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  1. Most credit card companies can pretty much take back their money if you contact them and explain the situation. Though those are American companies and I'm not sure how the policies work in Japan. But it doesn't hurt to find out your company's policy on it.
  2. I received a giant (56oz) bag of Peanut M&Ms just in time to replace my not as giant 42oz bag of Peanut M&Ms! EDIT: But wait! There's more! Yay a super Mario star!
  3. It would appear that my gift has arrived today. I am tempted to open it...
  4. Might get those Wiimotion Plus attachments for my sister, Bahamut. But I need to make sure she can actually use them for something. I'll get back to you.
  5. So weird that my friend showed me this right before I saw this thread. Reminds me of Microsoft Sam helicopters and sprinklers in vent.
  6. Shipped my present out to my recipient. Should get it Saturdayish.
  7. Mount and Blade: Warband is worth every penny.
  8. This sale runs until 10am PST Sunday.
  9. Have friends that play it? Great game. Don't have friends that play it/hate PUGs? Crappy game unless you like bots that have Down's Syndrome.
  10. Hey lay off Agent Scully! But in all seriousness, you're right.
  11. Seriously scares the shit out of me when the government does this kind of crap. Kinda weird since I just started another playthrough of Deus Ex too...
  12. Anyone interested in getting together for Episodes of Liberty City 6-Pack? I have a couple friends who might be interested but that only makes three of us. It's just $7.50 per copy in the pack. I was thinking about just getting it if there are four people and trying to find some other people to sell the extras to later on.
  13. Surprising deal from Best Buy (online): http://www.bestbuy.com/site/Western+Digital+-+Caviar+Black+1TB+Internal+Serial+ATA+Hard+Drive+for+Desktops/8909595.p?id=1213047091732&skuId=8909595 Western Digital 1TB Caviar Black for $60 + free shipping. Lowest price I've seen in months and I've been tracking Newegg and Amazon.
  14. Impulse has Dragon Age: Origins Ultimate Edition for $25...but then again it's Impulse.
  15. My signal levels are fine according to Google. I'm at my parents' place for Thanksgiving right now so I can't give you the exact numbers but the last time I checked they were pretty much optimal. I tried changing out their 4 (5?) way splitter for my two-way splitter. It was good for a few days and then it reset again. I definitely think it got better but then a week or so later it reset about two or three times within a couple hours. Though it was raining that day so it may have effed with their signals. I'm thinking it's a defective line but if my SNR and power levels are fine then I would think that indicates otherwise.
  16. I'm looking at the Deus Ex games. I played the first completely through three or four times but I never got to Invisible War. I'm also thinking about snagging the Borderlands 6-pack if anyone wants to get in on that deal with me.
  17. Assuming those are wants Brad since you didn't mention a price or say sale/want.
  18. That always confuses me. One time Blizzard was out of $15.00 game time codes in their online store. Makes me wonder how you run out of a digital product. But I guess there is a limit to the number of combinations in their algorithms.
  19. Yes you do get a key. It's just hard to find (though I admit I haven't read any of the reports of missing keys). Here's some instructions to help find it: Open Games for Windows Live. Click on "Downloads" on the top bar (not the menu bar). Click on "Full Games" in the left menu. Click Age of Empires III Click Install. There should be information under Age of Empires III now. Find "View Game Key" and click it. Voila! There's your key. Hope this helps. P.S. you don't need to pay in MS points. I just used the credit card I had on file with my LIVE account and charged 10 cents directly.
  20. Homemade gifts are often pretty awesome.
  21. WANT :::ps3::: YLOD PS3 with HDD pm for more specifics[kittykar] 11/10
  22. Well if ProjectSpam isn't gonna pay you, I'll glady compliment your oh-so-wonderful beard that I have yet had the pleasure of actually seeing.
  23. So I have a Motorola Surfboard 5101 that's being fed interwebs by Cox Communications (unfortunately.) The internet has been dropping once or twice a day for the last month or two. I called Cox tech support and they said that it's probably the modem shutting itself off. So I checked the logs and I see "Received Response to Broadcast Maintenance Request, But no Unicast Maintenance o" and some Googling came up with "received response to broadcast maintenance request but no unicast maintenance opportunities received" as the full message. Sure enough after the entry in the logs the modem reports that it is "shutting down and rebooting." Does anyone know how this is caused and/or how it can be alleviated?
  24. Anything with utility works for me like cups or pens or something. Dunno if you can buy PSN Store stuff offline and gift it or buy points but any cheap game on there is great with me. Cheap Steam games are good especially with all the sales. (Steam and PSN IDs: falchion39@g mail.com look at my wishlist on Steam) I love stuffed animals but I'm also kind of picky when it comes to them. Little plushies are usually a good way to go. I also love peanut M&Ms.
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