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  1. I guess instead of saying "least favorite" I should have said "only one I don't like"... I have heard all of them and still listen to them regularly. My favorites are Donkey Kong Country and Super Metroid.
  2. This is by far my least favorite of all the OCR full soundtrack releases. I've listened to the whole thing twice and there are maybe 2 songs total I want to listen to again. I'll be deleting this one.
  3. I was disappointed but it wasn't a bad movie. The humor was good throughout except some very kiddy moments and one action scene was awesome. I'd give it 6/10.
  4. I thought tonight's episode was good, but not great. I enjoyed it all the way thru tho. The Thing-style blood testing nearly had me in tears though. So stupid...
  5. I reckon the movie will be enjoyable for people who grew up with the original show/movies but will fall short of greatness because it is PG.
  6. So, about tonight's episode... When Butters' dad came through the door while Cartman had his dick in his mouth it was the hardest I have ever laughed at a TV show.
  7. Although I love metal and it is my preferred form of music and I don't really care for most rap, whenever I read or hear someone say "x > rap" I wish death on them. Also, most reviewers of anything generally don't have the qualifications to have their review mean anything. Besides, who gives a fuck what people think of something you like?
  8. I was really surprised when I saw the headline earlier. He was one of my favorite comedians. He never failed to make me laugh.
  9. parasoul


    Personally, I would never take a school paper movie critic srsly. I wish Ebert was in better health so I could read his opinion on the movie. Whoever reviewed it in his place for the Chicago Sun Times gave it 4 stars, which I was delightfully surprised by. Just checked, turned out it was Roeper who gave it 4 stars. Impressive.
  10. That is one of my favorite moments in the series. That, and in the same episode: "T...for...time to leave?" when looking at the burning cross on the lawn.
  11. parasoul


    300 was a great movie. Favorite parts were the main character breaking the phalanx and owning a dozen guys in slow motion and the 2 guys doing the exact same thing 30 minutes later. Totally awesome movie.
  12. Funniest parts for me were: 1. Wheel of Fortune thing at the beginning of course 2. When Token said, "Jesse Jackson is not the emperor of black people!"
  13. parasoul

    Sony PS3

    Only chance of me buying a PS3 is if it drops down to $400 someday and even then I doubt it. Until then, I'm glad my housemate bought one so I could play Resistance. Ridge Racer sucks. Next game I'll play is Virtua Fighter 5 since it's on our Gamefly list. Next game after that is a long way off I think. Maybe GTA4? Oh no, wait...next game after that will be God of War 2...even though it's a PS2 game. Any other good PS2 games coming out?
  14. Too bad I can't access my accounts anymore. I'd kinda like to use my 99 Sorc (duped out the ass).
  15. I enjoyed the movie. It was actually creepy, which you can't say about most horror movies. I hate the games (I dislike all survivor-horror games) but like the story so I hope they make more movies.
  16. I have thought for a long time that Brawl would be the game they used to introduce Wii online play. I hope I'm still right. I don't want to wait until 4th quarter for this.
  17. I haven't played FF3 in about 5 years when I played a fan translation on an emulator. Like most NES RPGs I didn't like it. If I couldn't speed up time with the emulator I probably would have went insane leveling up high enough to beat those games.
  18. I wouldn't call Halo crap...just very average.
  19. They should have had one of the female dancers kneeling on the other side of the curtain. Then people would have a right to complain.
  20. I still have the cartridge of FF3 for SNES...maybe I should buy a controller or something.
  21. "You're a Pirate" from Lazytown is worth a look.
  22. parasoul

    ATHF Movie

    This press conference had the potential to be very funny if they had rehearsed or planned this more.
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