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  1. Was thinking about getting in on one of these elsewhere but rather do it here. I'm in! Bahamut you should already have my shipping address from the Xbox.
  2. My sister was playing Parasite Eve and neglected to pick up the rocket launcher needed to kill a boss. Well she saved and couldn't head back to get it so she couldn't kill the boss. Can't say she ever put the disk back in the console ever.
  3. Hey Brad, You can remove this from the WANT section: ::: xbox360::: Xbox 360 console only; MS refurbed or never red ring [kittykar] 9/10
  4. Yeah, I borrowed my friend's calculator to do it, but he needed it back.
  5. I may be interested in the Wii bundle if you put a price tag. I'm reluctant to make an initial offer on the whole thing because some of the games I have for other consoles.
  6. A friend may be interested in the 360, Bahamut. I'll pm you about it once he gets back to me. EDIT: PM'd you about the Xbox Bahamut.
  7. @Horseboy: Yes. @Everyone: Sorry I've been MIA for two weeks. But between school and getting sick I haven't been able to get on for a while. I'll just type up a simple table for now until I find a few minutes to make that graphic. But we'll have round-robin for one and a half weeks and then a single elimination in the final week. Everyone play everyone else twice (once as white and once as black) on your the website of your choice. Report the results for each game in this thread. Generally we use AIM to setup match times as it's more efficient than PMing but you can do either or both.
  8. Just wanted to say that relyance and I had a smooth transaction and good communication. A++++ would do business with again etc. Oh and last I checked Brad, zombie wasn't selling his 360 anymore but I dunno about the games.
  9. Bahamut to the rescue! I'll get started on a grid.
  10. We can try out your suggestion this month if there aren't too many players, which right now looks likely to happen.
  11. If we don't get at least 4 players then we'll have to cancel the tournament. =(
  12. Sorry for the triple post but I wanted to make sure Brad gets this: FOR SALE: :::computer/music electronic stuff::: Motorola SB5101 Surfboard Cable Modem $50 shipped OBO [kittykar] 9/10
  13. WANT: :::xbox360::: Xbox 360 console only; MS refurbed or never red ring [kittykar] 9/10
  14. (yay a response!) Yes, players will be expected to play matches by a certain deadline. If the match does not occur then one or both players will forfeit and receive 0 points.
  15. Or just killing for the hell of it.
  16. Your sympathies are welcome. $50 down the drain. =(
  17. I'm guessing over $260 because it's backwards compatible, refurbished by Sony (not some guy like me), controller, and a decent amount of games.
  18. Yeah, I read in the first post that there's that mod that makes it traditional RPGish. Exactly what I want.
  19. Well the strange part was that it seemed to boot slowly after I installed the graphics driver last time. But I think that something just went wrong and I couldn't get rid of the old shit that was on there and it slowed it down.
  20. Welp since my laptop has nothing important on it I just decided to reformat and reinstall to see if that helps. I'll keep you updated. EDIT: Reformatted and installed Firefox and the graphics driver from nvidia. Everything seems to be running smoothly and I booted into Windows in less than 10 seconds.
  21. Hello fellow chess-players! This thread marks the return of OCRCL. The tournament will run from October 1-31. Register by posting in here. Format of the Tournament Round robin in groups of 4 or 5, depending on the number of participants. Format of the Matches We will use standard Yahoo! Chess (other suggestions are welcome). Players can talk about which room to use. In the past we have traditionally used Advanced -> Advanced Lounge 6 or 7. Rules: 15 minute timers with 10 seconds added per move. PLAY EACH OPPONENT TWICE PER MATCH. Once as White and another as Black. Advancement A win = 2 points, tie = 1 point, loss = 0 points. The top two players from each pool will be placed in a single/double (depends on # again) elimination bracket. Report Both players in a match need to report the results of the match in this thread. Standings I will try to update a graphic table as often as possible to display the current standings. That table will always be in this post but I will also post it at the end of the thread as well.
  22. I'd like to get use out of the 4gb I have instead of just the 3gb that x86 would get me. I was going to see what I could do to overclock the processor once I get a new BIOS on here. My graphics card is a 9600m GT 512mb so it's not that meaty at all. But it does squirt out enough FPS to run L4D2. The processor is the only thing bottlenecking this rig anyway. Is there some way where I can see if Windows is hanging on a certain driver or not while its booting?
  23. I feel sorry for myself too. Anywho, is there a mod out there that makes it so that when you're level >> npc level you pretty much destroy them in one blow? It's frustrating to me that everything levels up with me.
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