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  1. I totally forgot about Banjo-Kazooie. The music changes depending on your location to certain areas or objects.
  2. You'll definitely want to take a look at Parappa the Rapper for PSX(2?)or almost any rhythm game. I think you should also examine how music in the old days (8-bit) was just as important, if not more, as today where we have the technology to include any type of music.
  3. I'm a bit disappointed that two of my favorite sources, Vermillion City and New Bark Town, didn't get placed on this album. My other two favorites, Pallet Town and Goldenrod City, both received some chiptune treatment from one of my personal favorites: halc (not to mention Ben Briggs too). Unfortunately I was also a bit disappointed with the tracks. Personally I thought the original emotion behind both sources was lost in the remixes and that the artists took the tracks in their own direction, which could be good for you other folks out there. The tracks are not bad, just didn't click with me as I hoped.
  4. I can see it now in 2014. Microsoft vs. Nintendo in the console world because Sony drained all their money fighting a fight they can't win.
  5. I had no idea that this was made by a consumer. I thought it was Microsoft rolled this out on their own.
  6. Caviar Blacks have higher RPM which means data is read and written faster. So I definitely recommend it if this computer is going to be compiling files for music which I imagine takes quite some time. Not sure what the exact plans are to build this computer, but prophetik here at OCR builds computers for a small fee. He'll also probably drop in this topic eventually to give his feedback about your hardware setup.
  7. Please ADD: SELL :::ps3::: Red Dead Redemption $25 shipped [kitty] (2/11) Please REMOVE: SELL :::ps3::: Skate 2 w/case + manual $18 shipped [kitty] (12/10) 40gb FAT PS3 comes w/ six axis controller, power & analog av cables; jailbreakable 3.30fw $240 or trade for YLOD PS3 + $ [kitty] 12/10 SERVICES fixing xbox 360 consoles with 2RL and 3RL (aka RROD or red ring of death) errors [kitty] And please UPDATE these listings to username "kitty" SELL :::ps3::: MAG w/case + manual $18 shipped [kitty] (12/10) Overlord II w/damaged case + manual $8 shipped [kitty] (12/10) SERVICES fixing ps3 consoles with YLOD errors [kitty]
  8. I would like my name changed to "kitty". All lower case please. Thanks!
  9. Please ADD: WANT :::PS3::: Little Big Planet 2 used (maybe new) [kittykar] 2/11
  10. Please REMOVE: WANT :::pc::: WoW Cataclysm new in box or unused key $30 [kittykar] (1/11)
  11. I agree with most if not all the cons of DLC but also appreciate the benefits they bring. Overall I'm kinda whatever about the whole situation. What really gets me boiling is how rushed out games are these days for PC. Developers throw a game out for release and it's filled with bugs that make the game unplayable for a vast majority of players. And it's the mentality of oh we'll just fix it later that makes game companies look like they don't care about the community and just care about money. At least DLC adds something to play.
  12. I fix PS3s and unless you can reball the solder it'll never be a 100% guaranteed fix.
  13. WANT :::pc::: WoW Cataclysm new in box or unused key $30 [kittykar] (1/11)
  14. I saved a new one just to see if the settings are being recognized by the CCC at all. Works perfectly the way you said it does but I was just wondering if it's actually getting the altered voltage or not. Apparently saving the current settings it either reverts to default voltage or doesn't recognize the other settings.
  15. Well doing the profile thingy to adjust the core voltage didn't have any effect on the voltage that I can tell. I applied a profile with altered core voltage settings and then saved a new profile with those settings. The voltage settings in the new profile were still default. However I did force the card to run at max clock settings 100% of the time and the corruption ceased. Are there any downsides or things I should know about if I'm running my card at max settings all the time? Or is the dynamic clock settings just a power saving thing? EDIT: So I'm running stable at 928MHz GPU and 1298MHz for the memory with it forced at max. That's a 6% boost over the already overclocked stock settings.
  16. Yeah I was at a loss for how to adjust the core voltage since CCC didn't let me. My brief reading of the interwebs suggested that I needed to adjust it in proportion with the clock speeds and I was perplexed as to why the CCC won't let you do just that. I'll try this out with underclocking to see if it helps.
  17. Is that a stuffed animal on top of that sofa? Looks pretty cute.
  18. I used both the CCC and a third-party temperature tool to look at the temps unless the temp sensors are hardware based. You'll have to excuse my ignorance.
  19. Seriously am going to only go nvidia from now on. I only went ATI this time because it was relatively cheap for the price. Yeah and it's weird that it isn't heat because it runs at 50 degrees celcius during load.
  20. This thread has taken a turn down the wrong road...
  21. So I decided I wanted to give my computer a little extra juice to play around with while running games. I run a decent setup with a E6600 Core 2 Duo, 4gb RAM, and an ATI 5770. I also run two monitors, one at 1920x1200 at 60Hz and another with my desktop extended on it at 1280x1024 at 60Hz. So here's my problem: the system runs fine on default settings in AMD's CCC Overdrive utility. Manual fan control on or off works fine too. However, when I adjust either clock setting, even adjusting it lower causes display corruption on my second monitor. When the screens are showing still images the display is fine. The corruption occurs even when I scroll in a window like in Firefox and when I use more graphics power like in games. I've played Borderlands (max settings) on my main monitor and it runs fine with the higher clock speeds but the second monitor still has problems. I run HDMI to my main and DVI to my secondary if that makes any difference. EDIT: The display corruption during Borderlands happens when I'm loading a new area and not during actual gameplay, even when my fps drops pretty low. My processor is also overclocked to 3.4ghz. Also still does it when clocked lower than default. EDIT2: Well I had Borderlands alt-tabbed for about 30 minutes and the display corruption is only on the main now but still only during the loading screen and during scrolling of windows. Drivers are updated to the latest version as well. EDIT3: When I connect both monitors using DVI the display corruption is on my main monitor.
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