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Found 47 results

  1. Hello gang, my first post! Long time lurker (10+ years), and i've always loved listening to the remixes on the site. Thanks to all the creative geniuses who lurk here I've been trying to figure out a few tracks on this video for a while now, however recently i was able to ID two of them (one was from starfox and the other one was from ninja gaiden; should note both remixes came from here :D). see below for reference, the track i'm trying to ID starts at 2:50. If anyone could help ID that track it'd be greatly appreciated TIA!
  2. I am a little surprised that the original outrun game got remixes but outrun 2019 never got any. I mean hell, not even youtube has anything. So here I am making a request. I would like to see tracks 3, and 4 remixes. Named "Steal into the night" And "Relight my fire." I may sound a little weird, as I'm asking for a remix, but not entirely a remix, more like a modern facelift. What they might sound like had they been created with todays tech, rather than what they had in the genesis era. Steal into the night: this I could see being rather well done in in more of a techno feel. Have a little fun with it, but I'd like it to feel closeer to the original than a whole new song. Relight my fire. This one feels like it would be better suited to a more real instrumental theme, I can't quite place the 'main' instruments and what they were trying to emulate, be it more brass, or string. Again I'd like it if it was kept close to home, not straying far from the original. Sorry if this feels totally useless for guidance.
  3. Sonic Colours - Planet Wisp - Nintendo Wii - Pixelizer REMIX Good Listening ! Original track :
  4. Pokemon GO - Title Screen Theme - Pixelizer Chiptune REMIX - SEGA Mega Drive Sounds Original Track :
  5. Part of a series of remixes called 'Hidden Palace,' from a Toronto collective called The OIC, check out more info on the project: Free MP3 download at:
  6. A house remix of Sonic The Hedgehog's "Green Hill Zone" Theme Title: One Last Lap Genre: House BPM: 128 Prolly my last post for today, feel free to leave your comments/suggestions below. Thanks!
  7. Wassup guys! So I put vocals on "Windmill Isle" from Sonic Unleashed. For those who played the game, the lyrics kinda of go with the feeling of the stage. Hope you enjoy! Been getting good reviews so far
  8. Wassup guys! So I added vocals to "Eggmanland" from Sonic Unleashed! It features Dr. Eggman himself! Hop you guys like this one!
  9. Sonic CD Fans! Check out the smooth remix to “Palmtree Panic” from Sonic CD. I call this the Smooth Future version. Chill and lay back to this jam! Enjoy! MY VERSION ORIGINAL
  10. Streets of Rage fans! Check out the EDM remix to "Go Straight" from Streets of Rage 2! One of my favorite games and one of my favorite tracks from the game! This has in-game sound effects. Of course nothing beats the original ORIGINAL: MY VERSION:
  11. Check out my vocal mix of Aquatic Base from Sonic 2006! I call this "Aquatic Showdown"! Enjoy! If you like my music, subscribe to my YouTube! I have more remixes on there!
  12. Check out the dance remix to Hilltop Zone from Sonic 2. This also has a surprise Sonic theme in the middle of the song! Enjoy! Hope you like! Original: My Version:
  13. Hey all, Got a remix here that I would love any and all input on. I plan on speeding it up a little, adding some more drum/synth variations and well as contemplating completely replacing the last part to help eliminate repetition. I've been working on this on and off for about a year now and sounds pretty different than how I originally had it. Though I kind of dig it:) Thanks
  14. I did a freestyle to Knuckles theme "Unknown from M.E.", one of my favorite tracks...hope you like!
  15. Check Out "Ice Cap Zone (Dance Remix)", which is a dance remix of Ice Cap Zone from Sonic 3...bring this to any party! Enjoy! Hope you like!
  16. Just finished up this remix of "Sky Chase Zone" from Sonic 2. Hope you like!
  17. Here is my "Unofficial Sonic Generations Vocal Album", which I added lyrics to all the "Modern" stages in Sonic Generations These have been featured in various sites and has even been recognized by SEGA! Enjoy!
  18. I'm new, but I do video game remixes and glad to be apart of this is my most recent one, has great reviews so far Angel Island (Modern Remix)
  19. The only experience I have with SMS is hearing djp gush about it endlessly, hence making ReMixes for it, thus eventually inspiring me play the first Phantasy Star back in 2002 (on emulator, and once more in 2015 [on the same emulator for the most part, until I realized there are way better ones after more than a decade passing, somehow successfully transferring the save files over despite them being a different file type, by simply renaming it to them, with no guides on how to do that that I'm aware of]). I think it's equal to, or better (this, personally), than FF1 for the NES. I have not thought about listening to the rest of the system's library of music even once, though, despite really liking the music to Phantasy Star. Then I ran across this video with fully mysterious to me music, making it a nice treasure trove. The music is really bright, less gritty than NES perhaps, making it relieving to hear, as a contrast I suppose. Maybe the NES has better variability, and sometimes layers, even smoothness (however, Galaxy Force is sounding really smooth right now!), though, and maybe some better musicians, overall, too. Maybe the atmosphere given as initial influence for the console's creation was primarily being overly happy-type music (also true since the samples bring that out), so that's the line artists went with, for a larger portion for its library. Yet there are still tense tracks, like the one at 25:35. Like the NES, it seems to require taking a break before listening to too much; but maybe a more refined or thought-out list could prevent that.
  20. I'm looking for sega genesis sounds, specifically sonic 1, 2, 3, 3&k I have searched and searched and I'm kind of frustrated because I can't seem to get anything to work on garageband, because that's the only program I have at the moment. I have found the Ultimate Sega Genesis Soundfont but garageband wont read all the different instruments in the .sf2 file, I need to split the instruments to separate files, but after trying that, they would have no sound. I have searched forums and nothing really helpful either, maybe now that it's the end of 2015 something has changed...? I hope so! If you know something please share it!
  21. I made this some time ago to celebrate the first anniversary of Club Needlemouse. The Planet Wisp Act 1 from Sonic Colors in the style of Giorgio By Moroder. Pretty weird right? Check it out and tell me what you think about it!
  22. I've been working on this remix on and off for about 2 years. It's finally starting to sound finished. It's a remix of the Apostle of an Evil God theme from strategy RPG Dragon Force for the Sega Saturn. I'm hoping to submit this track to OCRemix when it's finished so would love to hear your thoughts on it! Thanks!