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  1. I was overwhelmed by the items when I first started but I quickly got used to it. EDIT: hoping on now if anyone wants to play
  2. Wozza the Walrus. There's a list of everyone's summoner name in the first post so you can add them too. EDIT: Just got a pentakill with Trist, albeit in a intermediate bot game. But awesome nonetheless.
  3. Brad, can you add: WANT :::Wii:: Epic Mickey [kitty] (6/11) Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess [kitty] (6/11) Kirby's Epic Yarn [kitty] (6/11)
  4. I play with a lot of "newbies" and am really patient with them if you want to play together. Not saying you'll be bad but that I don't mind playing with people who want to learn. Specially since I was really bad when I first started. I recommend champions like Tristana, Ashe, Annie, Ryze, basically what's already been said. AD carries like Tristana and nukers like Annie and Ryze are the easiest to play in my opinion. Their roles are pretty simple: don't die and kill stuff if you can.
  5. I used to fix them but I'm so over them now. Your best bet is ebay.
  6. I play casually. I usually play CC characters like Alistar or Cho'gath, sometimes support. Add me if you want an extra: Wozza the Walrus.
  7. WiiMote took a little getting used to, but it's close enough to an actual controller that I really don't give a shit about it having waggle controls or not. I still use two hands and have an analog stick with triggers. Works for me.
  8. Can you remove: FOR SALE :::PC::: WoW Cataclysm Key $30 [kitty] (1/11)
  9. With a screen that size, probably. My little ipod touch screen replacement cost me $10.
  10. Is the game time separate or with the voucher? I have the game but quit when it came out because it was a steaming pile of shit. Been wanting to see what they've done to the game in the year I've been gone.
  11. I asked a question pertaining to video games on your Formspring.
  12. You could just buy a Western Digital Passport. They have a 500gb size for a good price.
  13. I'm sorry Zircon, but just because some other company somewhere else in the world screwed up does not make Sony absolved of any negligence or stupidity. Telling us to back off of Sony only makes your statement sound like we are not entitled to care about something that is close to all of us, video games. I will go on caring about what Sony does, as I am a consumer of Sony products. Sure I may be a consumer of these other companies, directly or indirectly, but right now Sony is the topic of discussion and Sony is the one that I know that does have my information and may have not secured it well. It's nice of you to inform us of other companies but I find it more distracting for this discussion than it "puts things in perspective." Also, just because there's a small chance that my information will be used doesn't make me care any less by the fact that SOMEONE's information will be used, whether that be me, someone on OCR, or anyone else.
  14. Man someone else said Iggy's Wreckin Balls. That game was the bomb.
  15. Thirded. I think I played through that about...10 times or so. Sooo good.
  16. I skimmed through the thread quickly but I didn't see anything where it said credit card numbers were stolen, only faked ones were used and not even charged since it was a dev network. At least that's what I got from it. Correct me if I'm wrong.
  17. Please REMOVE: SALE :::PS3::: Red Dead Redemption $25 shipped [kitty] (2/11) WANT :::PS3::: YLOD PS3 with HDD pm for more specifics [kitty] 11/10 Little Big Planet 2 used (maybe new) [kitty] 2/11
  18. I'm looking into learning too and will eventually get lessons. Is there some sort of total beginner's guide to getting started before I start lessons?
  19. It's ridiculously overpriced right now. As one reviewer pointed out, Sega is offering their classics at a regular price that is one-third that of Square-Enix's prices.
  20. Holy crap that's somewhat useful...sometimes...rarely...
  21. I'll give it a shot. EDIT: I hate this Chrome style skin which is exactly why I don't use Chrome (plus all that resource hogging). Blaaaaaah.
  22. Faster in what sense? Loading the program? Cuz that's what I'm looking for since my net speed is pretty good.
  23. Well I had this whole thing typed out saying why running 1ghz higher on both cores will lead to a 30C increase in temp, but I just noticed it's a 30C decrease. I would say you probably had a brick of dust in your fan preventing it from spinning efficiently or even at all. My friend dropped his temps like 40C in his desktop by dusting his case out.
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