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BT's Daughter Kaia abducted, details inside

The Unsung Plumber

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  • 2 weeks later...

Seeing as no-one has updated this thread, I thought people might want to know that Kaia has been found. All's well, for the father and daughter at least...


A team of U.S. Marshals, two private investigation teams and the Santa Monica P.D. had been searching for Kaia since December, finally locating her last night.

Well, thankfully there was no shortage of manpower in the investigation.


All the best for BT.

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For a 'somewhat' more official source:


Fans have been congratulating him on being reunited with his daughter.

Nothing 100% official from him there, but, I guess that if the news is widespread amongst his fans then likely it's true.

Unless they ALL heard from TMZ, but I doubt it.

And don't ask me on the authenticity of the site lol, I had never heard of it before. But it looks reputable enough.

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'Are you a bad enough dude to rescue BT's daughter?'

While a bit insensitive, I still snickered at it.

Man, don't be so PC.

If BT bitches about it, back him up, if not, let it be.

Had this comment been posted BEFORE she was safe and sound, I'd agree with your bitching, otherwise, it's fine.

Adorable as she is, she's not old enough to even remember her abduction, so it's not like she'll be traumatized or anything.

Everything worked out fine and all that, so don't bitch at the guy for trying to lighten up the situation now that it's not critical anymore.

edit: if BT tells me it's still insensitive, I'll shut right the hell up [AND apologize to him, for that matter], but as I see it, it's just fine since his daughter's been recovered without incident, so to speak [abduction not being an "incident" in this context...though it obviously is and...semantics and all that]

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I'm just glad to hear she's safe, and thats whats important here.

Didn't catch this before the edit, but I agree completely.

So uhm, not that you post much, but I'm very happy for you, BT, for getting your daughter back safely and in good health and all that. I'm sure you went through hell in the meantime, so it's good to hear there was a happy ending to it all.

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