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  1. If anyone can pick up the Guild Wars 2 novel "Ghosts of Ascalon" and gets it signed I'll reimburse you for your time and shipping costs. Please?
  2. I actually never knew about being able to buy the game if you like it. What's the usual percentage off for more popular games?
  3. Speaking of indie developers...I haven't had the time to browse PSN Store to find some good games for the PS3. I went through a list of PS3 exclusives to get and selected three games that I was interested in. The only reason I might buy a multi-platform game on PS3 is because PSN is free and XBL is not. But it seems to me that Sony doesn't even make the effort to advertise stuff from their store. Whenever I turn on my Xbox I'm slammed with ads for the XBL marketplace, which I actually don't mind.
  4. Had a similar issue with Apple's AppStore. I tried buying Peggle for a whole day before it actually let me give them my money.
  5. I don't wake up to songs because I begin to hate them. I used to rick roll myself to wake up but that just made me very bitter so I just use my phone on vibrate.
  6. I'm on a buying spreeeeeee: :::pc::: OR :::ps3::: GTA4 $ < Steam [kittykar] :::dvds::: Pirates of the Caribbean 1 blu-ray [kittykar]
  7. EDIT: Bought both games I wanted. Also I discovered I am able to perform the reflow fix for YLOD PS3s which is very similar to the RROD Xbox 360s experience. PM me for info.
  8. Prophet, can you add this to FOR SALE: HP dv6000 laptop $200 OBO [kittykar] and CHANGE these: :: xbox360:: Rock Band $16 includes shipping [kittykar] Guitar Hero 2 $11 includes shipping [kittykar] Guitar Hero 3 $11 includes shipping [kittykar] TO: :: xbox360:: Rock Band, Guitar Hero 2&3 all for $15 shipped [kittykar]
  9. I was thinking of a Genesis Torpedo from Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan, powered by steam. But in relation to the actual topic...I wonder if they have game controller compatibility because I have this Genesis USB controller collecting dust...
  10. As far as I can tell, yeah you're getting a movie. Nothing to worry about.
  11. Okay, so you ARE getting a video/movie. From what a friend told me, DVD-Audio is just a label for high quality sound.
  12. From what I can tell from reading this, it appears to be a successor to the CD as an music/audio delivery format. In other words, it's a music CD on stereoids. These DVDs often include extra goodies to go with your music, including video, but I would NOT buy a movie DVD that says it's a DVD-A or DVD Audio. If you can link to DVD you want that'd help me figure out what exactly it is. They might have mixed up their terminology and said it has DVD quality audio but didn't explicitly state it that way.
  13. L4D2 is on sale for $20.09 until Monday. The 4 pack is also on sale for $60.09
  14. ID: Sgt. kitty The in-game friends system is really frustrating. Alternatively you can add me on Steam under "falchion39" since I linked my EA store version to Steam. If you get a steady squad going with four people, you can win the whole round for your team. I play with a bunch of friends and when we get a full squad going we always win the round since everyone else is camping and sniping while we cap.
  15. I used this $20 off coupon code (PAXEAST842) along with a $10 off digital download sale EA had in the EA Store to get the game for $20. The $10 off is expired but you can try the coupon code to get it for $30 for yourself. You have to get it through the EA Store but you can link it to Steam, though it'll say "non-steam game."
  16. Please REMOVE this from WANT: :::computer/music electronic stuff::: ATI Radeon HD 5770 pm me offer [kittykar]
  17. Just got the practice drumpad from AMT. Nice doing business with ya.
  18. I think another big issue is how we respond to younger sounding kids versus older people. For instance, if a kid starts swearing at me I tend to throw out some remark akin to that he should "grow some balls." On the other hand when an "adult" or older sounding player swears at me I pretty much just ignore them and/or mute them. To be fair I don't particularly find that most of the people I meet online are that mature. I've actually met the best and the worst of people while playing WoW and STO. By far the worst people I meet online are in CS 1.6. They are the most likely to be calling people "faggots" and the n-word. So while kids are usually highlighted as being annoying for their voices and habits, I think the real problem is with these assholes throwing out racial slurs. Though for some odd reason the kids always bother me more.
  19. Most 12 year olds are annoying. Their voice is annoying, especially when they're armchair commanders who think they're pro and the team captain or something. I played games as a 12 year old, sure, but not online and certainly not with a mic. When I was that young, I played Guild Wars but was in an adult guild because I showed them I was mature enough to be with them. I am way more accepting of younger players if I actually get to know them, or do know them already, just like my Guild Wars guild did with me.
  20. One of my favorites as well. One VG FML that happened to me recently happened in TF2. I got fed up with the tie at 2-2 on 2fort so I led an assault with my buddy as a heavy-medic combo. Ripped up the other team, but I died on the way back with the intel. I respawn 10 seconds before the game ends...autoswitched to the other team. I scored twice as many points that round as the "1st" MVP on my original team. FML
  21. It is completely safe as it's only a backup and not used for anything other than that. The only downside is that if anything does happen, you won't have a backup. You can just delete it through Windows Explorer and then you should turn off your backup settings.
  22. Well I would say to simply delete it, but that defeats the whole purpose of the backup. I was pretty sure there was a setting limiting the amount of space it uses but I can't find that setting in Windows 7. You might be able to specifically check which folders it backs up as well.
  23. I'll take the drum practice pad. I'll pm you about it when I get some more time on my hands.
  24. It could be software that came pre-installed on the drive. Lots of externals have that crap packaged with it and who knows what other kinds of stuff it puts there.
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