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Found 262 results

  1. This is it -- today is officially the 20th Anniversary of the Tomb Raider franchise. To celebrate, here's a rock ballad mix I've worked on since the very beginning of the year as a tribute to one of my all-time favorite video game franchises. HUGE thanks to @That Headband Guy, @mattmatrice and @IplaiGames for joining me on this project and making this track even more awesome with their perfomances, arrangements, mixing and mastering. And VERY special thanks to Eilaire ( for letting us use one of her cosplay pictures for visual support -- truly one of the most talented Lara Croft cosplayers out there. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, TOMB RAIDER!!
  2. Okay, so after I managed to find a way to play the lead melody of 'The Past' from 'Metal Gear: Ghost Babel' by ear, I started working on a remix. Unfortunately, the said melody is the only part of the song I was able to retranscribe and I'd like to add more elements of the original source to the mix. Since I couldn't find a MIDI anywhere, I was wondering if anyone here (with good ears) could help me sequence one I could use as reference for the mix. Source: Thankfully, it's neither a long piece nor a complicated track, so it shouldn't take too long... I guess ^^' Thanks in advance!
  3. Hello, there! I'm working on a piano arrangement of Peter Connelly's 'Theme' from 'Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation' and, since I don't play piano, I was hoping I could find a pianist who'd like to work on it with me. Here's a demo of the mix: It's not perfect and needs few changes here and there to sound better (and playable too, perhaps XD). So if you'd like to help me arrange it, and eventually perform it, please contact me. You can find the MIDI file here: This year celebrates the franchise' 20th Anniversary, so let's give the lady a great present for the occasion
  4. Hi, OC ReMix! This year, Lara Croft celebrates her 20th Birthday and, since the franchise only has one remix on OCR (the great 'Adventure Is in the Air' by EmptyMy), I thought it could be nice to offer the lady a second one just for the occasion. I actually started a piano arrangement of Peter Connelly's 'Theme' (from 'Tomb Raider: The Last Revelation') and was wondering if you guys could give me feedbacks so I can try to make it OCR worthy (if it is possible to ^^'). Bare in mind that the song was not humanized yet -- I'd like to have the whole composition right before I eventually start recording a real-life piano play. Original Version: Remix: I wouldn't mind collaborate with any of you if you think this WIP could actually fit another genre better -- like a rock ballad or somehting -- and would like to help with the transposition Thanks in advance and Happy New Year to you all!
  5. Star Wars, Episode VII: The DoD Awakening #1 Claude D. - Star Wars - Boozin' in Mos Eisley - good +0.05 #2 Ivan Hakštok - Star Wars - Sidious - good -0.39 #3 Shipluss - Star Wars: Battlefront 2 - Life in Space - good -0.45 #4 streifig - Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic - Her Battle Meditation - above average +0.43 #5 Boroda-kun - Star Wars - Death Star Drakkar - above average +0.35 #6 Sagnewshreds - Super Star Wars: The Empire Strikes Back - You Must Become a Shredi Master - above average +0.18 #7 Hat - Star Wars - The Band - above average -0.01 #8 Daniel Alm - Star Wars [JVC] - That Wookiee Boy Ain't Right - above average -0.48 #9 The Valley Kings - Star Wars [JVC] - Your Princess is in Another System - average +0.48 #10 pingosimon - Star Wars - Imperial March - average +0.27 Voters: 17 New Year is here and finally you can see the epic conclusion to this December saga. Congrats to Claude D(arth)., Ob-Ivan Hakštok and Imperial Starshipluss! And to everyone who entered, the force is strong with all of you. Thanks to everyone who listened and voted! Check out the updated songs: At the Month Page: As a .zip pack: On YouTube: Okay, enough with Star Wars puns, next month is... Collaboration Month! It's a free month with one condition: NO SOLO ENTRIES! You have to collaborate with someone. Or bring your band. No entry should feature a single person, because this is Collaboration Month, period. In the spirit of the theme, the banner was made by a group of Anonymous DoD Artists. The listening party is gonna be held live at MAGFest 2016! Get to Gaylord National Resort & Convention Center in Maryland on February 18-21 and join us at the celebration of all things VGM. Gonna be fun. The songs are due: February, 16th, 11:59 AM EST Send your entries to
  6. This is a finished cover of "Eyes on Me" from Final Fantasy VIII. This is an acoustic cover utilizing my vocals and Kyle Magnusson's piano. Credit also goes to Kyle for editing the video and audio. Feedback is appreciated!
  7. Hello, I have made a cover of the Hyrule market theme from The legend of Zelda, ocarina of time! I hope you'll enjoy it! -Mr.Alek
  8. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  9. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.
  10. What did you think? Post your opinion of this ReMix.