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  1. 75 dollars? Damn, I should get my ass to do a remix rite now
  2. Damn right. I never went to a music college, but had particular classes, and most of my orchestration technique is self taught (which was a lot of job). At university Im studying computer engineering, not music. Maybe it's just like McVaffe said: working on a game-related field might open you the doors to professional music composing. It would be easier to me hitting the professional music field if I worked as coder in any game company,just because i could easily show my job to the bosses. In that moment I'd have on my side these two facts: 1- I am a good musician, 2- I am cheaper than anyone they're planning to contract.
  3. For the last month, I've been looking for freelance jobs on music through the internet. All that i found was the same: - Every paid project has already a musician on board. All i can see always is: WE'RE LOOKING FOR : concept artists, 3d artists, programmers... but NEVER a musician. What the hell...? -Every thread requesting musicians for a paid project gets overcrowded with answers of self called "musicians",very little deserving of calling themselves that, with minimal skills and absolute ignorance on music composition and forms. And what's worse... there's always one of those who gets picked and paid. It sucks so much studying music for YEARS, and seeing that other ones that suck get those freelance jobs while I don't. Maybe it's that I have to be the very first to answer because being good doesn't matter anymore.
  4. Games are a compound of arts, as the MOVIES are. As a compound, they are another, superior (in complexity) form of art. Visual art --> From the first pixellated sprites used in the games to the 3d models of nowadays, it's ART. (Haven't you ever seen a pac-man or an invaders sprite painted on a wall? If that's art... why wouldn't be the sprites of the game itself?) MUSIC --> Am i REALLY going to defend that the music of videogames are art here? No comment Sound FX --> Those are a really hard job for the guys working on the game. it's an art making you believe that you really are in a car, or in a mech, or that you're just being attacked by an alien horde,or that you're firing a machine gun or an ultra-advanced futuristic weapon. But there's an unique element about videogames that other arts dont have on the same level as games have: INTERACTIVITY Those ones who say that games are NOT an art are just saying that the interactive component is weak enough to nullify the other components Which is, of course, an absurd. If movies are an art, why wouldn't be games? All those who say that games are not art are underestimating the job of so many ..."artists?" in the game industry. Stating that games are not art,consequently you are you just saying that Jeremy Soule's or Yasunori Mitsuda's music is not art Or that Tetsuya Nomura or Akira Toriyama's designs are not art. (and if you're stupid enough to say.. "the music.. or the concept artwork are art but the game itself its not..." go and read back this whole thing)
  5. PWNED! You got it , bud! Congratulations! And, good mix, btw!
  6. Nope.. Just sent the remix to Ocr a couple of days ago.. though i don't have much faith of it getting accepted because of it's medely-ish structure. Anyways, that comment sounded pretty encouraging ! LOL Thanks a lot for the first part of the comment.! .. yeah, i know I've only made an arrangement..a big arrangement of only one theme of Oblivion... My goal was to see how much I could play with a single melodic idea. Seriously, I wish I could have put more Oblivion stuff into it.. Maybe for the new remixes coming!. Now that you say.. in Bushido http://www.ocremix.org/forums/showthread.php?t=16069 I'll have to do something like that.. X gave me a couple of ideas of featuring another Sango Fighter themes in the mix, and now that I see it's really liked by people, I'll give it a try. Thanks a lot for commenting! I really appreciate
  7. Hm.... this owns.... Seriously bud, this is EFFIN IMPRESSIVE... what's the problem about it? ..hmm..welll maybe the volume of the trumpet at 2:13 LOL... but seriously, this pro work
  8. hmm.. maybe i could find out something to fix the strings, i know they arent perfect hmm. about 00:38 onwards... that part... in the original version felt really weak, so i decided to change it ,.. ( just modulated the first four bars of the theme.. it's just arrangement ) although, im gonna feature the full theme throgh the song. Don't worry, I'll try not loosing the feeling of the original. By the way, could you send me a link to the tune you said that was your favourite?
  9. Hi there. Here's a sango fighter arrangement i prepared in a couple of hours , inspired by Hans Zimmer's Last Samurai OST. UNFINISHED WIP-1 http://media.putfile.com/Prometheus-Bushido Loved it? Hated it? Crits and opinions are well received. EDIT: By the way, here's a link to the original. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l-m_xeRPWCI&feature=related -John
  10. Effin kicks ass.... No, seriously. this rocks.
  11. Hmm... overally sounds really good. Nice composition, and melody samples are quite well choosen. The reeverb makes everything sound empty so cut it down a bit. However, it is ok for parts like in 1:12. Maybe the biggest complaint are the drum sounds.. specially that snare, which sounds like a fruity loops preset, although its not really a complaint (it doesnt sound bad)... but give a try to other drum samples (hi hat and snare.... kick drum is ok), and this might get REALLY awesome. Just, good work mate. Keep experimenting on it, there's a lot of potential.
  12. Bud, you got it. Congrats on your first OcRemix, you've been deserving it for very long. I guess i'll hear it once i get some headphones.... agh..
