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Found 332 results

  1. Here is the beginning of my remix for Estate Betrayal...I'll need to work on the drums next. I need to also get the attack right on the strings so that they swell more!
  2. Just kind of a doodle for now, but I might develop this into a more complete mix further down the road. What think y'all? millennialtraveler.mp3
  3. Hello! Brand new to the VGM remixing scene. I started this song forever ago and stalled out. Finally got around to finishing a rough cut (thank you, social distancing) and would welcome some feedback on how to make it more interesting. I'm also kinda bad at telling what needs EQing, so I welcome feedback on that as well. Thanks for listening!
  4. Made this for MnP111 I'm thinking of doing more, since it's 100% source material with added 808 bass and percussion. So, just barely not a MIDI rip.
  5. This is different than what I have tried before:) It's supposed to be a rock band playing the tune. I don't know guitar worth a damn, but I tried adding some automation to some guitar parts to make them sound more "human", but I didn't want to overdo it. Remix then original are posted. Thanks for feedback!:) Remix Original
  6. I've always wanted to do an arrangement of this tune, which plays as you and your partner tuck in for the night after completing a mission. A few days ago, inspiration struck, and I developed a swingy lo-fi hip-hop rendition with a more cheerful chord progression. I'm pretty happy with the sound and mix currently, and have a friend working on a saxophone solo for the middle rep where the lead drops out around 1:22, but I'd like to have some extra ears on it before I call it cooked.
  7. This is a sketch I made a couple of years ago but seemingly never posted here for some reason. Is it anything I should consider finishing? Thoughts/critique/suggestions welcome! Note that this is the intro from Belmont's revenge for the Gameboy, not Simon's quest for the NES. Original:
  8. Long time since I stopped by here. The pandemic at least allows for some studio time... Here is a metal version of "Epic war" from the first ever RTS, Dune 2 by Westwood. Not sure who wrote the original, but Frank Klepacki was involved even back then so lets say this is one of his. I think it sounds evil enough. Thoughts are welcome. Is the arrangement metal enough? Is the mix in the ballpark? Is it too short? Are vocals kosher around here? Other opinions? Original:
  9. This is an unfinished segment of a medley me and my remix partner are working on for a Secret of Mana/Trials of Mana tribute. There are a lot of mechanical problems we're working on, but right now my biggest concern is EQ and balance. The current approach is boosting the violins at the mid-high range, Cellos at mid, and Brass at mid-high. I welcome feedback, and hope this piece isn't too hard on the ears. Thanks.
  10. It's just over 2 minutes long at this point. Any input at all is welcome. What's good, what's bad, let me know.
  11. Hi, I made this remix using a lot of original sounds from original OST and make this in DNB vibes Enjoy
  12. Hi everyone, I am pretty new to music production. I've been listening to video game cover bands/OCR for a long time though, and wanted to try contributing. I've actually submitted this mix once already, but this was before I realized that there was literally an awesome forum for feedback and suggestions! Please let me know if there's anything specific I should work on. My most recent feedback was to try to vary the parts a little bit with each repetition, and so I've tried to make the bass and drums feel more dynamic. Thanks in advance for the feedback! JackOfAllBards/GuitarJoe48
  13. Hi everyone, Very new to music production and no musical background etc just fancied a dabble in fl studio, I am very passionate about early Sega games and 16 bit games in general. As one of my favorite games Streets of rage was always the epitome of beat-em-ups for me, additionally i grew up in the 80's when synth sound tracks such as crockets theme or Axel F were popular so i wanted to smash the two together. Please be kind, this is a work in progress and just ideas at present. Streets Of Rage - Moon beach Waves Regards Gav Aka Genesis1983
  14. I'm a huge fan of synthwave and soft style synth music. This is my take on "Sanctuary of Zi'Tah" from Final Fantasy XI's Expansion "Rise of the Zilart". I went for a slow and relaxing remix. I'm pretty satisfied with it, but I'm about 90% with the ending. Enjoy! Remix: Source:
  15. Hey All! I started this remix after seeing a lot of other people on YouTube making remixes for their dream Smash Bros. characters. I tried to make it sound like music you'd hear on a stage in-game so I wanted it to be really epic and exciting. I'm still pretty amateur when it comes to orchestral composing so I was hoping to get some feedback on the quality of the song and some advice on where I should take it since it's not finished yet. A few things to note: I don't have access to any super high quality orchestral VSTs so I've been trying to squeeze the best sound quality that I can out of free VSTs and the ones that come with FL Studio The drum loop to me seems really repetitive, which is because I actually used an orchestral drum loop for the whole percussion section (I don't have access to orchestral drums either, lol) I'm still struggling with the mixing and mastering for the song. Balancing orchestral instruments is pretty tough and I'd be open to any advice on how to do a better job! I'm not sure if I'm using the various string sections (violins, violas, cello, bass) correctly. I kind of just put the notes in the places I thought sounded best I'd love to hear people's thoughts on the track and any feedback for making it better! Here's my track: And here's the original song for reference: Anyways, Dragonborn for Smash!
