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  1. Well there was no caption that said Chell directly. It was always a "Subject Name Here" as previously mentioned. Though at the end of the credits it said "thanks for the use of her face" and credited someone. It was like this: Name of person whose face was used - Chell
  2. I was more suggesting it in jest. But like what Brad said, it's probably poor drivers that's causing it to eat up all the RAM.
  3. Hell at that rate for RAM I'd just buy him a whole new desktop. Shit's cheap these days.
  4. I just reinstalled and I heard Glados say Chell in Testchamber 4.
  5. Hi all. You may remember that I wanted to self-teach myself drums quite a while ago. This endeavor has never really gotten off the ground due to living in shitty housing with paper-thin walls and people who lived and fought during WWI living next to me. Therefore I have decided to shift my focus to another family of instruments that I wanted to learn, wind instruments. So here are the factors that should be factored into your advice: Noise: I can't make a lot of it, though I can play a violin without reservation and not get angry knocks on my door. Money: I have very little of it, and thus, lessons are pretty much out of the question. Though I am not opposed to buying an instrument, if the price is low enough and the quality is at least ok. Time: I have lots of it, but because of my low experience with music relative to the rest of you, I want something with an small learning curve. Dedication: Probably the biggest factor against me. I love music, and I love playing stuff that I hear in video games. However, I self-diagnosed ADHD. I get easily distracted. As I type this I'm supposed to be asleep or doing homework. Obviously I am doing neither. If I can make learning a certain instrument fun (and this is usually translated into easy) then I will be more intrinsically motivated to learn it. Why wind instrument?: I previously played the violin, I want something that is in the same octave range (flute etc.) because I can distinguish the notes easier. I also think it will be easier for me to learn but who knows (hopefully you do!) I thought about recorders as being an instrument everyone learns how to play and was thinking about starting with that and going on to clarinet or flute. They're also small (unlike my guitar) and I can practice anywhere (as opposed to my drums). To address certain nay-sayers against self-teaching: Yes I know the "odds are against me." I have somewhat tried to teach myself guitar and it didn't turn out so well. But that doesn't mean I can't teach myself another instrument. Also, I really just don't give a shit how hard it might be against me, there is no hurt in trying. So with all that considered, if you read it, then can you recommend a good starting wind instrument and any self-teaching books or materials I can get (cheaper the better!) to help me along? If you're in the Irvine, CA area, maybe you recommend a teacher if they don't charge an arm and a leg. I would also like to know good brand names, where to buy or rent, and the ups and downs to specific products.
  6. kitty


    Brute forcing isn't illegal, it's frowned upon. Like...masturbating on an airplane.
  7. The cheapest option I recommend is a composite to VGA or component to VGA adapter. You can pick one up at a local Radioshack. They should cost about $5
  8. I normally don't listen to rap and I don't care for hip hop altogether but I liked the creativity in this song, albeit with some issues here and there. The big one, for me, is that the lyrics weren't delivered in a way that would get me pumped up and just didn't impress. The instrumental part of the song seemed really bland. I know in rap songs the vocals definitely outshine the instruments but there wasn't even a powerful bassline here. On the other hand the whole idea of this song is great. I wonder how it would have turned out if it was produced with a metal style in mind.
  9. You might want to list it in this thread in case you don't get any immediate takers.
  10. It sounds extremely like something out of Bomberman Hero for N64 but the sound quality seems a lot better than I remember it being. Though I'm probably being influenced by what the others said before I listened to it.
  11. Especially since they were in Chun-Li's cut-scene.
  12. Really cool video. I don't play SF4 much but SSF4 looks awesome and even more fun to play.
  13. That Sagat was sick with uppercut-itis. I play similarly stupid in 3rd Strike because I use Sean and his basketball to beat people. Connect his second super and then throw the basketball, dash in and heavy sweep for MASSIVE DAMAGE (599 US dollars etc.)
  14. I was never good enough to care about balancing...until Sagat in SF4 kneed me in the face.
  16. The kittykar will roll over you until you spit the kitty back out!
  17. Taken. Yup yup. And I'll just take the cat.
  18. The way computers are now yes we do rely heavily on tactile sensation. While not as a radical departure from the previous method, the invention of a mouse to interface with a computer is much different than using a keyboard only. The point of this analogy is to show that yeah it might be awkward at first but the learning curve is quite shallow. And as you've pointed out, using in-air gestures would be as easy as using a trackpad or a touchscreen. But like touchscreens, I only get a feeling that I've touched a button, (or that I've done something i.e. touch a "button" on a screen that feels the same everywhere, bring my thumb in to click etc.) I don't know which button I pressed until I see the results of that action. Performing an action such as, moving your finger towards your projection, is essentially the same as touching the screen. And not all of his motions are two-dimensional, in fact, most of the gestures are in three dimensions. Clicking is auditory feedback, hence the onomatopoeia. Why can't this device do the same? All the motion looked like common things. I really don't see how pinching or making a rectangle with your fingers varies so much from person to person that the device would be confused. Perhaps individuals who have a low fluid intelligence (older folks) may not be able to pick this device up and use it well within the first day or so. I sure as hell couldn't type on my iPod touch for the longest time, or even type on a keyboard at a decent WPM for several years. And even if the device came with pre-defined rules for clicking, zooming, and whatnot, I am sure (as he stated it would become open-source) that you can define your own rules and methods for performing certain actions when you interface with your projection. A final response to tactile feedback: I do think the feeling sense is very important, but it isn't necessary. Using a Wiimote is vastly different than what this device does. Basically, trying to mimic a specific motion versus interacting with an interface projected on a 2d surface. I don't need tactile feedback telling me I threw a virtual bowling ball down a virtual alley. I can see it, and if isn't 2 in the morning, I can hear it too. I also don't need tactile feedback when I can literally see (and sometimes hear) that I can "pushed" a virtual button. tl;dr: ¯\(°_o)/¯
  19. He's comparing in-the-air motion to his Apple trackpad. Completely different control methods. I'm just providing an equally invalid comparison.
  20. I am thoroughly awestricken. And I really don't see how writing on a piece of paper is "very stiff and unnatural," Cerrax.
  21. NES Nintendo 64 Gamecube Xbox 360 Playstation 2 Gameboy Gameboy Pocket Gameboy Color Gameboy Advance SP iPod Touch (yes I use this mainly for games, including GBA emulation) PC (4 years old: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600, 6gb RAM, EVGA 8800 GTS 640mb) Laptop (1 year old: Intel Core 2 Duo 2.00ghz, 4gb RAM, nVidia 9600m 512mb) My sister owns: Playstation 1 Gamecube Nintendo DS Lite My apartment-mates own: Wii Xbox 360 Playstation 3 And if you want to count all the Xbox 360s I have + my apartment-mates' we have four.
  22. Pandora Recovery. Free and simple to use. Try not to write any data on the drive you're recovering from as it will destroy the lost data permanently. http://www.pandorarecovery.com/
  23. kitty

    Star Trek Online

    It really depends on what you're looking for in an MMO. Personally I thought Guild Wars was a really great game even though it doesn't really classify as a true MMO. My review is also a little biased, as I haven't played as a Klingon race yet. When I look for a strong story, I want something that's on par with traditional console JRPGs; so STO is definitely gonna fall short of that. Keep in mind too that you can only reach level 16 in the open beta so there's much more content that has yet to be revealed. I should amend my review by adding that there are several features such as linking items like you can in WoW, standard guild features such as a guild bank, ranks etc., and a good auction system that help with economy side of things. EDIT: Just read the latest patch notes and the level cap has been removed. So look out for more reviews of the content.
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