need to know for replacing your drive. You DO NOT have to mod your drive, you're only replacing the original firmware with your Xbox's "key." This is in no way illegal or will let you run illegal copies of games on your system. Here's the link to the tutorial: http://www.megaupload.com/?d=X0I9TGOZ For physically replacing your drive, I assume you already opened your Xbox to attempt repairs on the drive. After you have flashed your new drive with the new firmware, place the new drive where your old one was and plug in the cables. No matter what model drive you use (as long as it's one from another Xbox) it will have the same power and SATA hookups as the others. I recommend getting a Hitachi. EDIT: Also if you have DLC on your Xbox and you get a new one, YOU WILL NOT BE ABLE TO PLAY THE DLC WITHOUT LOGGING IN ON THE PROFILE THAT YOU PURCHASED THE CONTENT WITH. When you purchase DLC or anything on the Xbox LIVE Marketplace, it gives you a license to play the content on the LIVE profile you purchased it on and another license for the Xbox. If your hard drive is in another console, the only license that is recognized is the one for your profile.
  23. Because all those named Brandon must die a most painful death!
  24. I feel the need to write this rant/thank you letter for many reasons. Recently I've been becoming more and more aggravated by the degenerative nature of that is the internet. I can't play games without being called "fegot" or a myriad of other slurs. Racism is rampant. Hate is everywhere. Mature people, gamers or not, are becoming an even rarer sight than before. Websites that I don't care to name are ruining everything for pretty much everyone. I used to go to these sites; one day I just realized how douchey the people who go there actually are. I used to troll occasionally but now I realize I was just being a stupid immature teenager. And even though I did troll I find myself confused about why others and myself contribute nothing but meme spamming and shit just to piss other people off. I've been coming to OCR for six years, ever since my sister had me listen to DJP's Pachelbel's Ganon. Some blame immaturity on age. As DJP noted a few days ago, this site is pretty much made up of teenage boys. Exactly the same crowd everyone else on the internet. This site has grown, not degenerate into a mindless shithole of asshats. And for that, I thank you OCR.
  25. Currently: All Points Bulletin (PC) Alien Swarm (PC) Super Street Fighter 4 (PS3) Recently: Grand Theft Auto IV (Xbox 360) Heavy Rain (PS3)
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