  16. Halo's Soundtrack is rightly revered, and I've been humbly trying to arrange one of my favorites. "Unforgotten" beautifully captures a wistful longing and determination that simultaneously uplifts and crushes the heart, in a merciful way. I can't make strings sing like Martin O'Donnell, but I hope to convey some feeling through this piece. And yes, the gunfire sfx is from Halo 3 with some doctoring. Feedback welcome as always. Thanks, and enjoy. Halo_Immortal Memory.mp3
  17. The remix's time signature is different but kept key changes and rests that were in the original. Original: Remix: Past Ten.mp3?attredirects=0&d=1
  18. Phantasy Star II - Restoration - An arrangement album (Sorry if this is an inappropriate place for this thread. Move if need be.) Introduction: Hey OCR Folks, it's been a long time. This is the first project and music remixes i've actually worked on in 4 to 5 years. (Last complete thing I made was an audio restoration project for Grandia II ) So i'm a little rusty. The reason it's been so long is that in 2016 through a myriad of unknown circumstances I acquired Tinnitus in both my ears along with some major sinus issues and something wrong with the left side of my jaw that has caused a variety of symptoms in my left ear that i've had to learn to deal with. (The biggest issue being for whatever reason more low frequency sounds seem to travel through my left side of my head more than the right. And so listening to audio with bass it sounds more localized in my left ear and slightly off center and not entirely unidirectional.) Learning to live with this stuff took a long time to not only acclimate to, but to get over the extreme anxiety of never being able to hear really the same as I used to. One day I was fine, one day I randomly woke up and my whole world was changed. And so I thought I had to give up audio and music forever. I did try to start a few things here and there after 2016 but could never overcome my anxiety to finish. I uploaded a few on my soundcloud Something you could do to be helpful as well. I've only ever played part of Phantasy Star II, never finished it and I watched my older brother play through parts of it a lot when I was younger. (I was born 2 years after release) and so while I am familiar with the music and love it. There is a lot of context to some of these I am missing. So if anyone could provide useful hints about where or how pieces of music are played (For songs I haven't already posted a WIP for) that would be very helpful for inspiration Restoration - Current WIP Basically finished and loopable. I'll come back much later to make adjustments with a clean head. Step up - Current WIP This is the first arrangement of a song that is actually very short that just loops a lot. So I created a new intro section. Basic sequencing is in, very basic mixing. But the foundations are in place for the idea I have for this. A Prologue - Current WIP This one is fairly far along. Polished sequencing/performances and a lot more developed mixing and arrangement changes. (Plus a reference to Phantasy Star 1!). A prominent feature of the first half of this "Nightmare" is a Heartbeat driving the song. The arrangement is a lot more fleshed out and additional sections of music have been added. Overall I feel like this song really wants to channel some Vanegllis and Blade Runner. Subconsciously, those are what my brain goes to with "Space!" Bracky news - Current WIP Another song that started out as a *very* short original piece of music. Like 16 seconds. The composition is extended to almost 1.5 minutes with variations of the core composition to make a longer loop. This one gave me the most trouble so far trying not to go too overboard and make something that won't be fitting to hear in game. There are more guitars because I can't help but think about Metal when I see this guy So I wouldn't be opposed to scrapping this arrangement and starting from scratch for something more "Blip Bloopy Spacey" Mystery - Current WIP I just started this one last night. The basics are in place and the core loop is sort of developed. But this is *Exactly* how I imagined this one in my head. :p Phantasy Pressure Pleasure My Home Rise or Fall Movement Advanced Secret Ways Over Silent Zone Excite Town Violation Power Under Death Place Exclaim Never Dream This will probably take a while to finish between working full time and trying to do other stuff. But i'm more motivated the more I go on,though I have to mind my ears. Some days with Tinnitus are worse than others and that can affect my sound perception. And worst come to worst if I can't finish i'll just release the few songs that are finished eventually. Nya??
  19. Edit: updating link to a newer version, again! This is something I recently started working on. It's a cover of "First Steps (Pointless Machines)" from Celeste. If you're not familiar with the source, it's on youtube here: Here is my current WIP: My main concern at this point is if it's too long, but I don't know what I would cut if I had to shorten it. It would probably have to be either section A (the first introduction of the melody at 0:32) or A2 (the guitar solo) together with the following B section since they play the same melody and it doesn't really need to be stated twice I guess. But I don't really want to cut either! Any advice or feedback would be wonderful, thanks for your time. I would like to try submitting this track, is it ready yet?