  13. Mmmm.. taking part on this xRisingForcex VS Prophet of Mephisto argument, I have to stand on RisingForce's side. Performers are truly overrated. The fact that you see the music coming throught them, sometimes makes people think they made that music, when they actually did not. The amount of musical elements you can control in a piece as a performer are LIMITED, VERY LIMITED, and normally you have to stick strictly to the damn paper, playing exactly all the notes written on it. The strict, musical-school-taught performers are extremely overrated. They just do what is in the paper. If they do an arrangement of the piece, cool, is their life... but when they play the piece the way it is, they're just playing what someone else thought once. Let's get a cool methaphor. A composer is someone who creates a cool, catchy phrase. For example: "The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content. " - Albert Einstein. If I now repeat the phrase, I will become an interpreter of it (and not it's composer). Since my voice sucks I will be a bad interpreter of it. But, give the phrase to someone with a cool voice and a cool image... imagine Bruce Willis saying "The mass of a body is a measure of its energy content. " Okay,.. sounds cooler because of the voice, but the message is STILL THE SAME . Bruce Willis NEVER discovered that E = M*C^2 , he just said the damn phrase To be a music-college performer, you need technique and MECHANICAL TRAINING... Just moving the fingers... over and over.. practice the movement,.. get speed. It's really a lot of work, but it's not the intelligent training Prophet of Mephisto says. I've spent 8 years learning piano in a music college, and got highest marks, but i stopped because i was bored and i was sick of playing someone else's pieces. Jazz performers are different. A jazz piece is an excuse for interpretation, creating a whole world from 5 or 6 pentagrams. A jazz partiture is, in some way an attemp to create an "organised improvisation". Jazz musicians are on the border of composition, so... they're not really overrated. They almost create from very few notes that are written on the pentagrams. To be a jazz performer, you need INTELLIGENT training... specially like playing with bands and such. I realised that a couple of months ago, when i started learning jazz. Still , I havent got a band, but im trying to figure out some stuff to practice. But... WTF?... I think you guys should create a thread in the forum and keep discussing this there.
  14. Hey, I'd love to participate. This is some of my stuff http://media.putfile.com/prometheus-farewell and http://media.putfile.com/prometheus-theflyingmachine the bad thing is that is very likely that all the songs remaining are the shitty ones.... dammit.... Anyways, any suggestion to start with?
  15. Horizons - LTJ Bukem Circles - Roni Size and Adam F Hi-Potent - Roni Size The whole album "Some Blue Notes" , by LTJ bukem And this tuna http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oimuzK1S_UQ
  16. brilliant work dud, as always! It's nice to hear some new stuff from ya
  17. In creating music, maybe these have been my favourite pieces. Farewell http://media.putfile.com/Prometheus-Farewell The Flying Machine http://media.putfile.com/Prometheus-TheFlyingMachine Six years ago, one of my biggest dreams was to make music like Yasunori Mitsuda or Hiroki Kikuta. Those guys were some sort of gods to me. I think nowadays I'm somewhat close to their awesomeness (and I'd say im a bit further than nearer, because i'm only a hobbyist and not a pro) Right now Im supposed to be the guy making the OST for Mystery of Albesila http://mysteryofalbesila.deviantart.com/ ... but I'm waiting for an animated script to write some real stuff. Here's some kind of trailer of the concept art ... there are more, but the music of the others sucked... it's really old stuff.Also, it was great to be accepted in Doom: Delta-Q-Delta project, and in some others. I cant wait for them to be released, and see what happens!
  18. Awesome ! You used some good samples.. There is also a nice buildup here. There's a lot of variety.. a good production.. very very good. .... honestly don't know what you can improve . so... Keep this awesome!
  19. Nice guitar sounds.. Im really digging the begining! Good buildup.. slow and chilling . Maybe is only a thing of tastes but this could improve a lot if drums had a bit more of presence (an example http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=olYVnvfPDoI or even this , which kinda approaches your style)I know many people will say "Hey I liked the drums.. you f*cking retard, stop saying cr*p about Bluemagic".. but seriously ... try tweaking a bit the eq-ing of the drums, and maybe putting the snare drum slightly louder..or even distorting a bit the hi hat... I can assure you miracles can be done with that! Great change section at 1:22. I like the way you use the piano. I think a female singer, or a Craig-Davis-like-male singer could turn this into total awesomeness, you should seriously consider that possibility. Also, a soft, slightly-distorted guitar solo could be great for a variation part Overally this sounds great, but you gotta FINISH IT!!!
  20. Sounds quite good!! What would happen if you put an M.C. here? I think that could turn this into a great OCr hit mix! Good FX stuff.. i liked most of things here. The only thing I'd have to critique is the overall bitrate quality of this.. somehow it sounds pretty low-fi-ish to me
  21. Finished version!! At last! You can check it out here http://media.putfile.com/Prometheus-PiratesOfOblivion-FinishedV1 What chances do I have of getting this accepted?
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