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  1. The only one I like I lot on this album is Suck My Wallet for the style of the singing and the instrumentation. Don't really care for the lyrics too much.
  2. If you mean when the 360 is standing vertical then yeah that one (i.e. not for the 360 slims). If you're interested in the 120gb then I guess you can offer me what you're willing to pay.
  3. I have an extra 120gb HDD for the older Xboxes if that's what you're looking for Drum.
  4. I thoroughly enjoyed General Knoxx plus it does some nice things like introduce some minor changes to add versatility to the classes and increase the level cap. You can definitely do without Mad Moxxi though.
  5. Really liked the old album so I'm looking forward to this one.
  6. Looks like Amazon decided to grace us PC gamers with a digital download sale for once. Click here for all the deals. Notable games on sale include The Witcher: Enhanced Edition for $5 for those that missed it on Steam a couple days ago. GTA4 and Episodes From Liberty City are $5 and $7.50. Note that EFLC is cheaper on Amazon during this sale than it was in the six-pack Thanksgiving sale from Valve. Also Mafia II for $12.50 and Bioshock 2 for $5.
  7. I guess I never really took the time to find that out (or think about it) since I plugged in my controller first thing.
  8. It's fun and addicting for a while but I stopped playing it after I beat the main story. There's plenty of features though and it's really fun. When you go dungeon diving it pretty much turns into a mini action RPG. Personally I think you need to play with a controller instead of keyboard/mouse. The price tag is worth it but I got it in an indie pack with four other games for $5 over Thanksgiving.
  9. Got it gifted to me randomly today by a friend. Haven't tried it out yet though since I have a large backlog of games.
  10. So I'm really glad that this sale introduced me to Shatter because I can't get enough of its music. Been listening on repeat for days.
  11. Could be possible that your hard drive is kicking the bucket. That doesn't explain the inability to delete with a command prompt though. I think it's more likely that it's some sort of malicious software. Any reason why you're putting off the scan?
  12. Wish I did that demo one on the second set of objectives because I'm at 9. =(
  13. Meh...the only thing that sucked about it was that the player was fullscreen and I couldn't figure out how to just make it a window.
  14. Eh at least I can download them directly in the Steam window. I've watched the DX:HR movie like 20 times streamed before today so I guess watching these other ones isn't a big deal.
  15. The chest for Shatter was annoying as hell on a controller. Had to use the mouse for the higher sensitivity.
  16. Yeah fortunately I do have some 360 controllers with the wireless adapter for PC.
  17. I'm a little disappointed that I can't get my Dualshock 3 to get recognized by Shatter especially since Recettear hooked up with it seamlessly. Doubly disappointed since there was a PS3 version before the PC version too.
  18. Sooo Shatter worth the $2.50?
  19. SELL :::PS3::: 40gb FAT PS3 comes w/ six axis controller, power & analog av cables; jailbreakable 3.30fw $240 or trade for YLOD PS3 + $ [kittykar] 12/10 MAG w/case + manual $18 shipped [kittykar] (12/10) Overlord II w/damaged case + manual $8 shipped [kittykar] (12/10) Skate 2 w/case + manual $18 shipped [kittykar] (12/10)
  20. Just a warning about Peggle for those of you with older iPod touches: it lags a lot more now than when it first came out. So far Popcap has done nothing to fix the problem despite numerous complaints. Other than that issue with Peggle, all Popcap games are great on the iOS devices especially Plants vs. Zombies. I actually bought it on my ipod instead of my PC because it's more fun using the touch screen.
  21. Yes it's just like my formatting!
  22. It's the thought that counts man. I ate half that bag of M&Ms already because I'm fat.
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