  20. Hi, So I've decided to finally have a proper go at the remixing and VGM thing, after some prompting from fellow band members and friends. I've done a remix of "NiGHTS and Reala", which I'd love some objective feedback on from people who don't know me. Apologies if this isn't the place for it, but it seemed the most appropriate thread as I'm reaching out to the community. I'm aware it's very similar to the source material, but that's because a) there's no comparison to the source material, and b) I just wanted to jam along with what I knew, to get started. Otherwise, all and any criticism is welcome - thanks very much! Filidecht
  21. So I came up with this wacky idea to have an actual theme song for Krazy Kremland. I managed to kobble together this "Its a Small World" version of "Welcome to Crocodile Isle" with a tad of the Gangplank Galleon thrown in. I also wrote partial lyrics to it that I had the idea of a "Nuka World" style chorus singing to it. Its a Little Isle of Talking Crocodiles Krem Land's really fun if you avoid the bees Rides have Broken tracks and there's a lot of bees Its a Little Isle of Crocodies Come down and Stay A While And you'll see Lots of bees lots of bees a few trees and more bees Its a Little Little Kremland after all! I'm debating if this could be OCREMIX worthy. My samples are crap, but its a bit forgivable because its all calliope music. I suck at mixing, and singing. If anyone wants to collab on this and make it better I'm all ears. I also plan to make a music video with puppets of this. Example of my previous DK puppet video:
  22. Hello Everyone, Best wishes for this year to come to everyone To start something this year as past years haven't been as full of musics as I wished, and following my nearly traumatic fanatism of Sonic the hedgehod themes, I've started what is for now Working-titled "Docto Ivo's Masterpiece" (Ivo being the quite forgotten firstname of our beloved "Eggman"). This is still very early WIP and requires a lot of polishing, even more regarding the recording (which will, to be honest, need to be finally handled by someone who can play better than me cause it's always easier to write than to record sur voluntarily "extravagant" piece of work). This is what I came as a first part and early wip. To be clear again, this is *meant* to be very extravagant, just as the title says it all, but not to be anyhow "pretentious". Think about it as being played by a frustrated aging Eggman. _______________________________________________________________________________ Regarding the principle of writing, i've just took a lot of my prefered and classic themes of Robotnik, trying to unify theme and rewrite them for piano solo with this kind of exercice in mind : - here is an extracted example for Final Zone (Sonic 1) so everyone get the idea straight immediately : Rewriting Oldies for Piano Solo - Final Zone (Sonic1) (rewriting starts at 00:15) _______________________________________________________________________________ About the source materials, it's unified and messed up from all the classic expected sources like, but not exhaustively - Sonic 3 & Knucles "Robotnik's theme" - Sonic 2 "Dr Robotniks theme" - Sonic The hedgehog "Robotnik's theme" - 2-Player Vs. - Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean Machine [OST] - Sonic 1 Music: Final Zone - Sonic 3 Music: Final Boss - and so on... Any feedback will be deeply apreciated. So tell me everything I don't wanna hear !! (and everything i'd be pleased to if anyhow you're please too <3) _______________________________________________________________________________ Here is a private SoundCloud link to the WiP: Doctor Ivo's Masterpiece - Part 1 - Early wip (Robotnik's themes for piano solo) _______________________________________________________________________________ Edit log : - added some rudimentary marking as soundcloud commentary, may it ease commenting parts - inverted tags so they correctly appear in thread list _______________________________________________________________________________
  23. Hey guys, this is my first time posting, so sorry if I mess something up here. I'm really not the best at mixing, so I would really like some advice on how to mix this track better. info: DAW is fl studio Libraries: Hollywood Strings, Hollywood brass, ProDrummer Source (I think I need this)
  24. A rockish arrangement of Flare's level from Panel de Pon (or the Gargantuan Blargg from Tetris Attack) with some synth and orchestral elements. As the title suggests, I was going for something to tribute the burning spirit of the fire fairy, with the rock aspects suggesting the aggressive behavior of dancing flames while the synth and piano hints at a more whimsical fae nature. This piece was an attempt on my part to experiment with the Ministry of Rock 2 plugin from Eastwest. Clearly, I have only a trace of clue what I'm doing, and the performance isn't that convincing (particularly the guitars, bass, drums.) The guitars still sound a bit hollow, and I'm hoping to learn how to make them blend with the other instruments without becoming muddy. Critiques, advice, tips, warnings, etc, appreciated. Thanks for listening, and happy new year! The original source. Inferno Fairy Meltdown.mp3
  25. So this is my latest WIP. This one is the first attempt without soundfonts, and done with VST's and Cakewalk. It's rough, not close to being done, just looking for feedback for work done so far. Thanks:)